That’s the way you spell success!

Luke enjoys the warmer weather!

Thursday, March 7

Another cold morning, but it warmed up to 40 degrees by 11:30. Garage door open!

– 5 pull-ups
– 10 pushups
– 15 air squats
– 20 Abmat situps
– 25 unbroken double unders

My goal was to work steadily, and, as the time was double that of Cindy and each round wasn’t time like Chelsea, I set a goal to have a negative split.

My focus was on form from start to finish, and this included strict pushups (nipples and cheek to floor) and air squats (no swing of arms).

I missed 15th rep of one of the rounds of double unders. Yup, I started over. I did complete the remaining rounds without missing a rep.

I had completed almost 8 rounds by the 20-minute mark; thus, I needed to complete a total of 16 rounds to achieve goal.

Aaaaaand I did, completed 16 rounds + 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, & 8 sit-ups.

That’s 85 pull-ups, 190 pushups, 255 air squats, 328 sit-ups, and 400 double unders.

Aaaaaand I wasn’t even tired. But I had worked up a good sweat with average heartbeat of 162 BPM.

Friday, March 8

A rainy, icky day. I cleaned the house, a workout itself, and didn’t workout until about 2.

30 minutes
:00 – strict burpee + MC & strict C2B pull-up
:20 – strict burpee + MC & strict HSPU
:40 – strict burpee + MC & strict 30″ box jumps

‘Twas more challenging than it prolly looks. Prolly. That’s funny. I completed all activities in fewer than 15 seconds, with the HSPU taking a second or two longer than pull-up and box jump.

According to my awesome Apple Watch, my average heart rate was 143 bpm and peaking at 156. Thirty pull-ups, HSPUs, and box jumps, and 90 burpees and mountain climbers.

CFG 19.3 was announced yesterday. Whilst I have little to no interest in the CFG, it’s nearly impossible to not see posts about, well, movement standards, recordings of folks giving it a try, and whining.

Whining? Yes, because 19.3 is likely to know the wind out of the sails of many. Walking overhead lunges? Doable. Weighted box steps? Power through. Strict handstand pushups? Well, that’s just not in the wheelhouse of very many folks. Aaaaaand, if time allows walking on hands. If I were to complete, I could use 35 instead of 50# dumbbell and complete HSPUs to 4″ raised Abmat.

I felt tempted to try. And then I thought, Why the fuck would I want to do that? Yup, I swear when I talk to myself.

Saturday, March 9

Another icky day. I took Luke and Cinna for a walk at Carrier, had a bowl of Raisin Bran, and worked out.

The nice thing about doing my own programming is that I can flexible. My abs were sore, my legs were tired, and I knew better than to work upper body after yesterday’s workout.

I can also adapt the working as I’m working out. I had intended to stop at the top of the ascent. That didn’t happen.

Strict K2E
Russian KBS, 5#
Box step-ups, 24″ (l + r = 1 rep)

I felt every K2E, but was nonetheless able to complete all rounds in unbroken reps. Uhm, and KBS and step-ups, obviously.

Sunday, March 10

The sun is finally out! But the guns remained in. For now.

I waited and waited and waited for Jeff to go to the gym, but alas I could wait no longer. I need to run!

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3 presses @ 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105# then 2 @ 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, & 135#
Begin each round with 200m run (breath every 3 foot strikes)

I changed the weights at the end of each round, i.e., before sprinting. I ensure that I ran to the entrance of the garage and quickly set up for presses. It’s fun to lift when you’re out of breath!

I ran 2.63 miles according to my Apple Watch, and my average heart rate was 139 bpm, ranging 126 to 151.

I am addicted to Endeavor. There’s nothing like a well written British Mystery set in the 60s. Solving a crime without DNA evidence or digital technology was the shit. The. Shit.



Sunday, March 3

Luke, Cinna, and I enjoyed a long walk and then, as is typical most Sundays, I headed to the “gym.”

45 presses @ 65#
Row 25 calories
35 @ 75
25 @ 85
15 @ 95

See how this compares to yesterday’s workout? I should program this shit. Rowing was a great way to recover from sore legs.

Monday, March 4

11-min AMRAP
5 kipping pull-ups
5 stiff-legged DL, 95#
5 FP

~ Rest

7:30-min AMRAP
3 strict C2B pull-ups
3 stiff-legged DL, 135#
3 FP

I then worked on handstand coupled with plank holds.

Wednesday, March 6

Yup, I rested yesterday. I also had my annual physical. Resting pulse 52, blood pressure 104/68. My cholesterol level is still higher than recommend by “good” is up and “bad” is down from last year. No meds for me (for as long as I can prevent doctor from prescribing).

‘Twas a very cold 19 degrees for my morning walk with Luke and Cinna. ‘Twas also very cold in gym/garage. I nonetheless worked up a very good sweat.

Row 10 strokes for maximum calories; complete same number of strict burpees with MCs, e.g., 10 calories = 10 burpees

I worked consistently, transitioning as quickly as I could between activities. I focused on keeping S/M above 15 (so as to not “cheat” calories) and averaged at least 1 calorie per stroke, oftentimes rowing 12 calories in 10 strokes.

