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I stopped by Zeal Friday evening before picking up Luke from Doggie Village, and was persuaded to lift since i hadn’t done any “strength” training — or so sayeth MK.

Front Squat
3 reps @ 45, 55, & 65% | 145, 155, & 165#
FS felt gooood.
High Bar Back Squat
20 reps @ 50 – 60%
MK insisted that I lift my bodyweight, 145, which is 66% of 1RM. Again, lifts felt gooood, and I was able to do all 20 unbroken and quickly.
I attended the 9:30 & coached the 10:30 session at Zeal this morning. We first practiced handstands, although I didn’t get an opportunity to do so as I assisted MK with coaching. That’ll be $5, MK.
100 double unders
10 rnds of 10 pull-ups & 10 burpee box jumps
I wanted to use 30″ box, but MK insisted that I use 24″ so that I could go quickly. Whatevs. My goal was to finish. Yes, just finish. While everyone else in the session completed as a partner WOD, I went solo. No rest for me, bitches.
There were 16 in attendance. I offered to wait until 10:30 and have MK coach that session, but he wouldn’t. Thus, it was one very large cluster fiesta. I, like most everyone else, had to navigate around folks moving from pull-ups to burpee box jumps and burpee box jumps to pull-ups. There were quite a few times when someone was either resting at or using the pull-up station that I had claimed. There were also quite a few times when I either hit someone as I was doing burpees or they ran into me as they were going past me. Cluster. Fiesta.
I was the first to complete double unders (outside, I might add, at MK’s insistence). I completed the first 7 rnds of pull-ups unbroken, and the remaining 3 rnds in reps of 7, 2, & 1 — to ensure that my chin went above the bar every rep. (*cough)
I completed all rnds of burpee box jumps unbroken, with the exception of 1 missed jump due to lack of focus.
Total time = 21:20
MK ignores me when I WOD, and provides no encouragement. For that reason, I’m not speaking to him. Well, for that reason and also because he’s fat.
The Community WOD was 10-min AMRAP of 100m run, 5 pull-ups, 5 sit-ups, & 5 push press. You crushed it, Kristin!

Just the two of us…

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Stephanie led the 6am session and CFKoP. I’m getting to know more and more of the regulars, and I’m feeling more and more at home each visit. It’s a great box! One of the women who were at the Tuesday session complimented me on my bear crawling abilities. Ha! Stephanie referred to me as a gymnast. Ha!

Today’s WOD was based on a team WOD held at the Regionals, and was to have been a 2-man, 2-woman team. As there weren’t an equal number of women or a multiple of 4, John and I were a team of one, “Just the Two of Us”.

Stephanie led us through a team partner warmup consisting of crab walks, walking planks, backwards running, etc. We then set up and strategized for the WOD. She then began to explain the requirements of the WOD, starting with pull-ups, asking me to demonstrate.

40 Pull-ups — while partner holds 225 pounds loaded on a barbell
60 Wall ball shots (20lbs to a 10 ‘ target) — while partner holds chin over bar
100′ Buddy and 100lb Dumbbell carry
40 Box jumps, alternating on a 24″ box
100′ Buddy and 100lb Dumbbell carry 
2 burpees

John is a very nice, strong young man, well over 6’ and weighing 225#.

As soon as John had dead-lifted 225# and was holding the bar, I began pull-ups, quickly completing 25 (if I’m recalling correctly). At one point I thought about doing all of the pull-ups, but reconsidered as I didn’t want to seem like a douche bag. I dropped from the bar, dead-lifted 225#, and John did 5 pull-ups very quickly and then began to struggle. He completed 8 or 9, and I finished out the set.

John started with wall ball shots. The hardest part of the WOD was holding chin above the bar. John and I worked very well together, usually completing 5 to 8 wall ball shots before the other dropped from the bar.

I had decided ahead of time that I would not carry a dumbbell, but would instead only carry John, as 225# is more than enough for me to carry for 100’. Yes? Yes. I did make sure to at least run with him on my back.

The 40 alternating box jumps went very fast, as we quickly established a rhythm.

John easily carried both me and a 100# dumbbell. He’s a beast!

We finished with 2 burpees each, although I think we were supposed to have only done 1 each.

Our time was 8:45. This was much fun – but I didn’t break a sweat! I might have to do another double. Yes?

Paul > Timmy (Not THAT Timmy, Lauren.)

