Giddy Up

Sunday, October 15 | Run = Fun

It’s hard to believe that we’ve lived in Asheville a little more than 10 months, for it feels so much like home.

As Jeff is home for just a brief time during the weekend, he joined Luke and me for a 4-mile walk on the grounds of the Biltmore. We then had a very lovely late breakfast at HomeGrown, a restaurant that we hadn’t yet tried. ‘Twas delightful, and compares to Biscuit Head.

“You’re going to work out on a full stomach?” Jeff asked. “Of course!” I replied.

5 X 10, working up to heaviest set

As I knew I’d be competing 50 deadlifts, I was wise in my approaching completing sets @ 135, 185, 225, 275, and 310#, a new PR. Yay! The last few reps felt exceedingly heavy, and for a brief moment I doubted I’d be able to complete. Silly me!

Jeff joined me as I was setting up for conditioning, and I as needed little room for the remainder of my workout is has able to complete parallette pushups and push presses. It’s always nice when he’s around, and he certainly makes me laugh.

1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10 50m (25m up and back) shuttle sprints
10 box jumps and with steps after each round

I stepped down and toed off with left foot odd- and right foot even-numbered rounds to assure that I didn’t favor and/or injure the left or right side of my body. Luke positioned himself at the entrance to the garage, and I often gently tapped his back or scratched his head each shuttle sprint. Did this slow me down? Likely, and I didn’t care! Jeff was kind enough to capture a few pictures.

I set a goal to complete in 25 minutes. After completing the very last shuttle sprint I glanced at the clock to discover that I had a mere 30 seconds to complete box jumps. And I lost focus. Nope, I didn’t fall, but I did jump instead of step down, so that rep didn’t count. I nonetheless managed to finish in 24:57. That was close!

Monday, October 16 | AR

I was feeling tired, achy, and somewhat depressed this morning. Luke and I went for a 3-mile walk around the neighborhood, I took a quick shower, and then had trailer hitch installed on Mazda. Leonard’s is the best! They told me on the phone it’d take 45 minutes, when I got there they said it’d take 30 minutes, and when all was said and done it took only 20 minutes to install. Compare that to U-Haul who told me it’d take 45 minutes and it took 3 hours.

Luke and I ran quite a few errands, including picking up waterproof sealant for box I’m going to put on deck. I put the first of three coats on at 3 and, since I was in the gym and all, I worked out, albeit not nearly as strenuously as in the past 2 days. More than anything I needed to work out (get it, work out) some of the soreness in shoulders and back.

6X10 unbroken

I began @ 70, added 5# per set, and worked up to 95#. Uhm, and I don’t think that I could’ve completed 10 @ 100#. Shit always gets heavy by the 7th or 8th rep. Was nonetheless pleased, as I continue to get stronger and recover from ACDF surgery. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: I’m placing my hands farther apart on the bar, with my palms almost to the inner ring. And it helps! Why I didn’t think of this ages ago is beyond me. At the very least the bar travels a shorter distance.

Strict ring rows
Mountain climbers (both legs = 1 rep)

Yup, something fast and furious! I completed 16 ring rows out of the gate and then, well, quickly began to tire. I had two, count them, two missed reps in that I wasn’t able to touch chest to rings! I guess I was just getting greedy.

Time 3:13

Yup, very fast and very furious.

Tuesday, October 17 | Mind Games

‘Twas a cold night, and the four of us (Luke, Meg, Zac, and me) slept until 8. That’s late for us! Luke and I went for a 2-hour walk at Pisgah. I was wearing a sweatshirt, gloves, and hat when we began, as the temperature was a chilly 41, but all items were removed by the last half hour.

Every 90 seconds until failure
Clean, Jerk, & Thruster

Three distinct moves, i.e., I stood to full extension after clean and before jerk and rested barbell on shoulders before completing thruster. This was fun! And tough. I began at 65, added 5 each round, and worked up to 145#. I completed clean @ 150 but didn’t even attempt jerk. Why? I know not why.

That’s 18 cleans and 17 jerks and thrusters. That was enough.

