Felt Like an AMRAP

Friday, May 4

I finally went for a bike ride yesterday, and easy ride at the Biltmore. I took the bike into MustAsheville Bikes to have new non-clip pedals installed and discovered that, well, I hadn’t been paying attention to pressure on shock. I’m sure that when I purchased the bike I was told to to this. And forgot.

Luke and I enjoyed a 90-minute walk at the Biltmore and then I worked out. For the first time in a very long time, I felt completely exhausted after doing so.

20 RFT; rest 30 seconds between rounds
1 strict, negative (4″) handstand pushup
5 air squats
5 pull-ups (4 kipping and final butterfly)
5 AS
5 clapping pushups (nose to floor)
5 AS
50 m sprint (25 m up & back)

By about the 10th round the rest between rounds didn’t at all feel like rest, and I was still out of breath when the next round began. I nonetheless started each round after resting exactly 30 seconds.

I had no failed reps.

Times: 1:05, 1:06, 1:05, 1:06, 1:07, 1:05, 1:06, 1:06, 1:04, 1:05, 1:05, 1:06, 1:07, 1:05, 1:05, 1:04, 1:07, 1:09,1:09, 0:57

The HSPU slowed me down a little rounds 18 & 19, but I made up for it by making the last round my fastest round.

Total working time = 21:51

Cinco de Mayo

Jeff and I took Luke for a walk at French Broad and Carrier and then went for a bike ride at The Biltmore. It was my first opportunity to try to new non-clip pedals, and I like them! I feel much more secure know that I don’t have to unclip to put my foot on the ground.

Uhm, my legs felts stiff and tired but it wasn’t from the 300 air squats yesterday but from biking for the first time in months the day before.

Establish 10, 3, & 2RM

As there is much quantity with working up to and completing 10 RM, I knew not to attempt 5RM or 1RM. I should program this shit. Wait, what?

I completed 10 @ 110, a 5# PR, and then 1# PRs for 3 @ 133 and 2 @ 138.

11 RFT
15-second headstand hold
5 strict & pause at extension and contraction K2E

What made this challenging was that I often felt disoriented after headstand. For headstands, I set up clock on wall at rack so that I could count the 15 seconds (no math involved other than counting). I also brought knees to elbows as I brought my legs down and then rock back to heels.

Time = 8:57

Sunday, May 6

Jeff and I once again began our day by taking Luke for a long walk at The Biltmore. And I’m glad we did, as rain is in the forecast for the rest of the day.

My inner thighs haven’t been this sore since I was a rodeo rider. I focused on skill building today, specifically the hang power clean.

About every 90 seconds
6 HPCs

I began at 100# and had intended to keep the lifts at that weight. I completed 4 or 5 rounds and then began to add 5# a round. I recorded each and every round to ensure:

  • I extended my hips
  • The barbell landed on my shoulders at the same time as I partially squatted
  • Elbows were pointing forward
  • Forefoot remained in contact with floor for all 6 reps, i.e., NO JUMPING

One of the most important things I learned when earning Olympic Weightlifting certification that the jump should be minimal IF AT ALL.

My goal was to work up to a set @ 135, just 10 lbs. less than bodyweight, and that’s what I did.

And I didn’t jump once.

I continue to practice speaking Spanish in anticipation of our trip to the DR. I have now taught Luke all of his commands in Spanish. Yes, I know, it use the nonverbal commands as well, so just don’t go there, okay. Luke understands Spanish. You should do so well.



Monday, April 30

I spent most of Sunday drinking beer with my friend Kevin. And eating shitty food, including barbecue, donuts, hamburger, pretzels, and huevos rancheros. And I don’t feel the least bit guilty. Everybody needs a cheat day!

I warmed up by rowing 25 strokes at various damper setting and for watts, calories, meters, and strokes/minute. ‘Twas kind of exhausting. I’ve been using the C2 rower for years and just now discovered options with memory that I didn’t know existed. So there’s that.

For time and reps:
5 push presses + 5 bent over rows + 1 hang power clean @ 100#
5 strokes for calories

Time = 8:27
Calories = 45

This was just what I needed, you know, to sweat off some of the alcohol. Ha! I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. Duh. I rowed an average of .9 calories/stroke.

Tuesday, May 1

Establish 5RM

I completed sets @ 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, & 116#, a mere 1# PR. But I’ll take it. I put 121# on the barbell, got it overhead, and felt pain in right wrist. So I bailed, you know, because it’s just not worth it.

The semester is coming to a close. I couldn’t stop thinking about the eight speeches that I needed to grade, so I did just that. I ate breakfast and returned to the garage. I wanted (and needed) to sweat. And sweat I did!

