The title of this blog refers to Trump. Obviously.

How someone can be against healthcare for all, against gun control, and against preventing climate change, and yet consider themselves pro-life is beyond my level of comprehension.

I rested Monday, and I’m glad that I did. I needed it!

Tuesday, October 1 | Smile for a Mile

I took Luke for a walk at the Biltmore and we spent the time in quiet reflection. At te last count there are 59 people dead and more than 500 injured. By a “lone wolf.” Uhm, a terrorist should be the only term used to describe this asshole. 

Every 90 seconds until failure
3 presses
Every 90 seconds until failure
2 presses

I began at 65 and (usually) added 5# a round. As my 3RM was 120 I made sure to press 121. Yup, a 1# PR! I failed at 125, although I easily got in 2 reps. As 2RM was 130 I made sure to press 131. Yup, another 1# PR!

Uhm, and I was feeling strong I pressed 5 reps @ 110, a 5# PR. Just because.

22-min AMRAP
5 parallette pass throughs
5 strict ring rows 
10m shuttle sprints, 100m total

This was exhausting, as of course my (achieved) goal was to complete all rounds of activities in unbroken reps and with little rest between activities and/or rounds.

As is often the case, I kept an eye on the clock and set an additional goal to have an even split, i.e., complete the same number of rounds the second as the first half of the workout. I had just completed 8 rounds at the 11-minute mark so I set a goal to complete 16 rounds. And I honestly thought that I’d not be able to do so, as I got rather winded as the workout progressed. I pushed it during the last 4 minutes and completed 16 rounds with about 40 seconds left. Yup, I continued to work quickly and completed an additional 5 pass throughs and ring rows.

‘Twas bittersweet when “Don’t Come Around Here No More” began to play as I finished the workout, as it’s my favorite TP song.

That’s 85 pass throughs and ring rows and a mile of running.

Pushing, dipping, jumping, pulling, and running. Don’t tell me that bodyweight metcons can’t be challenging!

Luke positioned himself on his bed just outside the garage door and watched me work out. He’s such an incredibly good dog!

I watched the last episode of The Defenders. Love Daredevil, Jessica, and Luke, but not a big fan of perpetually scowling Iron Fist. What made his acting seem that much worse was Sigourney Weaver, as she ate up the screen.

Teaching continues to go well, although I am disappointed with absenteeism and students not handing in assignments. I continue to tell them that I’m not their babysitter.

Wednesday, October 4 | Paper Towels

Yup, I’m listening to Tom Petty whilst composing this blog. Luke is at my feet, Zac is sunbathing on the deck, and Meg is nowhere to be found. She’s likely hidden away somewhere. Bad kitty!

Luke and I went for a very enjoyable walk at the Experimental Forest this morning. I may or may not have seen a bear cub frolicking on the trail. Going on…

Witnessed dude mountain biking sans helmet. The worst part? He was whistling. Asshole. I’m trying to enjoy my solitude and I don’t need to hear your insipid whistling. Fortunately, as he doesn’t wear a helmet whilst biking, he’s likely not long for this world. There, I said it.

Back squats
6X5 working up to heaviest set

Back squats went much better than expected, as I was feeling stiff at the start — and my knees kept cracking. After warming up, I completed a set @ 150, 65% of 1RM. Shit felt heavy, so I only went up 5 pounds to 155 for 2nd and then just another 5 pounds to 160 for 3rd sets. Uhm, my 5RM was 195, and as I hoped to lift heavier than that I went up 10 pounds to 170 and 15 pounds to 185 for 4th and 5th sets. I was much better warmed up and lifts felt strong, so I went for 200 the last set.

As I approached the bar I thought, “Be sure to back away from the yoke rack, as you don’t want the plates to bounce off the plate holders. No, stay close to the rack, as you’ll be less likely to even think about bailing on the last rep.” So I listened to myself, genius that I am, and stayed close to the rack for the last successful set at 200. I’m confident I could’ve gone heavier, but as I programmed 6 sets I kept with my programming. And I got a PR, so there’s that.

Yesterday’s AMRAP was exhausting, so I programmed something a little easier today.

EMOM for 10 minutes for accumulated time
5 deadlifts, 185
5 strict toes to bar with full stop between reps

Fifty deadlifts and toes to bar was all (and just) what I needed today. As is typically the case, I became more efficient as the workout progressed, and my times were 25, 26, 26, 26, 25, 26, 25, 23, 23, 21, & 21 seconds for accumulated time of 4:01 (again, if I did the math right).

If the shooter (whose name I shall never mention nor picture ever post) were a Muslim I’m certain we would be talking about a travel ban. As he was a “lone wolf” white man, there will be no discussion on gun control. Because ‘Murica.

Nothin’ but pics of Luke! You’re welcome.

Thursday, October 5 | Chipper

Luke and I went for an incredibly wonderful hike at Pisgah this morning, completing a 5-mile circular route on challenging trails and services road. The weather was a chilly 44 degrees at the start. I like it!

Today was all about endurance.

Complete activités in any manner, i.e., chip away at all activities and in any order; complete 25 jumping pull-ups or double unders (alternating activities each round) after completing 100 reps of any of the activities
100 reps of the following:
Back squats, 45#
Box jumps, 24″
Hand release pushups
Hang power cleans, 45#
KB swings (‘Murican), 53#
Push presses, 45
Sumo deadlifts, 70# KB
Wall ball shots, 20# & 10′

This was freaking tough. I decided to chip away at box jumps, deadlifts, KB swings, pushups, and wall ball shots before tackling barbell activities. Whilst I can’t recall the specific order, I completed 100 wall ball shots, pushups, KB swings, box jumps, and deadlifts in that order, completing alternate rounds of jumping pull-ups and double udders after completing the required reps.

Wall ball shots: 15, 4 X10, 15, 10, 15, & 5
Pushups: 20, 6X10, 13, & 7
KB swings: 15, 8X10, 5
Box jumps: 3X10, 15, 5X10, 5
Deadlifts: 10X10

Whilst wall ball shots are always a challenge, box jumps were the bane of my existence today. Probably because of so much squatting and jumping I did earlier in the week. Deadlifts, even though 70#, were also exhausting, and I had to remind myself to set my back and shoulders.

I went by both thoughts and feelings when working with the barbell, i.e., I didn’t set out to complete a certain number of reps each round. I usually began with hang power cleans, moving to push presses and then back squats. Yup, that was the best approach and that’s good thinking. I completed cleans, push presses, and back squats in that order, again alternating completing double unders and jumping pull-ups after each completed activity. Even though ’twas just the 45# barbell, shit got heavy.

HPC: 5X15, 2X10, 5
PP: 15, 6X10, 15, 10
BS: 15, 6X10, 15, 5

Time: 52:53

Luke rested outside of the garage door, enjoying the nice weather and sunny skies. He’s a smart dog.

Today’s Public Speaking discussion was about presenting. Finally! I’m really enjoying teaching, and have some wonderful students.


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