Runin’ is funnin’

Whilst I certainly don’t run the excessive mileage/week I used to, I nonetheless love running.

Some recent workouts…

22 rounds every 30 seconds
Strict T2B
Strict K2E
2 windshield wipers
5 air squats

~ Rest ~
22 RFT
Run 100m (50m out and back)
DL 245#

The focus on was form for first and was on intensity for the second part. I did pause very briefly to set up back and shoulders before deadlifting. Because you should.

50 unbroken dus
10 kipping K2E
5 hang cleans, 65#

~ Rest ~
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 strict HSPUs; run to end of driveway and back after each round

I made it through round 6 with unbroken HSPUs. That was tough.

Run to Michigan Avenue and back; hold plank for same amount of time

According to Apple Watch, it’s more than a quarter mile. It took me an average of 2:15 to run distance. Keep in mind that it’s a hilly course! This was more challenging than I imagined would be. Why? Because of math. R

For Reps and Time
10 rounds of ax reps unbroken ring pushups; run 100m after each round

I completed 208 reps. I also forgot to chalk my upper arms the first couple of rounds and have abrasions. Ew.

10 L chest-to-bar pull-ups
10 shoulder presses, 105#
15 L pull-ups
20 push presses
20 strict pull-ups
30 push jerks
25 kipping pull-ups

A main site WOD. WTF? I contemplated lowering the weight, you know, because I’m a master and shit. I did not.

I completed L C2B in unbroken reps. That was a good start! By the time kipping pull-ups occurred my shoulders were smoked. This was much more of a gasser than I expected. Average HR was 146 with a high of 163.

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