I was going to practice HSPUs but as soon as I placed the mat on the floor Luke claimed it as his own. As it was cooler in the garage than outside. He’s smart. Like me. So I didn’t practice HSPUs.

Every 10 seconds for 51 rounds
Parallette pass through + hop & twist

This was truly more like an AFAP, as it usually took me about 8 seconds to complete a rep. I had the timer set so that when my backed was turned to the clock I would hear it sound and know to start.

  1. Hands on parallettes
  2. Jump feet back to strict plank
  3. Chest to shoulders and push up
  4. Jump feet through to plank
  5. Dip
  6. Jump feet back through to strict plank

Every 10 seconds for 36 rounds
Strict K2E + parallette hop over + PHO w/ 180 twist to right + PHO + PHO w/ 180 twist to left

Much like the previous workout, this felt more like an AMRAP for (once again) a round took about eight seconds. I was duhn (misspelling intentional).

I just watched the season finale of Homeland. I love Claire Danes, and have since “My So Called Life.”

Wednesday, May 2

50 bodyweight bench presses
Max rep strict/unbroken/no rest ring rows

Push and pull, push and pull. As it was inconvenient to move both the bench and the barbell after doing presses, ring rows were more than adequate exercise. Particularly strict ring rows.

I recall many a workout where “competitors” (basically people wanted to beat my score) didn’t keep a tight core for ring rows and instead, well, “kipped.” What does that accomplish? You can use momentum instead of strength to complete ring rows. And of course you can complete reps at a faster pace. And you could possibly beat me. Ha! That’s funny.

Oh, and no good can come from shitty form.

I completed bench presses in rounds of 10, 9, 9, 8, 6, 5, & 5. Yup, that’s 52, as I didn’t stop after completing the 3 required reps the last round. Because. I completed ring rows in reps of 20, 20, 18, 18, 16, 14, & 16 for a total of 122 reps. It’s no wonder that my upper body is a wee bit sore.

I made a “Fruity Pebble” cake from scratch today. I was going to use meringue frosting but Jeff requested buttercream. ‘Twas the first time I made buttercream frosting, and it (along with the cake) is delicious! I may have a piece of cake for breakfast tomorrow morning. Fruity Pebbles are cereal so it seems only right to do so.


Monday, March 5

I took Luke for a walk around the neighborhood and then graded public speaking outlines and speeches. I next took Jeff to the airport to pick up his rental car. I got home at 11 and thought, “It’s a rest day, but I’m feeling out of sorts. Just work on skills.” So that’s kinda sorta what I did.

Strict HSPUs

Guilty as charged. Huh? In the past I’ve posted that I completed strict HSPU when in fact the only thing that made them strict was that I didn’t kip. I set up the gym mat by the wall and marked 20″ deep and 36″ wide. I then stood against wall, marked location of wrists, measured 3″ below that mark, and placed red tape on wall. For a rep to be counted as strict not only does the rep need to begin with elbows locked, head touches the mat, and elbows lock at finish, but hands have to be placed within box and ankles have to cross red line. I’m not good at math, but even I know that the wider the hands the harder it is to have ankles cross the red line. I experimented with hands placed 24″ apart. Ankles easily passed the mark but shoulders felt uncomfortable. Hands spread 36″ apart, while comfortable on shoulders, made in nearly impossible to have ankles cross red line. The sweet spot is with hands spread about 26″ apart, as shoulders are comfortable and ankles cross the red line. I practiced a few reps at a time, always reviewing recording to ensure proper form and execution. I finished with 4 unbroken reps.

Power Snatches @ 75#
Practice Form

That’s what I did.

1 attempt at maximum reps

Seventy. I completed 70.

1 strict (see above) HSPU
3 pull-ups
5 hand release and cheek to floor pushups
7 air squats

This was exhausting, and the strict HSPUs got continually more difficult as time passed. As I do my own programming I feel comfortable and confident modifying as needed. I was but 5 rounds into the workout when I decided 10 rounds would be enough. I then convinced myself to at least do 15 rounds. The 15th round felt okay so I decided to do 20 rounds. I then thought it’d be interesting to do 21 rounds. Twenty-one then became 25. If I could do 25 rounds without failing a rep, I was confident that I could do 30 rounds.

All good reps, people. All. Good. Reps.

Rounds ranged in time from 37 (3rd round) to 29 (last round) seconds and accumulated time was 16:45. 

Luke positioned himself on the blanket just outside of the garage door and napped whilst I worked out.