The 12 Day of Crossfitmas

It’s Saturday, folks, and you know what that means: I coached endurance WOD, WODded, and coached community WOD.

I went forth and back (I never say “back and forth”) regarding what the endurance WOD would be. 100m sprints x 20? 200m sprints x 10? 2-mile time trial? Death by 10 meters? I was going to allow athletes to help me decide, when – just 10 minutes before the start of the session – I had one of my awesome ideas that I’m so known for. Awesomeness and modesty are what I’m best known for. And my good looks. And intelligence. Wait, I almost forgot strength and speed.

First, today’s traditional WOD was the “12 Days of Christmas
1 – Burpee pull-up
2 – Turkish get-ups
3 – Knees to elbows
4 – Wall ball
5 – Kettlebell swings
6 – Box jumps
7 – Push press
8 – Medicine ball cleans
9 – Double unders
10 – Jumping lunges
11 – Pushups
12 – Pull-ups

The first round is just one burpee pull-up. Then the second round is 2 Turkish get-ups and 1 burpee pull-up. The third round is 3 knees to elbows, 2 Turkish get-ups and 1 burpee pull-up. This continues so that the 12th round incorporates all 12 movements.

Endurance athletes ran 200m each round, i.e., after each burpee pull-up, for a total of 12 times (2400 m or 1.5 miles). Will, Rebekah, Sarah, and Nick joined in the festivities, and while there were some modifications of activities, all did splendidly. I did, however, enforce a 50-minute cut-off.

The WOD looked so incredibly fun that I did the same thing at the 10am session, and Kim C. joined me. My goal was to complete all rounds of activities unbroken, and I came this close to doing so. What tripped me up, literally? Read on, dear friends. Read on.

I completed all 12 rounds of 1 burpee pull-up with a dead-hang pull-up, bringing my chin well above the bar. Fifty-three lb. was posted for Turkish get-ups, but I chose to use 35 lb. No problem. Three knees to elbows? Well, I don’t mind if I do! Four wall balls shots with 20 lb. ball and 10’ target? While this shouldn’t have been a problem, I didn’t hit the wall for 3 shots during different rounds; thus, I had to redo. I have come a long way with 53 lb. kettle bell swings, and these presented no problems.

Six, 24” box jumps. Ugh. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t get into a rhythm; try as I might. During the fourth or fifth round, I missed the box. Yes, I missed the box. Not only did I have to redo that jump, I became cautious for remaining jumps. During the twelfth and final round, I had to pause for more than a brief moment between jumps; thus, I can’t call all rounds of box jumps unbroken. 

I thought 7, 75 lb. push press would present a challenge, but I seem to have gotten stronger. However, 8 20 lb. medicine ball cleans became the activity that I most dreaded, although I did complete all rounds unbroken. Nine double unders were usually done unbroken, and I certainly didn’t rest when I missed and I only counted successful jumps. My legs, however, were becoming fatigued due to all of the sprints. Ten jumping lunges are all kinds of fun. I did mistakenly begin round 8 with jumping lunges instead of medicine ball cleans, so I did end up doing an extra 8 walking lunges.

Both rounds of 11 pushups were done unbroken, as was the round of 12 pull-ups. All 12 rounds of 200m runs went well – except that last 200m. I. Thought. I. Was. Going. To. Die.

I completed the workout in 40:24.

Just 6 people attended the Community WOD, and they completed a modified, much easier “12 Days of CrossFit”.

This is the fifth day in a row that Luke and I have gone for a 2+-mile run. I’m once again enjoying running! We passed numerous runners, as Luke likes to run fast. Very, very fast.

Backyard WOD

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1. Took Luke for a 1.5-mile training walk around the neighborhood. He has just about mastered “here”, “sit”, and “look at me”, but quickly loses interest in “find your tail”.

2. Coached 9am endurance WOD attended by Jayme, Sarah, and Ollie, which included 200m reps both uphill and downhill, including active recovery. (Uhm, we need to work on “active” recovery…)

3. Coached the 10am WOD as Coach Totten wasn’t feeling well and asked me to cover for her. I had originally planned on attending, but seldom pass up an opportunity to coach. The focus was on completing 50 to 75 perfect form pushups. As many seemed to lose interest, I challenged with a variety of different pushups, including wide arm, wide leg, diamond, crossed-leg, and raised-leg. Attendees (and there was a full house) completed partner WOD of 10 rounds of 10 thrusters, 10 burpees, and 300m run, alternating activities. A good time was had by most.

4. I coached the 11am Community WOD, attended by 20 or so folks, including a handful of people who have attended previous sessions. With a 13-minute cutoff time, they completed 15-12-9-6-3 (and then went back up to the ladder as far as the could) of kettle bell dead-lifts, reverse lunges (both legs counted as 1 rep), and 200m run. Quite a few completed the WOD, so it appears that I timed it just about right.

5. Took Luke for a 2.5-mile walk/run at Apex Park. It was a gorgeous NC day, with clear skies and a temperature of 63. Speaking of 63, I was born in 1963. December 14, 1963. My birthday is just days away.

6. Raked leaves for about 30 minutes.

7. Completed a WOD using my own equipment and taking place in our backyard.

10 rounds for time of the following:
10, 24” box jumps
10 paralette pushups
10, 20 lb medicine ball cleans
4, 25m shuttle runs (100m total)

The biggest challenge was, of course, Luke, who wanted to join in! He pushed me off of the box at least 4 times during the first round. He continuously attempted to carry the medicine ball, although for the time being 20 lbs is too heavy. He always joined me for the shuttle runs, and I’d often pick up a toy for him to chase.

My goal was to complete all activities unbroken, and I accomplished this goal. Box jumps weren’t nearly as fast I can generally do, as the ground was wet and unforgiving. I kept moving the box back after a couple of rounds, but to no avail.

I completed in just under 21 minutes.

8. I steam cleaned the family room – the largest room in the house. Yesterday I steam cleaned one of the spare rooms, my office, and the upstairs landing, so I only have the other spare room, the master bed, both sets of stairs, Jeff’s office, the dining room, and the living room left. Good thing I’m on vacation next week.

9. I joined Michael Kelley for dinner. He’s soon to be unemployed. I may have to hire him as a houseboy.

10. Composed this blog surrounded by Luke, Meg, and Zac.