Counting Down the Days

Yesterday Jeff and I visited his mother, Brenda, and her husband, Larry. ‘Twas a very nice visit!

Sunday, November 26 | Front Squattin’

I took Luke for a short walk, knowing that Jeff and I would take him for a longer walk later in the day. Whilst Jeff went to Gold’s Gym for a spinning class, I worked out in our gym.

Front Squat
Work up to heaviest set of 5

I set a post-surgery 1RM of 200# this past August, thus I set a goal to complete 5 reps @ 185#, a little more than 90% of 1RM. I knew it was going to be a challenge, and it was! I also know that I do better when I complete sets of 5 (no fewer, no more than) whilst working up to heaviest set, i.e., ensuring that I worked on timing, breathing, pacing, etc.

Every set was a ritual: position hands, step back, stretch back by placing head between shoulders, aggressively approach bar and place bar on shoulders, take small step away from rack, take a deep breath, and squat first rep. No hesitation!

I completed sets of 5 @ 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175, & 185#. The last set was a struggle, but I completed successfully. Yup, I recorded and reviewed all lifts.

25 RFT
10 unbroken box jumps

I set a goal to complete in 20 minutes or fewer. I used abacus to keep track of rounds, and I faced North for odd- and South for even-numbered rounds.

Jeff interrupted me the 6th or 7th round, asking “Where are my spinning shoes?” Out of breath I responded, “All of the shoes are on the table. Have you looked?” Ha!

I ensured that both feet landed on box, i.e., no heels extended off box, and that I landed in full squat and then stood to full extension. I truly believe that completing 25 rounds of 10 unbroken reps is more challenging than merely completing 250 reps, as there were many rounds when I wanted to stop at about the 7th or 8th rep.

Time = 18:41

I began to clean the kitchen and was elbow deep in Softscrub when Jeff asked, “Are you cleaning today?” “Uhm,” I replied, “obviously.” “But it’s my last day of vacation. You can clean tomorrow,” he said. Translation: “Spend time with me today.” So that’s what I did.

Monday, November 27 | Push Pressin’

I took Luke for a 90-minute walk in West Asheville and then worked out. I left the hallway door to the garage open but Luke and Zac only joined me for a short amount of time. Luke did, however, join me for the conditioning.

Push press
5 reps every 3 minutes, working up to heaviest set

My 5RM was 130, so I set a goal for 135#. I worked wisely today, paying attention to how I felt, as I wanted to be warmed up enough for last set but didn’t want to be too tired to complete.

I began @ 65# and added 10# each set, completing 5 reps @ 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125. I briefly contemplated lifting 130 and then attempting 135 but I thought, “Reps at 125 felt good. Just go for it.” And that’s what I did, completing last set of 5 reps @ 135#. Yay!

Yup, I recorded and reviewed all sets.

10-0-8…3-2-1 pull-ups
20-18-16…6-4-2 unbroken double unders

Fast and furious, like Taco Bell.

Time = 6:06

Tuesday, November 28 | Power Snatchin’

Luke and I began our day with a 90-minute walk around the neighborhood. I sound like a broken record, I know.

I left the doorway to the gym open but no one joined me. Bad kitties!

Every 35 seconds for 42 rounds, for accumulated time
Odd-# rounds:
Muscle snatch + back squat + behind the neck push press, 65#
3 wall ball shots, 20# & 10″
Even-# rounds:
Muscle snatch + back squat + behind the neck push press, 65#
1 strict handstand pushup

Even though I only had to recall if I was doing WBS or HSPU, on two instances I did WBS, well, after doing WBS. I made up for it by doing two consecutive rounds of HSPU.

Slowest WBS rounds were 18 and fastest was 15. Slowest HSPU rounds were 14 and fastest was 12.

Times: WBS 6:19, HSPU 5:01; accumulated 11:20.

Sure felt like more than 11:20 or work.

BTW, after completing behind the neck Paul Potorti I always brought barbell to shoulder, mid-thigh, and then floor, i.e., the bar was never dropped.

That’s 21 HSPU, 42 muscle snatch  +back squat + behind the neck push press, and 63 wall ball shots.

Wednesday, November 29 | Ladder Time

Luke and I walked trails at the Biltmore today, something we haven’t done in a while. And we didn’t see anyone else on the trails. Yay!

I spent most of the morning grading speeches and preparing for the end of the semester, and didn’t begin working out until around noon. That’s unusual for me. Luke joined me and spent most of the time basking in the sun and rolling in the dirt. Yup, he got a bath afterwards.

Bodyweight unbroken deadlift ladder

I weigh 147 so I rounded up to 150#. My goal was 21 rounds and I didn’t achieve this goal.  Workout ended when any round could not be completed without dropping the bar.

I made it through the round of 19 and whilst attempting round of 20 the following self-talk took place: Shit is getting heavy. Breathe every rep. But you might pass out! Pause at the top to give your legs a rest. But my grip strength will give? No it won’t. You’re only on rep 6. Shit, there are many reps to go, and I don’t think I’ll be able to hold onto…

And I dropped the bar without making a conscious decision to do so. Ha!

Score = 19 rounds (190 reps, 197 total)

‘Twas odd that I completed 19+7 rounds and that added up to 197 reps. But then again, I’m not good at math.

That’s 2,950 lbs, just under 1.5 tons that I moved. So there’s that.


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