Five Miles

Monday, May 4

10 Rounds Not For Time
1-min weighted plank hold, 55#
Up to 10 floor presses, beginning at 75# and increasing weight 10# each round

That’s a shit-ton of floor presses, and I was only able to complete 8 and 6 the rounds of 155 & 165, respectively. Uhm, likely because the plank holds are tough on the shoulders.

I then took the workout outside, and was immediately joined by my 4-year old non-stop-talking neighbor and his mother.

10 RFT
5 parallette pass thoughs
10m strict burpee broad jumps
Spint to start

As my arms were tired from pressing, pushing was a challenge. It took my about 5 reps per burpee to, you know, jump 10m. I’m short, so there’s that.

Tuesday, May 5

My mother requested Italian “S” anise cookies with powdered sugar, so I spent the morning make about 5 dozen of those. Jeff and I then parked in lot and refinanced house. Yup, interest rates are low so it was the time to do so.

10 rounds
Bike sprint 400m
5 kipping pull-ups; 5th rep butterfly
10 rounds
Bike sprint 400m
10 kipping pull-ups; 9th rep butterfly

All pull-ups were overhand, i.e., no mixed grip.

I had initially planned on 20 rounds of 5 reps of pull-ups for total of 100 reps, but after 10th round I challenged myself. I was pleased that I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, as I don’t often kip.

I had also set a goal of 50 minutes, and even though I completed 50 more pull-ups than planned I finished in just under 50 minutes. I was spent. Uhm, five miles of biking and 150 pull-ups. Boom.

As it’s Cinco de Mayo, I made chicken quesadillas for dinner. Yup, the tortillas shells were also homemade. Deliciousness.


In my 20s I had considered becoming a professional speaker and even had an agent. I asked my dear friend Tracy to provide feedback on my public speaking style. “Paul,” she said, “you play with the change in your pockets, and it’s very distracting.” “What can I do to overcome this?” I asked. “I have a perfect solution,” said Tracy, “a worry stone.”

A worry stone is a cylindrical piece of rock that you place between your index and middle fingers and rub with your thumb. This is supposed to relieve stress, you know, and worry.

Tracy was an audience member at my next speech, so she got to see firsthand the negative repercussions, as I spent the entire presentation rubbing the stone. As the audience didn’t know that I had a worry stone in my pocket it appeared to them as if, well, I was rubbing something that might have been hard.

On a positive note, I never place my hand in my pocket when presenting.

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