50 sandbag burpees + forward and backward jump over sandbag
50 Abmat sit-ups
50 sandbag squats, 45#
Complete 3 power cleans, 95#, at the top of each minute

This got the heart rate up quickly! I completed between 7 and 10 (the first round) burpees, and it took me 2 rounds to complete both sit-ups and squats.

Time = 12:57

That was close!

Thursday, October 19 | Run = MBC & BJ

Luke and I enjoyed a wonderful walk at the Biltmore! ‘Twas a cold start and finish, and I wore my hoodies the entire walk. Yup, hoodies.

I had originally planned on doing wall ball shots, but Luke immediately positioned himself on a blanket by the wall ball target. I took that as a sign. I honestly think that this workout wouldn’t have been any more miserable had I completed wall ball shots.

9 medicine ball cleans, 20# and box jumps, 20″
7 medicine ball cleans, 25# and box jumps, 24″
5 medicine ball cleans, 30# and box jumps, 30″

Yup, 21 reps of each activity and 42 total reps each round for a total of 105 medicine ball cleans and box jumps.

Holy posterior change, Batman! Whilst I completed sets of each activity in unbroken reps, I certainly didn’t work at a breakneck pace. I often had to shake out my legs and rub my lower back before starting box jumps. I was delighted that I didn’t miss any box jumps, as jumping 30″ felt like jump 30′ today.

Time = 17:29 (I think. I wrote this time down on a piece of paper. It’s very likely the correct time. I think.)

1 pull-up & toes to bar every 10 seconds for 5 minutes

I like this rep scheme, as you lose momentum and are forced to focus on strength. I pumiced and chalked my hands throughout. I’d definitely program something like this again.

I’m truly enjoying Will & Grace! I also very much enjoyed “Mindhunter” on Netflix. ‘Twas interesting to see Jonathan Groff in the lead role. And not singing!

Friday, October 20 | Intrepid

Again, so I don’t always go to the same places, at least one day a week Luke and I are exploring a new trail. Today we traveled farther South on the Blue Ridge Parkway, parked at an overlook, and hiked a little more than two miles South, turned around, and hiked another two or so miles North to the parked car. One of the hills was steeeeEEEEEEp! Luke was quite exhausted by the time we returned home. Uhm, he once again quickly positioned himself on the blanket in front of the wall ball target. That workout will just have to wait!

Power snatch
3 rounds

1 rep every 10 seconds for 5 minutes @ 75, 85, & 95#
Establish 1RM

The 90 reps were just a warm up to the 1RM max attempts. Ha! I was quite out of breath at the end of each round of 30 reps. I did, however, rest only long enough to put additional weight on the barbell and to reset clock.

This went much better than I anticipated. Perhaps the biggest change has been in placement of hands, as I’m placing them much farther away from the collars. What a difference! Yes, the bar has to travel a bit farther, but I don’t feel pain in my right shoulder.

I completed reps @ 100, 105, & 100#. I’ve been stuck @ 115# for about 5 years, and each and every time I attempted 120# I failed. Good thing I purchased incremental plates! I put 116# on the barbell and easily completed a rep. I yelled, “Fuck yeah!” Uhm, even though no one was in the garage with me. I kept going, completing reps @ 117 & 118#. I’m missing an incremental weight, so I put 120# on the barbell. A little bit of a struggle but a successful rep. I kept going and completed reps @ 121 & 122 but failed 123#. ‘Twas then that I realized I hadn’t turned on iPhone video. Dammit. I started the recording… and easily power snatched 123#. As that’s a 7# PR I called it a day.

I’m delighted that my focus on proper form and execution—and ACDF recovery—is paying off! It’s yet another reason while I like working out alone and doing my own programming, as I can work at my own pace and focus on my weaknesses.

10 double unders
2 strict handstand pushups
20 dus
30 dus
40 dus 
50 dus
10 HSPUs

I completed unbroken and strict HSPUs through round of 6 reps. I missed a rep of dus during round of 30 and 40. Glad I didn’t program unbroken!

Time = 6:35

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