It has happened to me right in front of my face, my feelings can’t describe it. Thanks for the lyrics, CeCe Peniston!

Tuesday, March 27

Today was a good day. I knew the C2 rower would arrive by 8pm, so I did a double. It’s been quiet sometime since I’ve done that.

I began the 10am session by practicing and experimenting with burpees, handstands, and handstand pushups.

8-count burpee + HSPU and handstand hold (count of one-one-thousand)

It’s fortunate that the workout wasn’t for time, as Luke walked to the stop of the stairs to be let in after 5 reps. It’s also obvious that I can’t count to 5, for I was completing in 3 rounds of 5 reps and completed 6 reps the 2nd round. I made sure I was in strict plank for counts 5 & 6.

10 RFT
R & L lunge + 5 airs squats & 180 twisting jump to the right then L & R lunge + 5 air squats & twisting jump to the left

That’s 100 air squats and 40 lunges. And that was enough. I could barely walk up the stairs.

The C2 rower arrived at 4pm. Yay! ‘Tis my reward for recent successful training for TIG.

Bench Press
Establish 1RM

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’ve always struggled with the deadlift due to the fact that I have underdeveloped chestesticles. My goal has been to BP 200#. I warmed up and, as 2 @ 185 felt good, I completed 2 @ 190, a 2RM PR. I put 200 on the bar and successfully completed the lift! The struggle was real, but there was no way that I wasn’t going to press that weight. My 1RM was a mere 170# just 6 month ago, so I’m delighted with progress.

I just had to use the rower. Obviously.

5 C2B pull-ups
100m row

My goals were to work continuously, to complete in under 10 minutes, and, of course, to complete the pull-ups in unbroken reps. I worked continuously but only managed to complete pull-ups in unbroken reps through round 7. I completed rounds 8 & 9 in reps of 4 & 1 and the last round in reps of 3, 1, & 1. My time was 9:43, so not much time to spare.

I hate rowing. I miss writing 1600 words a day. I think I’ll let my memoirs sit and then revisit. I’m certain I can get another 2500 words by fleshing out what I’ve already written.

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