Thursday, April 26

Back Squat
5X5 @ 65%

I completed @ 165# and did a sixth set @ 175#. Just because. As is typical, back squats hurt my neck more than my legs.

10 RFT
Row 5 calories
5 WBS, 20# & 10′

I worked consistently and completed in 8:23. I completed 5 calories in 6 strokes.

Friday, April 27

3 presses every minute until 95#, the 3 presses every 90 seconds until failure

I completed 3 # 132, a 1# PR. I then attempted 2 @ 136 but lost my balance when pressing. I locked it out, so I put 137 on the bar and pressed (with knees locked and ass tight), a 2# PR. Yay! I’ll take a pound or two gains with anything overhead. And, my 1RM PR was 135 just four months ago. So there’s that.

35 unbroken double unders
5 PS, 65#

Ah, double unders and power snatches, a shoulder burner. It’s also a mind game finding just the right amount of rest before starting a round of double unders, knowing that if I missed I’d have to start from 1. I did miss the very first rep the second round, but that was because I was too close to the North side of the “box” and the rope got caught on a dog leash. I’m happy to report that I completed all rounds unbroken. Yup, I’m even counting the second round. Because my coach said I could. He’s dreamy.


Saturday, April 28

Jeff and I took Luke for a walk at Richmond Hill Park! Whilst not my favorite park in Asheville, we nonetheless enjoyed a nice hike.

I then made “Crack Pie.” I’ve been binge watching Chef’s Table on Netflix and the most recent season focuses on pasty chefs. I particularly enjoyed learning about Christina Tovi and the Milk Bar. I tried a thin sliver of one of the crack pies I made earlier this afternoon and can’t stop thinking about it. Yup, it’s like crack.

5-min AMRAPs; rest 3 min between rounds

  1. Sprint 50m (25m to the end of the driveway and back)
    10 rebounding box jumps, 24″
    5 deadlifts, 155#
  2. Sprint 50m
    10 KB SDHPs, 70#
    4 deadlifts, 175#
  3. Sprint 50m
    5 burpees
    10 power C&J, 75#

This was quite exhausting, particularly after the arduous task of making crack pies (I made two).


  1. 5 rounds + 25m
  2. 4 rounds + 10 SDHPs & 1 DL
  3. 4 rounds + 50m run


“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

That’s bullshit. I’m learning to cook, bake, write a novel, play new songs on the piano, and just be an all around badass.

BTW, I hate when people refer to someone as a “bad ass.” “You’re such a bad ass, Sally!” means something entirely different. Language is important.

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