I completed in 10 rounds, with the last round being just 4 calories and burpees, in a time of about 25 minutes and with average heart rate of 159. Yup, that’s how I worked up a sweat.

I don’t missing coaching CrossFit, as my desire to coach is fulfilled by teaching at AB Tech and consulting. The time of year that I truly disliked he I was a box owner was when the annual CFG were held. Why? Because many folks didn’t like that I would allow one attempt and one attempt only at any given workout. The workouts are usually too intense to do more than once in a week. Aaaand, there are workouts each week. (Yes, if you’re truly an elite athlete and want to ensure that you make it to the Games, then by all means do as many times as you’d like.)

“But I know I can do better!”
“Uhm, you’re not going to Regionals or the Games, so I see no need to do again.”

“I want to improve my score so I can see how I compare to others.”
“It’s unlikely that your ranking will change. I’d rather you focus on your own development while also remaining free of injury.”

“I’m a paying member. I should be able to do the workout again if I want to.”
“You may certainly do the workout again. At another box. I own this box. You can choose to be a member at another box. I can also choose for you to not be a member at this box.”

Many folks have been posting about their repeated attempts at the same CFD workout. It’s everything I can do to hold my (virtual) tongue.

Glad I got that off of my chest nonetheless.


Thursday, February 28

I rested Wednesday. Not because I wanted to, but because I needed to.

10 FT
150 sprint row
3 strict pull-ups
5 24″ negative pushups
26 air squats
10 RFT
3 strict ring dips
2 negative ring rows (feet on box)
5 jumping air squats

Friday, March 1

15 RFT
1 wall crawl
5 strict (1-second pause at full extension) T2B
1 250# DL
3 30″ box jumps

Whilst at first glance not a gasser, my heart rate increased from the start until finish.

Saturday, March 2

I made cornpone and then worked out. I loooooove cornpone.

40 BS @ 95#
Run 400m
30 @ 115
20 @ 135
10 @ 155
Run mile

I changed plates after rounds of BS. My legs were nonetheless dead at the start of each run. I completed 40 without racking bar, and did sets of 30 & 20 racking bar 3 and 2 times, respectively. Last 10 unbroken, and that was a surprise.

Most definitely an aerobic workout. And I loved every moment of it except the back squats.

A gorgeous day in Asheville. I spent time on the deck with Luke and the bad kitties, and Jeff and I took Luke for a late afternoon walk.

I made homemade spinach lasagna, a first, as well as homemade butterscotch pudding, also a first. I don’t exercise so that I have an excuse to eat, but I’m glad that exercising allows me to eat without gaining weight.

And beer. I can drink beer. I think I’ll have one now.

Burpees Galore

I traveled to Charlotte Wednesday night and trained Presentational Speaking all day Thursday and Friday. The event was successful, the client is delighted, and it’s likely there will be much follow on work.

How did I get the gig? I taught a student way back in 1988 who is now an executive at the company. He remembered me and asked his HR department to see if they could find me. I received a message via LinkedIn (a service I seldom use), and we got the process started. It was a rocky start, for clients often ask for everything, e.g., presentational speaking, selling, interpersonal communication, etc. At one point in the negotiation process I considered walking away from the opportunity.

Uhm, I’m glad it all worked out!

I did not exercise Thursday or Friday, and the two days of rest were nice and kinda sorta needed.

Saturday, February 23

6-count burpee with MCs and strict C2B pull-up + 6-count burpee with GHs and strict HSPU + 6-count burpee with MCs and WBS + 6-count burpee with GHs and 45# plate press

That was exhausting, and my heart rate continued to rise throughout. I completed rounds in between 40 and 45 seconds, so little time to rest and recover.

DL 185# & 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 LBH

That was even more exhausting. I did complete all rounds of LBH in unbroken reps, although it was a struggle to do so.

50 strict K2E

I completed 14 at the start and the last 2 reps were singles. Luke did interrupt me once to play, and I did just that. Because why not.

Sunday, February 24

It’s Kelli time! As Kelli was running late (no surprise there) I recorded a variety of burpees that I then used for a demonstrative speech presented to students of Public Speaking. Did you PS teacher do that? I didn’t think so.

90-second rounds; 1 min rest between rounds
– 24″ step-up with high knee
– strict burpee + 3 kipping K2E
– alternating arm plate burpee (3 pushups total) + 3 plate presses
– tricep pushup burpee (on KB) + 3 HPs
– burpee + 3 MCs + 3 GHs + handstand
– tricep pushup burpee (on WB) + 3 WBS
– row for calories
Then repeat activities with 1-min rounds and 1 min rest

This was the first time I’ve worked out with someone else in for as long as I can remember. I like Kelli, so it was enjoyable. I forgot, however, that I was a coach. Ha! Kelli had questions about movement standards. I was niiiiiiice and addressed all of her concerns.