Yup, I did a double. This morning’s workout of dead-lifts and running just felt too easy – and didn’t last nearly long enough. I miss the programming at CFZ. Don’t tell Michael Kelley. I hate him. Tell him that.

I once again attended a session at CFConshy. I thought it started at 5:30, so I arrived at 5:25 only to discover that sessions were held at 5, 6, & 7. I waited for the 6 session and had an opportunity to watch the 5ers complete the WOD.

There seems to be a resident douche bag at every CrossFit. After completing the WOD, Timmy (not his real name) looked at the times on the board and said, “I’m sure I had the fastest time. Oh, wait, who’s John? No matter, if I had completed the WOD at noon when he did, my time would have been 20 seconds faster and I would have beat him. I’m at my peak at noon.” Uhm, I’ve heard of age-graded scores, but not time of day-graded scores. He walked around the box with an air of superiority, chest held high, preening hair, and bragging about his skills.

I determined then and there that his ass would be mine.

Nate, who I worked out with my last visit, and another gentleman, whose name I can’t remember, were attempting to do muscle-ups. I gave them some pointers, and both of them almost got one. Not Nate asked, “Are you a gymnast?” I laughed out loud. “No,” I replied. He said, “You sound like one. You gave great direction, and your suggestions were very helpful. It’s obvious you know what you’re talking about. And that you can train.” Awh, shucks!

Lori led the 6pm session, and we began with kipping practice, walk-outs, lunge stretches, and jumping jacks. She then went over form for pull-ups and air squats.

3 rounds for time
Run 400m
3 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, & 15 air squats
Rest 1 minute between rounds; total time includes 2 minutes of rest

I’ve done both “Cindy” and “Running Cindy”, and this was a combination of both.

The clock started, and Vlad (one of the coaches) led us through the first 400m. I took the lead, but Nate was determined to pass me. He did, and finished about 25m ahead of me. No worries, for as I’ve often said, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” I completed the first round unbroken, including pushups. Another young man, Koop, was neck and neck with me the first round, and finished just 2 or 3 seconds behind me. I was somewhat worried. Yes, I’ll admit it.  

I was the first to start the second 400m run, and Koop was determined to pass me. It didn’t bother me in the least, and he finished 10m or so ahead of me. As my back was to him most of the time, I couldn’t really see him do anything but pull-ups, and he was struggling just a bit on those. I completed all rounds of pull-ups and air squats unbroken, as well as the first 2 rounds of pushups. I completed the last round in reps of 6 & 4.

I finished well ahead of Koop, and was thus the first person to start and finish the last 400m, finishing 100m or more ahead of him. I once again completed all rounds of pull-ups and air squats unbroken, and pushups unbroken the first round, in reps of 5, 3, & 2 the second round, and reps of 4, 3, 2, & 1 the last round. Yes, my shoulders were smoked. My last round of air squats had to be my fastest round!

Things to note: Vlad kneeled on the floor beside me during my first rounds of pushups to ensure that my chest and thighs touched the floor. As usual, I touched my cheek to the floor each and every rep as well. As my back was to everyone for all activities put pull-ups, it was very difficult to gauge how I was doing compared to my fellow CFers. Finally, this was quite a challenging WOD, particularly after having run this morning. As much as I love running, it wasn’t as enjoyable as it typically is. That surprised me.

I completed the WOD in 12:12, the fastest time that had yet been posted. Times that had been posted were 12:40 and 12:58 – by Timmy. So, even with his 20-second time of day-graded score, I still beat him by 27 seconds.

We finished the day with 3 rounds of 90 second total of 30 seconds of toe touches, 30 seconds of leg raises, 30 seconds of V-ups, and 30 seconds of rest. That. Was. Tough.  

The Edge of Seventeen

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Most of the usual suspects, sans Paul A. and Michelle, attended this morning’s session: Heather, John, Chad, Lauren, Rex, and Kristin. Michael Kelley arrived wearing his new Zeal socks; thus, he was dressed in shades of red, black, and grey from head to fat ass to toe. He could not have looked more gay girlie handsome.  

We warmed up with “Spiderman”, high knees, airplanes, and running backwards. I was the last to begin, and the last to start the next warm up activity: 15-12-9 OHS and double unders. I was, however, one of if not the first to complete OHS and dus. Pick up the pace, bitches.

The following conversation took place between MK and PP, with both what I and what I can only imagine MK were thinking in italics.

