AB Tech

Wednesday, July 26 | Two Loops with Brian

Brian (I started with your name for obvious reasons, Brian) and I went for a relatively short ride today, biking just over an hour and just under 7 miles. But it was tough. It’s the first time I’ve ridden on exposed rocks. Ascending wasn’t nearly as difficult as descending. I did indeed walk with the bike during part of the descent. Brian did not, but as he already has apparent head injuries, well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. JK.

As usual, Brian and I discussed many things, including politics. We both resoundingly agree that trump (I won’t even dignify with uppercase “t”) is a maniacal sociopath. And a raging asshole.

Luke and I began our day with a 4.5-mile walk around the neighborhood, traveling on Haywood past New Belgium Brewery, along French Broad river, and then Carrier Park. We ended the day with a 3-mile walk at Biltmore. We saw a deer!


Thursday, July 27 | Four Gruesome Rounds

Luke and I went for a 4-mile walk at Carrier and French Broad parks. The killer has been caught, so I now feel safe hiking at Pisgah. I nonetheless stayed close, as I had to shower and prepare for a job interview @ 11 but also had to be ready for a call @ 10. A call that was cancelled at 9:55. Yup, cancelled and not yet rescheduled. Whatevs.

I interviewed for an adjunct faculty position at AB Tech. Nailed it. I will be teaching two sessions of Public Speaking. I’ve always said that I’d someday like to return to teaching college and that day has come, probably sooner than I had originally imagined or expected. Full circle, folks. By the way, I was asked how I would handle a problematic student, specifically an individual who feels emboldened to belittle others. Hmm, I wonder why this is more prevalent now than, say, during the past 8 years?

My good friend Evelyn tagged me on Facebook letting me know that she revisited a workout we’ve done together in the past (if memory serves me correctly). ‘Twas programmed as a 20-minute AMRAP of 5 floor presses, 5 stiff-legged deadlifts, 25 double unders, 5 power jerks, 5 hang power cleans, and 25 double unders. The same activities were completed again, only 10 reps of lifting and 50 double unders. Once that round was complete, you returned to 5 & 25. Oh, Rx weight was 115#.

I wanted a workout that lasted longer than 20 minutes, as my focus is on endurance. The workout I pogrommed probably lasted too long, as I was near death by the end.

4 rounds; work 9:30 & rest 3 minutes between rounds
Floor presses (85, 95, 105, 115#)
Stiff-legged deadlifts
25 double unders
Shoulder to overhead
Hang power cleans
25 double unders

Thus a round consisted of 5 FP, SLDL, S2O, HPC, and 50 double unders. The reps decreased and the weight increased each round, beginning with 7 reps (other than dus, obviously) @ 85#, and then decreasing reps by 1 and increasing weight by 10# each subsequent round. In other words, 7 @ 85#, 6 @ 95#,  5 @ 105#, and 4 @ 115#, and always 25 double unders. Don’t make me explain again.

(By the way, I would never program this for others as, well, there would be many that just wouldn’t get it. I’d have to spend 30 minutes attempting to explain the workout. True story. (And you know who you are.))

My goal was to complete all rounds of lifting in unbroken reps, and I did not achieve this goal. I came close, though!

Why 9 minutes and 30 seconds? Why the hell not!

Scores = 4 + 10, 4 + 16, 3 + 48, & 3 + 7

During the brief rest between the last 2 rounds I filled an empty water bottle using the outside spigot. Ha! I even poured some water on my head, as it was hot and humid in the garage.

In order from least to most difficult: STDL, FP, HPC, & S2O. That was to be expected. I did, however, expect FP to be more challenging (as bench and floor pressing is still a major weakness) and hang power cleans to be easier. I knew S2O would eventually turn into a shit show.

I did, however, complete S2O in unbroken reps until the 4 last reps. And then I couldn’t even string 2 reps together. Yup, 4 power clean & jerks to finish. I was pretty much at complete an total muscle failure.

I completed all but 2 or possibly 3 rounds of dus in unbroken reps, even with exceedingly sweaty hands.

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