Burpees Galore

I traveled to Charlotte Wednesday night and trained Presentational Speaking all day Thursday and Friday. The event was successful, the client is delighted, and it’s likely there will be much follow on work.

How did I get the gig? I taught a student way back in 1988 who is now an executive at the company. He remembered me and asked his HR department to see if they could find me. I received a message via LinkedIn (a service I seldom use), and we got the process started. It was a rocky start, for clients often ask for everything, e.g., presentational speaking, selling, interpersonal communication, etc. At one point in the negotiation process I considered walking away from the opportunity.

Uhm, I’m glad it all worked out!

I did not exercise Thursday or Friday, and the two days of rest were nice and kinda sorta needed.

Saturday, February 23

6-count burpee with MCs and strict C2B pull-up + 6-count burpee with GHs and strict HSPU + 6-count burpee with MCs and WBS + 6-count burpee with GHs and 45# plate press

That was exhausting, and my heart rate continued to rise throughout. I completed rounds in between 40 and 45 seconds, so little time to rest and recover.

DL 185# & 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 LBH

That was even more exhausting. I did complete all rounds of LBH in unbroken reps, although it was a struggle to do so.

50 strict K2E

I completed 14 at the start and the last 2 reps were singles. Luke did interrupt me once to play, and I did just that. Because why not.

Sunday, February 24

It’s Kelli time! As Kelli was running late (no surprise there) I recorded a variety of burpees that I then used for a demonstrative speech presented to students of Public Speaking. Did you PS teacher do that? I didn’t think so.

90-second rounds; 1 min rest between rounds
– 24″ step-up with high knee
– strict burpee + 3 kipping K2E
– alternating arm plate burpee (3 pushups total) + 3 plate presses
– tricep pushup burpee (on KB) + 3 HPs
– burpee + 3 MCs + 3 GHs + handstand
– tricep pushup burpee (on WB) + 3 WBS
– row for calories
Then repeat activities with 1-min rounds and 1 min rest

This was the first time I’ve worked out with someone else in for as long as I can remember. I like Kelli, so it was enjoyable. I forgot, however, that I was a coach. Ha! Kelli had questions about movement standards. I was niiiiiiice and addressed all of her concerns.

Jeff, Kelli, Bill, and I then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Biscuit Head.

Monday, February 27

Lots o’ double unders (10 rounds of 30 unbroken) combined with med ball cleans (5 @ at time) and my new favorite burpee.

  1. Hands to plate
  2. Jump feet to plank
  3. Chest to plate
  4. Push up to plank
  5. Move hands and pushup on l
  6. Move hands and pushup on r
  7. Chest to plate
  8. Wall crawl with N2W
  9. Plate press

How many synonyms are there for “fun?” Endless if you’re me and the topic is burpees.

Tuesday, February 26

I’m focusing on bodyweight activities through March, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to throw around some weights, albeit without ripping off my shirt and listening to rap music.

50 RFT
– 10 5-count burpees (no jump at clap)
– bear complex
– 10 LBH
Rounds 1-10 @ 65, 11-20 @ 70, 21-30 @ 75, 31-35 @ 80, 36-40 @ 85, 41-45 @ 90, then single rounds @ 95, 100, 105, 110, & 115#

I worked constantly and steadily the entire workout, with no missed reps (including LBH and behind the neck push presses). I like endurance workouts. This was just that.


One thought on “Burpees Galore

  1. It was BILL’S fault I was late! I swear!

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