Yes, it’s an app, but I have fond memories of the TV show Zoom. Come on and zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom…”

Buncombe county has reported two deaths from COVID-19. A lockdown is likely. tRump continues to be an unsympathetic, dispassionate asshole. And I’m not the least bit surprised. I belong to a private Facebook group and yesterday posted a picture of me flipping him off during his daily dose of misinformation. I got a shit-ton of likes.

Press, beginning @ 45# and increasing 5# each round
5/leg weighted box steps

I hate weighted box steps. And that’s why I program them. My glutes and hammies are still sore, so this we needed. I completed 19 rounds, i.e., last rep @ 135# (>90% of 1RM)

10 RFT
10 clapping pushups
SPRINT uphill 25m
Walk to start

One hundred pushups again today? Yes! Sometimes you need to work the same or similar muscles two (or more) days in a row. I’m not a proponent of “arm” or “leg” days, although I do love the show Letter Kenny.

I ensured that I was sprinting by breathing every other step. Remember, your breathing controls your pace and not vice versa.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone who enjoys parallel parking as much as I do. And I can always park my car on the very first try. Yes, this is a very right-brained thing. “Is that a space? Yup. Does it look big enough? Yup.” 

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