Squat, push, press


5 BS & 2 push presses beginning @ 65# and adding 5# a round; rest as needed between sets

Back squats were fast and furious, and I quickly transitioned to push presses. I set a goal to work up to 135 yet finished at 150. And it wasn’t a struggle. So there’s that. Eighteen total sets for a total of 90 BS and 38 push presses.

Kipping pullups

I’ve been so focused on strict reps that I always forgot how to kip. JK. I completed 15 unbroken at the start and a total of 65, changing grip after each set.


15 RFT
10 calorie sprint row
10 V-ups
10 back extensions

This season of True Detective is making up for season 2.


For 35 minutes
@ top of min
– strict L-sit C2B pull-up
– strict C2B pull-up
– strict pull-up
– kipping pull-up
-5 air squats
@ bottom of min
– strict HSPU
-clapping pushup
-HR pushup
-5 air squats

Wow, that was a doozie. That’s a total of 140 pull-ups and pushups and 350 air squats. AVG HR was 147 bpm, which was somewhat unexpected. No failed reps and I didn’t drop from bar during any set of pull-ups.

I drove to Charlotte. Talk about white knuckling it! Thunder, lightning, and torrential downpour.

Who walks barefooted in a hotel lobby? The dude in line behind me. Gross.

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