Chocolate Malt

Friday, July 28 | A little bit of this, a little bit of that

As we had to pick up Jeff from the airport, Luke and I only went for a 3-mile walk this morning.

Yesterday’s workout nearly destroyed me, so I made sure not to program anything overly taxing.

10 45# plate thrusters
5/leg pistols
1-min weighted plank hold

Uhm, and this turned out to be more than challenging enough. I practiced pistols before I began the workout, recording sets to ensure proper form and execution. Well, mostly ensuring that I broke parallel when performing with both right and left legs. Even though my left leg is stronger, I’m more likely to not squat (less likely to squat?) below parallel, and I wasn’t going to allow that to happen. I also recorded the entire workout. I usually record using the time-lapse feature, but I forgot to do so today. This was fortuitous (sorry for the big word), as I could then review the recording to ensure that all reps were indeed below parallel. Nailed it. I completed all rounds of thrusters in unbroken reps, held all rounds of planks without breaking, and completed unbroken pistols about 6 or 7 (don’t make me review the recording again) of what amounted to 10 rounds, you know, because 5 reps per leg.

Time = 12:37

The ACA was not repealed nor replaced. Sometimes good does triumph over evil.

Saturday, July 29 | No Sandbagging For Me

Kevin, Meg, Claire, and Patrick are visiting for the weekend; thus, my exercise time is limited. Luke and I went for a 3-mile walk at Carrier/French Broad parks and then we all (including Jeff, of course) got together for breakfast at Sunny Point Cafe. After a visit to the Arboretum we attended the Grand Opening of the Archetype Brewery. And I got a little tipsy. Nothing that a power nap couldn’t (almost) cure!

25 RFT
45# sandbag clean + sandbag push press + pull-up + hop over sandbag + sandbag clean + sandbag push press + toes to bar + hop over sandbag

Thus, 50 sandbag cleans, push presses, and hops as well as 25 pull-ups and toes to bar. I worked at a relatively slow and steady pace, you know, so as to not to throw up. I also scraped my knuckles on the sandbag doing the push presses.

Oh, keep in mind that a thruster wasn’t allowed, i.e., sandbag full squat clean and then a sandbag push press.

Time = 20:51

Sunday, July 30 | Easy Breezy

Kevin and I went for a 6-mile ride at the Arboretum and Pisgah National Forest. Uhm, prolly doesn’t even count as exercise.

We also traveled to Cherokee, and as Luke and I had been going for shorter walks I took him for another 3-mile hike (we went for a 3-mile walk during the early morning hours) on some easy trails. ‘Twas beautiful!

Monday, July 31 | Ending on Eleven

I needed to exercise, as I’m feeling, well, fat. I’m not really fat, I’m just feeling fat. I probably need to run more frequently.

Establish 5RM T&G power cleans

I completed 5 T&G reps @ 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 140, 145, & 150#. I failed final rep @ 155#. Nonetheless, lifts felt good.

11 RFT
5 95# T&G HPCs
5 burpee + 10 lateral bar hops

The 95# HPCs felt deliciously light. This was fun, and my goal was to work continuously and to finish strong. I did so. As I often do, I’ll include totals: 55 HPCs & burpees and 550 lateral bar hops. I didn’t miss a single rep, and rest was limited. I made sure to work continuously for last 2 rounds and was therefore exhausted at the end of the workout. Just the way I like it.

Time = 15:03

Scaramucci got fired today. Ha! What a shitshow.




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