MK: Your overhead squats look good. I’m so wonderful for teaching you how to squat correctly! Please thank me, and tell me how handsome I am.
PP: (Silence.) Michael Kelley wants me to acknowledge him. I shan’t.
MK: Aren’t you going to say anything? I just said your overhead squats look good. Please acknowledge me, Paul! I am nothing without you.
PP: Yes, they are good. Why does Michael Kelley think he deserves all of the credit? Aren’t I the one who’s actually doing the damn squats? Jack and Coach S. also deserve some credit. What a baby.
MK: Yes, they are good. You’ve really improved. Is that all you have to say? Praise me, Paul! I will spend the rest of the day crying if you don’t give me at least some credit.
PP: (Silence.) You are sooooo needy, Michael Kelley. Bat your long eye lashes all that you want. If you’re nice, I’ll treat you to dinner one night this week. Oh, and you’re fat. I forgot to think that.

I focused on ensuring that I used a snatch grip, that I shrugged my shoulders, that I pointed the “pits” of my elbows toward the sky, and that I didn’t allow the bar to come forward of vertical from hips and feet. Yes, I’m only using a 45# bar. Form, consistency, and then intensity. While completing the set of 9 I actually thought, “I’m looking forward to an overhead squat series.” Oh. My. God.

Low Bar Back Squat
2-3 warm up sets
5 @ 60% | 132/135
5 @ 65% | 143/145
5 @ 75% | 165
5 @ 75%

I asked Michael Kelley if we should do any warm up sets, and he said, “Don’t you already feel warmed up?” Thus, I began with 5 @ 60%. I wasn’t feeling particularly strong today, but all sets nonetheless went well. As Michael Kelley was engaged in what I can only imagine was thought-provoking conversation with my fellow CFers, he didn’t observe a single set.

3 pull-ups on the minute for 10 minutes.
If you hit all 30 last week, increase extra weight or reduce band help. If you did not hit 30, try to hit more total reps at the same resistance.

While I only “hit” 29 pull-ups last week whilst wearing a 10# weight vest, I nonetheless increased weight to 12#. (Wouldn’t “achieved”, “were successful in completing” or even “got” be better than “hit”? What was Michael Kelley thinking when he composed this description?)

I was successful in completing all 30 reps, although it sure was tempting to kip.

20 DB or KB Walking Lunges
10 Toes-2-Bar

Uhm, it’s nearly impossible to do walking lunges with kettle bells, as it would be far too easy to rest the KBs on the floor. Thus, I used 40# dumb bells. Yes, my left arm is still somewhat hurts, so I substituted toes through rings for toes to bar.

This was one of the most miserable met-cons that I can recall. I did complete all rounds of toes through rings unbroken. The DB walking lunges were a bitch. I did the first 2 sets unbroken, the third set in reps of 10, the fourth set in reps of 10, 6 & 4, and the last set in reps of 10. I completed 4 rounds + 20 walking lunges + 2 toes through rings.

My forearms were throbbing, so much so that even putting them away was painful. By the way, 80# is 56% of my bodyweight (and 36% of Michael Kelley’s).

My favorite color is orange.

What an exhausting day. I arrived at CFZ just after 5am, as Darren hinted that he might join me for today’s main site WOD: Run 800m, 10 sets of 10 ring dips and 10 pull-ups, run 800m. Alas, he did not appear, and later posted that while he had every intention to do so, he couldn’t pull his lazy ass out of bed. I’m paraphrasing.

Unbeknownst to me, there was a robbery going on behind CFZ, and it appears my early arrival scared off the criminals. True story.

I tried a few ring dips. My left arm hurt. I decided to focus on strength instead.

Front Squat
5 @ 50% | 110
5 @ 60% | 132/135
5 @ 70% | 154/155
3 @ 75% | 165
2 @ 80% | 176/175

I didn’t feel as strong as I have in the recent past, but lifts nonetheless went smoothly. I recorded myself from a front instead of side angle to ensure that my knees were tracking correctly. Michael Kelley viewed and confirmed that they were. Not that he knows what he’s talking about.

I then coached the 6am session. Speaking of Michael Kelley, he attended and (somewhat) participated. He promised he would do exactly what I said, and for the most part he did. Good boy, Michael Kelley! He did, however, have a tendency to want to coach over me. Uhm, so did Paul A. I put a stop to that.