Jeff, Kelli, Bill, and I then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Biscuit Head.

Monday, February 27

Lots o’ double unders (10 rounds of 30 unbroken) combined with med ball cleans (5 @ at time) and my new favorite burpee.

  1. Hands to plate
  2. Jump feet to plank
  3. Chest to plate
  4. Push up to plank
  5. Move hands and pushup on l
  6. Move hands and pushup on r
  7. Chest to plate
  8. Wall crawl with N2W
  9. Plate press

How many synonyms are there for “fun?” Endless if you’re me and the topic is burpees.

Tuesday, February 26

I’m focusing on bodyweight activities through March, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to throw around some weights, albeit without ripping off my shirt and listening to rap music.

50 RFT
– 10 5-count burpees (no jump at clap)
– bear complex
– 10 LBH
Rounds 1-10 @ 65, 11-20 @ 70, 21-30 @ 75, 31-35 @ 80, 36-40 @ 85, 41-45 @ 90, then single rounds @ 95, 100, 105, 110, & 115#

I worked constantly and steadily the entire workout, with no missed reps (including LBH and behind the neck push presses). I like endurance workouts. This was just that.


Squat, push, press


5 BS & 2 push presses beginning @ 65# and adding 5# a round; rest as needed between sets

Back squats were fast and furious, and I quickly transitioned to push presses. I set a goal to work up to 135 yet finished at 150. And it wasn’t a struggle. So there’s that. Eighteen total sets for a total of 90 BS and 38 push presses.

Kipping pullups

I’ve been so focused on strict reps that I always forgot how to kip. JK. I completed 15 unbroken at the start and a total of 65, changing grip after each set.


15 RFT
10 calorie sprint row
10 V-ups
10 back extensions

This season of True Detective is making up for season 2.


For 35 minutes
@ top of min
– strict L-sit C2B pull-up
– strict C2B pull-up
– strict pull-up
– kipping pull-up
-5 air squats
@ bottom of min
– strict HSPU
-clapping pushup
-HR pushup
-5 air squats

Wow, that was a doozie. That’s a total of 140 pull-ups and pushups and 350 air squats. AVG HR was 147 bpm, which was somewhat unexpected. No failed reps and I didn’t drop from bar during any set of pull-ups.

I drove to Charlotte. Talk about white knuckling it! Thunder, lightning, and torrential downpour.

Who walks barefooted in a hotel lobby? The dude in line behind me. Gross.

Back at it?

Sunday, February 17

It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged and even longer since I’ve posted publicly. I continue to vacillate between urges to terminate blog, post only privately, or go back to posting for all of the world to potentially see.

We’ll see what transpires.

I thoroughly enjoyed Russian Dolls on Netflix and am thorough enjoying The Umbrella Academy as well.

I informed chair of AB Tech Communication department that this would be my last semester teaching for the foreseeable future. I agreed to work at IBE on “retainer” through May, and will then decide whether or not to work full-time. Why wouldn’t I? Because contractual work has been coming my way left and right, and as it’s quite lucrative I don’t know if I’m ready to turn away the extra income.

Particularly since we’ll be closing on the beach home soon! Yup, Carolina Beach to be specific. Three bedrooms and 3.5 baths, bitches.

I’m rambling. It’s my blog so I’ll do what I want.

By the way, calling a National Emergency is bullshit, pure and simple. From the world’s greatest bullshitter. And the ONLY thing that poor excuse for a man is good at.

I’ve completed some spectacular workouts lately, far too numerous to discuss. I’ll only describe a few.

Presses followed by 5 LBH
SDHPs followed by 5 LBH

Grueling. And fun.

101 kipping K2E with no resting at “bottom” of rep allowed
5 DL @ 185# after each set.

I completed as many 12 15 unbroken and only as few as 7. A total of 13 rounds.

50m shuttle sprints (25m up and back)
Wall crawl at the end of each round

What a gasser! It took me less than 24 minutes to complete. Notice how I’m not recording actual time? Because it’s unimportant.

25 RFT
Parallette pass through + strict T2B + strict pull-up

Try it.

Every 45 seconds for 100 rounds
1 L-set strict C2B pull-up
2 HR pushups
3 jumping air squats
4 Abmat sit-ups

‘Twas the volume, folks. That’s a shit-ton or reps.

10 RFT
50 unbroken dus
10 WBS
30-second headstand hold

Heart rate increases then recovers during headstand. And then dizziness upon standing.

The IBE apartment, whilst incredibly nice, is built directly above a subway line. I hardly got any sleep for two consecutive nights, as not only did the noice kept me awake but the shaking of the building did as well. Unsettling, to say the least.

I’ve been completing daily brain games using the Elevate app. I’m exceptionally good at reading, comprehension, and grammar, and poo at math. No surprises there.

Still obsessed with the music of Troy Sivan. I have also been listening to Gorecki Symphony No. 3.

I don’t feel 55. I certainly don’t look or act 55. And this is a good thing.

I have until the middle of next month to decide whether or not I’m going to renew blog.