Oops, I did it again…

I made banana-blueberry muffins for breakfast again this morning. And I have no regrets.

My mother called whilst I was baking and then later texted to let me know that she received cookies. And that the cookies were good!

I love endurance workouts. This morning’s workout was just that.

Bike 400m
4 rounds of
5 unbroken & kipping pushups
15 air squats
15 Abmat sit-ups
End with 400m run

So, that’s 1.5-miles of bike sprints, 100 pull-ups, and 300 air squats and situps. I then record another couple of rounds of 5 pull-ups in slomohomo to check on proper form. Luke, of course, joined me.


The playground at St. Joseph’s, the elementary school I attended when we still lived in NJ, wasn’t much of a playground, and consisted of a large, paved lot that was also used for event parking. The convent was a separate building on the site. We enjoyed playing on the monkey bars and swings, and there was a large enough area to also play dodge ball and to toss a football.

When I was in the 2nd grade and my brother Anthony was in the 5th grade, he and a group of his friends were tossing a football. Anthony attempted to catch a pass, stumbled, and violently hit his head on the corner of the brick building. He was bleeding profusely.

As teachers gathered to help him, a nun ran into the convent and returned with a large bandage, the type that I had never seen. The bleeding stopped. I asked Sister Muriel what type of bandage it was and she told me it wasn’t a bandage, it was a napkin. I was confused but didn’t press her for additional details.

While we were eating family dinner that evening, I explained to my mother what happened and told her about my conversation with Sister Muriel. “How come we don’t use napkins like that when we eat?” I asked. “Your sisters and I use the napkins, but not when eating,” she informed me. I was even more confused. While I don’t recall the exact description, I know that my mother explained, in simple terms, menstruation. “But I still don’t understand how the napkins work,” I said. “Follow me,” she replied.

She took me to the bathroom, removed a Kotex napkin from the closet, filled up the sink with water, and placed the napkin in the sink. It was a sight to behold, as I had never seen anything so absorbent. It was years before I truly understood the menstrual cycle.


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