As this was one of the few instances when I was able to do so, I joined Jeff at the 5:15pm WOD, led by Michael Kelley. I helped a newbie get her first double under, and Michael Kelley got jealous. I’m doing it for the box, Michael Kelley. I truly am. I’m not doing it because I hate you. I truly do.

Full Squat Hang Clean
5 x 3

This may have been the very first time I’ve ever consciously shrugged my shoulders and dropped quickly under the bar. Huh? Why not until now? Lifts felt awesome, even if I went light. I did sets of 95, 105, 115, 120, and 125.

Athletes did “Jackie”, but after a few attempts at 33# thrusters, I knew I wasn’t going to be joining them.

MK: What are you going to do?
PP: I can design my own WOD, you know. I’m thinking box jumps, dead-lifts, GHD sit-ups, and maybe kettle bell swings.
MK: Oh, like you haven’t done that in the recent past.
PP: Okay, then, how about squats?
MK: Do this: 1K row, 30 bodyweight back squats, 30 dead-lifts, and run 1K. If you can do pull-ups, add 30 of them.

And that’s what I did.

I rowed 1K in 3:44. The back squats, even though merely bodyweight, i.e., 145#, felt heavy. I completed in sets of 5, alternating low and high bar. Dead-lifts also felt heavy, and I completed in reps of 10, 10, 6 and 4. Pull-ups felt miserable, and I completed in reps of 10, 5, 5, 2, 2, and 1. I did, however, make sure my chin was well above the bar. Running was even difficult. What a workout! I finished in 16:25.

I have missed the longer WODs.

My new jump rope arrived in the mail today, so I’m anxious to give it a twirl tomorrow!


Donkey, Monkey, and Helen

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I arrived at CFKoP at 4:25, and introduced myself to the coach. She said, “I’m Donkey.” I said, “Excuse me?” She replied, “You heard right. Donkey.”

The group of 14 arrived and Donkey said, “Run 400!” I immediately liked her. We warmed up with bear crawls, crab walks, and wheelbarrows. We next did 10 pull-ups and 10 kettle bells swings, using prescribed or scaled movements and/or weights.
Donkey then told us to get ready for “Helen”. I didn’t feel adequately warmed up, but I got ready nonetheless.
Donkey said, “This should be a fast WOD. Your goal should be under 15 minutes, and under 10 would be ideal.”
3 rounds for time
Run 400m
21 KB swings 55#
12 pull-ups

I very much like CFKoP, but I don’t like the 400m route. Begin on sidewalk, cross service road and maneuver through openings in concrete barriers, through a parking lot, downhill by ice cream store, turn around at bridge, and then back (uphill).  There is also a literal speed bump, and at the end a step up to the sidewalk and then another immediate step through the door to the box. I never felt like I could run all out for fear that I’d trip or get run over.

Anyhow, I ran 400m and was the first to begin KB swings. Uhm, 55# felt more than 2# heavier than 53#. I completed all rounds of KB swings unbroken, the first round of pull-ups unbroken, the second round in reps of 6, 3, & 3, and the last round in reps of 5, 3, 2, 1, & 1. I wanted to make every rep count, and each did.

Donkey was encouraging throughout, and often said, “Good, Paul!”

I competed the WOD in 9:26. I was spent.

For the remaining time we played on the climbing net, rings, and monkey bars. I loved each and every minute!

Vinnie was entering the box as I was leaving, and he asked, “Did you already do the WOD?” I replied “Yes.” He looked genuinely disappointed. I think he wanted to go head to head. He’d crush me! Glad I couldn’t stay.


Servabo Fidem

Yesterday I coached the 6am session at CFZ. I worked out at 5am, although I didn’t do a met-con.

High Bar Back Squat
3 warm up sets of 95, 115, and 135
5 @ 65% | 136.5/140 150
3 4×5 @ 75% | 157.5/160

I lifted the set of 5 @ 65% and thought, “That feels heavy for being just 65%.” I looked at my notebook and realized that I lifted 150 instead of 140. Well, at least the first set of 160 didn’t feel very heavy.

In fact, all lifts felt relatively easy. I made sure to record last 2 sets, but unfortunately didn’t record the final of 3 sets. So I lifted a 4th set of 160. I made sure that no music was playing in the background, just in case I posted on YouTube or Facebook. No copyright infringement here at crossfitpaul.com™.

