Conditioning & Strength

Friday, June 16 | “F” is for “Fun” and “Forty”

I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time preparing for upcoming Leadership training. I’ve diagnosed myself as a capable, but cautious, performer. I nonetheless make time for walking Luke and working out.

And I’m truly enjoying creating my own programming. It’s highly unlikely that I’d program “F” or “Grace on Steroids” if I owned a box. Ha!

John McCain is an embarrassment. And he’s one of the few politicians of a particular persuasion that I had at least some modicum of respect for.

40-min AMRAP
NO rest between activities!
All activities must be unbroken
2 K2E
3 alternating arm 35# KB C&J (3/arm each round)
4 burpees
5 60# Russian KB swings
21 double unders

Whilst I did allow myself to walk and not run from one activity to the next, I did not rest. For example, as soon as I finished second knees to elbows, I walked to KB and immediately cleaned. As soon as I set down KB after swings I completed first box jump. When I completed last box jump, I stepped off of box (which I did so for all box jumps today), and as soon as I was holding both handles and the rope was behind my feet, I jumped. That was perhaps the biggest challenge!

I didn’t even stop to take a drink. A casual observer might think that I was moving slowly, but I knew that slow and steady would win the race.

Uhm, one of the rounds I doubted that I completed burpees the previous round. Yup, I did eight burpees one of the rounds.

Score = 14 rounds + 21 reps; 15 HSPU, 30 K2E, 45 C&J, 60 burpees, 75 KB swings, 90 KB swings, and 294 dus

There were times when I thought, “Just make it a 30-minute workout. Who will know?” Ha! I’m committed to following my programming.

I listened to a podcast on overcoming internal bias, and I’m attempting to practice. Detect, reflect, reject.

Saturday, June 17 | Grace on Steroids

Again, I enjoy working out by myself, and one of the main reasons is not only that I can work out when I want to, I can also work out for as long as I want to. No official start or stop time for me! (And no assholes showing up late for class.)

NFT but unbroken
30 C&J, 45#

30 C&J, 65# | 2:31 

30 C&J, 75# | 2:24

30 C&J, 85# | 2:34

30 C&J, 95# | 3:53

5 C&J @ 105, 115, 125, & 135#

That’s 170 C&J! It was difficult raising my arms afterwards.

The set @ 75# was the fastest, although just 10 seconds faster than set @ 85#. I began to focus on ensuring that I used receiving of bar as push for jerk. Make sense? I thought so.

I think/feel that I could certainly do set @ 95# faster, but I was getting fatigued. Uhm, that’s to be expected.

I was nonetheless surprised and delighted that 5 singles @ 105, 115, 125, and 135# felt relatively easy!

Sunday, June 18 | Fourteen is my favorite number

Having walked Luke first thing in the morning, I decided to go for a longish bike ride in the heat of the day. The hills! I biked mostly uphill for about 7 miles and then, well, biked mostly downhill. It took me just under an hour to bike the first 7 miles and about 40 minutes to bike the last 7 miles — including stopping to take a picture of a deer (Luke and I saw one earlier in the day and I saw another two during the ride) and slowing down for people who don’t know proper trail etiquette. Stay to your right! That includes your off leash dogs as well!

I spent much of the time thinking about my upcoming presentation regarding leadership. My theme shall be “The two most important qualities of an effective leader are strength and endurance.” Yup, I’m going to be making fitness analogies.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.06.44 PM

Monday, June 19 | Long Hike and Pushing & Pulling

Yup, Luke and I went for a long walk that included exploring new trails. I make sure I pay close attention to my surroundings, and this includes not using personal devices during walk. Well, except to stop and take pictures, of course. We walked about 5.5 miles and only saw one other person. Ah, how I enjoy the solitude!

I listened to episode #234 of This American Life. I sobbed uncontrollably. Does talking really help? I then listened to episode #13 of Nancy. Once again, I sobbed uncontrollably. It’s unconscionable that the asshole/dictator/dick currently in charge is not supporting basic, fundamental and HUMAN rights. And don’t get me started on the current political landscape in NC.


Press & HSPUs

I completed 3 presses until I could only complete 2, and then 2 presses until I could only complete 1. I increased weight by 10# until singles and then increased by 5#. I attempted to complete 3 strict HSPUs immediately following completion of presses. HSPUs are in parentheses.

3 @ 65 (3), 75 (3), 85 (3) & 95 (3)
2 @ 105 (2) & 115 (1)
1 @ 120 (2), 125 (1), & 130 (2)
Failed at 135#

Completing strict HSPUs after pressing is challenging in and off itself.

SDHPs and Pull-ups

I completed 3 SDHPs until I could only complete 2, and then 2 presses until I could only complete 1, increasing weight by 10# until singles and then increased by 5#. I completed 3 strict pull-ups immediately following completion of all rounds of SDHPs.

3 @ 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125
2 @ 135
1 @ 140 & 145
Failed @ 150#

Talk about an upper body workout! I didn’t pay the least bit of attention to the time of day, you know, because I don’t have to.

Burpee + plate press, 45#
Burpee + box jump, 30″

Yup, goal was unbroken reps with little rest, and that’s what I did. Uhm, when I wasn’t telling Luke to not dig in the dirt. I love that he’s always with me when I work out. There were three men installing the retaining fence, yet Luke didn’t bother them at all. He’s the world’s best dog. Don’t even attempt to argue with me on this one, folks.

I placed a 45# plate on box and then placed plate used for burpee + plate press on top of that place for a total height of 30″. I’m too short to step off of a box that high. Dammit.

Time = 10:37


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