Mah Legs

Thursday, September 27

24-min AMRAP
5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10 air squats
Complete 1 deadlift @ 245# after each round

I worked continuously and managed to complete all rounds of air squats in unbroken reps. Rounds of 20 and 25 were a psychological challenge.

I did pause between one of the later rounds in order to let Luke in the house. And that meant walking up and down the garage stairs. Gah!

I completed 4 rounds + 5 & 10 air squats (and 2 dl).

That’s 34 deadlifts and 495 freaking air squats. ‘Twas no wonder I could barely walk the next day.

As I had worked out four consecutive days it was time for a rest day anyhow.

Although I did anything but rest. There are two times a year that I feel the need to deep clean, the Spring and Fall. This includes cleaning all of the closets, going through clothes and deciding what to donate to charity, etc.

I also watched Dr. Ford’s testimony and Kavanaugh’s pathetic outburst.

Saturday, September 29

I walked Luke and Cinna, spent two hours re-folding and then organizing some of Jeff’s clothing (with much more to go), walked Luke again, and then worked out. I needed to work out some of the soreness in mah legs, so the workout included rowing. I like to work out. (Notice correct usage of “work out” and “workout.”) I don’t like to row.

30 rounds Not For Time
Row 100m
1 strict chest to bar L-sit pull-up (+ strict T2B rounds 11-20 and strict T2B + strict K2E (rounds 21-30)
Strict weighted (45# plate) pushup (2 reps rounds 11-20 and 3 reps rounds 21-30)
Strict HSPU (max reps rounds 21-30)

May not look all that tough as it wasn’t for time, but believe me when I tell you the workout was challenging. I was covered in sweat from head to toe even though the gym was a cool 68 degrees.

For clarification, rounds 1-10 I completed a strict chest to bar L-sit pull-up, rounds 11-20 I added a T2B immediately following pull-up, and the last 10 rounds I added a K2E immediately after T2B. That’s a total of 30 pull-ups, 20 T2B, and 10 K2E as well as 60 pushups. I completed 3 HSPUs the last 10 rounds with the exception of the 21st (2) and 29th (4) rounds for a total of 50 HSPUs. Yup, I was bound and determine to get in 30 reps.

All reps were strict. For example, I stilled myself after pull-up and before T2B, doing the same thing for rounds that included K2E. Feet were together with nipples and face cheek touching floor for each pushup. Thighs didn’t touch floor either. For HSPUs all reps began and ended with feet together and heels above line marked on wall.

That’s what I mean by strict.

Sunday, September 30

My good friend (but not my best friend) Brian was in town for a bachelor’s party, and he visited our home and joined me for breakfast. I made homemade biscuits, cheesy eggs, pimento cheese grits, bacon and bacon covered in chocolate and coconut.

I took Luke and Cinna for a long walk, and then napped. Why? Because I had picked Jeff up from the airport at about midnight and then dropped him off at the airport at about 4 am.

I worked out in the afternoon.

16 rounds Not For Time
Row 10 strokes for maximum calories
1 back squat @ 150# for first 5 rounds, then increasing 5# remaining rounds
1 30″ strict box jump, increasing by 1 rep each round and completing in unbroken reps

I had planned on 15 rounds but did one last round with BS @ 205# because 200# felt good. I was, however, spent by the last round.

I rowed 12 calories 12 rounds, 10 calories the first round, and 11 calories three rounds. I experimented with damper setting, completing rounds with setting at between 3 and 8.5. It was harder to row 12 calories when the damper was set above 7.5.

Strict box jumps involved landing in full squat with elbows between knees and with both feet completely on box.

That’s 136 box jumps.

Monday, October 1

It’s hard to believe that it’s October. While the weather is slightly cooler, it certainly doesn’t yet feel like Fall.

And I’m okay with that.

I taught until about noon, graded outlines and speeches, took Luke and Cinna for a walk at Carrier Park, and then worked out.

10 rounds Not For Time
Sprint row 100m
3 TNG SDHPs beginning at 100 and increasing weight by 5# each round
3 clapping burpee HSPUs*

Whaaaaat?! Another day of rowing? But I hate rowing! Aaaaand, another day of a NFT workout? It’s almost as if I know what I’m doing.

Because I know what I’m doing.

For burpees:

  1. Hands to floor
  2. Jump feet to strict plank
  3. Chest to floor
  4. Push up and clap to plank
  5. Chest to floor
  6. Push up to plank
  7. Jump feet to hands
  8. Strict HSPU, i.e., begin and end with ankles together and no kipping

Rowing was exhausting. I recorded pace/500m, time, and strokes/minute. I averaged 1:33/500m pace, 19 seconds (with just 2 rounds @ 20 seconds), and 48 strokes/min (with a range between 47 and 52). Sprinting was exhausting, but I didn’t allow myself to fully recover before starting SDHPs. I rested very briefly between SDHPs and burpees. I allowed myself to almost fully recover before beginning next round.

SDHPs went well from start to finish @ 145#. I also didn’t miss any reps of burpees. I’ve become quite skilled at strict HSPUs, and not kipping is the best thing for my neck.

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