The asshole needs to be banned from all social media. There, I said it. Lies, lies, lies…

Wednesday, May 27

11 RFT
10c fast row
5 unbroken BP @ 135

Just what I needed.

Thursday, May 28

81 RFT
Strict C2B pull-up
Box jump, 24″
Sprint 10m (5m up and back)
5 burpee + twisting jump over barbell
5 DL @ 155#

I worked continuously throughout both workouts, and it was just what I needed. Average heart rate was 155 and 147 for parts 1 and 2, respectively.

I can’t stop thinking about the pervasive racism that exists in our country, and how the idiot in chief exacerbates the situation. I’m sad, angry, overwhelmed, and a whole plethora of other emotions. And now they are tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets at protesters in Minneapolis. Uhm, but armed protesters were allowed into the MI capitol. Uhm, and what’s the one distinguishing factor among the two groups? JFC.

Another CrossFit story…

I visited yet another box in NJ, and was made to feel anything but welcome. I was basically ignored by the members and the coach. Anywho, the metcon was a partner WOD, and is often the case folks were allowed to choose their partners. Everyone had partnered up but two of us, a young man (who informed me that it was his first week as a member of the box) and me. As I can’t recall his name, let’s call him James. James was well over 6 feet and weighed well over 225 pounds.

The metcon included partner carries. The coach said, “James, you two don’t have to do the workout Rx, as I can’t imagine that he’s (pointing to me) going to be able to carry you.” I didn’t say a word, but instead asked James to extend his right arm. I grabbed him by the wrist, squatted, and placed him on my shoulder. The coach said, “Okay, but I doubt you’ll be able to carry him.” I sprinted to the other end of the box.

And guess what else? James and I posted the fastest time for the workout and we did all rounds as prescribed. Don’t underestimate someone based on their appearance.

And don’t fucking judge someone based on their race.

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