Worthy of its own post

Monday, July 23

First, notice the correct possessive form of “it.” It’s the correct form. See what I did there?

I took Luke for a walk before leaving for work, and then took Luke and Cinna for walks at noon and this evening. Spoiled rotten.

I made two miniature lemon soufflés, and ate them both. Uhm, and thus needed to work off some calories. Ha!

Last night I dreamt of burpees. Today I programmed a workout that I would never program for anyone other than myself. ‘Twas certainly an endurance workout, and was as much psychological as physical.

500 burpees

That’s not a typo. Five freaking hundred burpees.

I knew I’d have to pace myself, and I knew I’d have to be flexible with my approach. I began by completing the first 100 reps in rounds of 10 reps, with a very brief pause between rounds. I glanced at the clock and it read 9 minutes and change. I then set a goal to complete the workout in fewer than 50 minutes.

Uhm, and I wasn’t feeling all that winded or weak after the first 100 reps, so I completed the next 100 reps in 8 rounds of 11 and 1 round of 12 reps. And I still wasn’t feeling all that winded, so I completed the next 100 reps in 6 rounds of 15 and 1 round of 11 reps. Why 11? Because I decided to complete the next round of 100 in 9 rounds of 11 reps and needed that 1 extra rep to reach and even 300.

Whilst completing reps 301 through 400 I decided that I would complete the final 100 reps based on feeling, i.e., not complete pre-set number of rounds or reps a round.

I began and easily made it to 20. I told myself that if I felt good at 20 I’d continue until 25, and continue doing in this manner every 5 reps. In other words, I had to feel confident that I could complete 5 unbroken reps each time I had completed a multiple of 5. And this worked! I made it to 50 and told myself to make it to 55 so that I would be more than halfway finished. And then I kept going, working to 60, 65, 70, and 75. I had contemplated resting briefly when I reached 75, but kept going, even pushing it for the very last 10 reps.

I changed direction, alternating between North and South, throughout the workout (with the exception of the last 100 reps) if for no other reason than to work in a somewhat less slippery environment. My hands would occasionally slip as the mat became moist (my favorite word!), but I made sure to adjust my hand so as to be able to remain somewhat symmetrical for push off of the floor.

I had completed about 420 reps (if I’m recalling correctly) at the 40-minute mark and that gave me a boost of confidence, for I then knew that I’d be able to achieve my goal. I finished in a time of 46:36.

That’s a little more than 10 and a half reps a minute.

Give it a try. F987F59C-4853-4BBE-8CD1-E8F2E2FA729968AC4FFE-71D4-4BBF-BCB4-ED2477840607IMG_8974

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