Saturday, June 30

Whaaaat? Two days not working out? Yup, and I both needed and enjoyed the rest. I was in Boston presenting training. Was the training a success? I’ll let you guess the answer to that question.

Floor presses, bent over rows, back squats @ 65, 75, 85, 95, & 105#
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

OMFG, this was tough, for even though the reps got fewer and the weight only got 10 pounds heavier each round, it felt like the reps didn’t decrease but that the weight increased 100 pounds each round. That might be a slight exaggeration. But just slight.

Rounds took 5:07 5:00, 3:59, 2:46, & 1:06 for a total accumulated time of 17:58. The only round that I completed in unbroken reps was, well, the last round. And even that was tough. It also didn’t help that it’s hotrnfk here in NC.

Uhm, and that’s 150 reps of each activity. Uhm, and I could hardly walk the rest of the day.

Sunday, July 1

I took Luke and Cinna for walks, then Jeff and I enjoyed breakfast at King Daddy’s and took Luke for another walk. He’s spoiled.

My quads are so sore that I could barely walk. Oh, and it’s still hotrnfk here in NC.

Today was all about 45s.

45 6-count burpee T2B

Time = 6:46

Yup, count-6 was T2B. I needed the active recovery from all of yesterday’s pushing.

45 KB SDHP (53#) & box jump with full squat landing (20″)

Time = 6:09

Yup, I needed the active recovery from all of yesterday’s pulling and squatting.

45 Abmat sit-up + back extension + 20m (out and back) shuttle sprints

Time = 18:30

Yup, I needed full body active recovery.

Tuesday, July 3

As I taught in the morning and then we spent the rest of the day traveling to Wilmington, I didn’t work out Monday. A day of rest is always nice.

I worked out at Hugh McRae Park. The weather was hot and humid.

10-min ARMAP
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats
20 Abmat sit-ups

I completed all activities in unbroken reps. Score = 6 + 5, i.e., 30 pull-ups, 60 pushups, 90 air squats, & 120 sit-ups.

5 “walking” parallette dips
10m sprint
5 burpees
10m sprint

Time = 4:45

That was tough, as my arms were already tired

Run 1 mile, stopping every .10 of a mile to complete 1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10 air squats and pushups (alternating activities)
Run 1 mile, stopping every .10 of a mile to complete 10, 9, 8…3, 2, 1 air squats and pushups (alternating activities)

My goal was to complete in 20 minutes. I did not achieve my goal, finishing in 20:10. Uhm, but as often the case I may have completed too many reps.

Wednesday, July 4

Jeff, Luke, and I spent the morning at Fort Fisher, and then Luke and Jeff joined me at Hugh McRae park for another workout.

Every 10 seconds for 11 rounds
2 strict T2B
5 scary (over wooden parallel beam) lateral hops 

45 6-count burpee with K2E

Time = 7:57

Jeff walked Luke, so I did rounds of 10 lunges (5/leg), sprinted to them, and did another round of lunges, completing 11 total rounds and about a mile run.

Fun, fun, fun!



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