The last mile is the hardest…

Sunday, June 24

I had an upset stomach Saturday; thus it was best that I didn’t work out. I felt much better Sunday morning. Jeff and I took Luke for a walk in the park and then to the dog park, and then enjoyed breakfast at Earth Fare. I then took Cinna for a walk (and what’s fast becoming a daily ritual).

I programmed an endurance workout today, and it nearly killed me. Seriously. I nearly died. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt light-headed whilst working out. Today was such a day.

Run 400m
Then 5 rounds*
1 strict HSPU
3 K2E
5 pull-ups
9 WBS (20# & 10′)
Run 800m
Then 5 rounds*
1 strict HSPU
3 K2E
5 pull-ups
Run 1200m 
Then 5 rounds*
1 strict HSPU
3 K2E
5 pull-ups
Run 1600m
Then 5 rounds* of 3 reps of HSPU, K2E, pull-ups, HRPU, & WBS*

* Begin round 2 with K2E, round 3 with pull-ups, round 4 with HRPUs, and round 5 with WBS. For example, 1 HSPU, 3 K2E, 5 pull-ups, 7 HRPUs, & 9 WBS, then 3 K2E, 5 pull-ups, 7 HRPUs, 9 WBS, & 1 HSPU, etc. 

1 5 15 25 35 45 400
2 5 15 25 35 35 800
3 5 15 25 35 25 1200
4 15 15 15 15 15 1600
 T 30 60 90 120 120 4000

My goal was to complete all activities in unbroken reps. I missed the final WBS of one of the rounds. Dammit. I also missed the first K2E of one of the rounds. Dammit, dammit. I did transition immediately from K2E to pull-ups for rounds that included those back-to-back activities. I also surprised myself by completing the last 5 rounds of 3 HSPUs in unbroken reps. And the HSPUs were strict, i.e., feet together, heels past mark on wall.

I ran E on 5th Ave. to Michigan and then back for 400, 800, and 1200m runs. (You figure it out.) There was a woman sitting in her car, engine on and air conditioner running and with the window cracked. Why was the window cracked? Because she was smoking. Gross. She was at about the 125/225m mark, so I passed her two times each 400m. Gross, gross. Even though the mile from our house is much more challenging (due to hills) than 400m repeats, I chose to run the last round by heading N on Michigan toward Haywood and turning around at the half-mile mark. As I was finishing the run a man was standing beside the parked car talking with the woman, and he stared at me as I approached. Just as I was passing he lifted his shirt and patted his belly. His large belly. His belly shimmied. Like a bowlful of jelly. I imagine their conversation went something like this:

Him: Look at the guy running. Here you are smoking as I’ve done nothing but sit on my ass all morning. (Lifts shirt and slaps belly.) We both could benefit from exercise. 
Her: Yes, we could. Let me finish this cigarette first. 

Perhaps I motived one or both of them to exercise. I know that they both motivated me to continue to exercise. Just telling it like it is.

Monday, June 25

I did burpees gaylore (misspelling intentional, since it’s Pride month and all).

35 3-count burpees to parallette and jump with 180 degree twist over

Time = 2:21

35 3-count burpees to wall ball + jump to and then 180 degree twist over 

Time = 2:25

35 3-count burpees to 13″ stack of plates and jump on and then 180 degree twist over

Time = 2:27

35 3-count burpees and 20m (10m out & back) shuttle sprints with NO stutter step

Time = 7:38

35 rounds
Burpee to stacked plates + burpee to wall ball with jump over + burpee to parallette  with hop over + 20m sprint + hops over parallette, wall ball, & stacked plates

Time = 18:26

I rested only long enough to set up next workout.

That’s more than 30 minutes of work and a total of 245 burpees. I was duhn. Dee. You. Aych. En.


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