I attended the 9:30 and then coached the 10:30 and Community WODs at CFZ. Michael Kelley was in a particularly foul mood, and we’re not on speaking terms at the moment. I haven’t bothered to tell him, though, so don’t let him know.

Servabo Fidem (I shall keep the faith)

Adam Young WOD

400m Downed Man Person Carry
100 Pull-Ups
100 Box Jumps
100 Kettlebell Swings
100 Overhead Walking Lunges
400m Downed Man Person Carry

WOD Standards:
You may pair up in teams of 2 or 3 depending on ability. Only one person works at a time.
For the carry, each person must carry at least once. The distance doesn’t matter; it just has to happen. For scaling, partners can run together and pass off a weighted object.
You can choose the order of the movements after the carry. You must complete all 100 before moving to the next movement.”
Box jumps (24″/20″): must hit full hip extension either on top of the box or while jumping down.
KB Swings (52#/35#): must end overhead.Pull-ups: chin over the bar, full lockout at the bottom.
Overhead lunges (45#/25#): plate must be completely locked out overhead. Each step is one rep.

Text copied from the CFZ page, although I corrected the numerous typographical and grammatical errors.

CFD posted the following information about Adam Young: Adam Young, a Raleigh Police Officer, and long time CrossFitter, was shot multiple times in the line-of-duty. Adam faces a long and painful rehabilitation process during which time neither he nor his wife will be able to work. We are conducting this benefit to assist him and his family financially and emotionally with a strong appreciation for the men and women that serve and protect the greater Triangle area selflessly. This is an opportunity for our Community to support one of our own. This WOD will honor Adam, his selfless service, and help support his family, during this most difficult time.

I partnered with Jeff, and he did awesome! He insisted that he carry me first. I let him know that he didn’t have to carry me far. He nonetheless carried me a little more than 100m, and I carried him the remaining 300m. He says my shoulder is bony.

Jeff scaled the pull-ups and I performed Rx. This is the first time I’ve done pull-ups since my shoulder injury, and I’m happy to report that all is relatively good. I made sure to complete no more than 10 reps at a time.

Jeff and I chose to do box jumps next, with Jeff jumping 20” while I jumped 24”. We used the same box, so we lost some time in the transition. Box jumps were the easiest I think they’ve ever been, and I was able to string together quite a few at a fast pace. I had planned on doing just 10 at a time, but didn’t communicate this to Jeff. I did 10, he did 15, I did 10, he did 15, so I then did as many as 20 at a time.

Overhead lunges were next, and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy them. I held a 45# plate overhead while Jeff used a 35#. We each did 10 steps at a time.

As Chad wanted to use a 52# kettle bell, I gave him mine and grabbed a 60# kettle bell, intended to do Russian instead of American swings. Jeff started, using a 44# KB, did 1 swing and said, “Get me a lighter kettle bell.” I said, “Why don’t I start and you get a lighter kettle bell.” I did the first 5 or so Russian, but then decided to do all remaining reps American. Huh? I was feeling particularly strong today.

The last downed man person carry was grueling. I carried Jeff a little more than 100m, he carried me about 25, and then I carried him the rest of the way, putting him down a few times along the way. He started to feel heavy, although he most certainly is not.

We finished in 26:22.

I was quite exhausted, and also quite a sweaty mess. Thomas can attest to this, as I used him to demonstrate the downed man person carry. Sorry, Thomas. I very much enjoyed coaching this particular WOD as not only was it for a very worthy cause, there were also many moving parts. Thus, teams were often doing many different skills at the same time. However, all teams chose to do pull-ups following the first downed man person carry. Copycats. I hadn’t observed my fellow CFers during the 9:30 WOD, so I’m not sure if any teams did what I saw in the 10:30 session, namely facing each other on the box and doing 100 box jumps 1 at a time while taking turns doing so. It looked, shall I say, peculiar. I know that I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing so, as I prefer working at my own pace.

Oh, and let me go on record as saying everyone should participate in the warm up that the coach leads, as it’s disrespectful to not do so.

My favorite conversation of the day took place with Paul A as his wife, Heather, stood by.
PA: That was tough.
PP: We should try this WOD together, as we’d kick ass.
PA: I gotta work on getting my cardio up.
PP: So, is that the nickname you’ve given it?

I coached the Community WOD, and we did a half Chelsea. A good time was had by none.