Wednesday, May 31 | Montreat

Jeff is spending the week in Montreal so I decided to go drop the “L” and add a “T.” See what I did there? Jeff and I had ventured to the trail last week but were unable to travel very far due to his bum knee.

I parked at the trailhead and Luke and I began our uphill hike up the mountain. And what a hike it was! We climbed just under 1,000′ in about a half mile. There were occasional stairs, including a set near the very top. I looked ahead and saw nothing but boulders, so I put down the Yeti cup and leash, knowing I might need to traverse using my hands as well as feet. I was right. There were a couple of times when I was concerned that Luke wouldn’t be able to manage the terrain. I was wrong, and I’ve come to believe that he may be part mountain goat.


What a spectacular view from the top of the mountain!


Luke and I then climbed down the mountain and continued our journey and well traveled trails, often breaking out into a run. We ended up traveling just over 4 miles, although it took us about 100 minutes to do so. We saw a half dozen people at the most. That’s about six too many. Ha!

14, 13, 12 … 3, 2, 1 75# hang power cleans
Complete 2 strict pull-ups & 3 (l+r = 1) walking planks after each round

My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, and I achieved this goal. During the last rounds I was convinced that I’d have to rest between the two pull-ups. Again, the yoke bar makes a huge difference, and not in a good way. (As an aside, I need an extension to the rack, you know, that will allow me to complete pull-ups with regular grip and also hang rings. Someone get on that.)

Time = 12:15


Thursday, June 1 | Biltmore

I’ve been itching to get on the bike, so after taking Luke for a 6-mile hike in the Experimental Forest, I loaded up the bike and headed to the Biltmore Estate. I traveled just under 12 miles in just under an hour at an average pace of 12.3 mile per hour. The course was mostly flat, except for this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 4.59.39 PM

Friday, June 2 | Dirty 500

100 reps of the following; rest 3 minutes between activities:

Hang power snatch, 65#
Bent over row, 105#
Press, 70#
Back squat, 95#
Bench press, 75#

This nearly destroyed me.

I began by completing unbroken power snatches in sets of 20, 10, & 10 reps, and finished the round by always completing 5 reps at a time. As I approached the final sets I would rest briefly with the bar locked out overhead. I’m smart like that.

I began with about a dozen bent over rows but quickly began doing sets of 6, 5, and sometimes even just 4. Shit got heavy.

Presses after snatches? I don’t mind if I do. I began with about 10 unbroken reps if memory serves me correctly. I once again ensured that I completed than fewer than 5 unbroken reps, once again occasionally briefly rest with the bar locked out overhead. My arms were beginning to fatigue.

Perhaps the most challenging of the activities were the back squats. I was getting tired of cleaning and jerking the bar, so I attempted to rest with the bar on my back whenever possible. I nonetheless dropped the bar off my back on numerous times. I began with 25 unbroken reps and finished with 7. That speaks volumes.

Bench presses after power snatches and presses? I don’t mind if I do. I did, of course, use the rack for bench presses and also used clips on the bar. As 75# is just a little more than half my bodyweight I wasn’t concerned with having to drop plates if needed.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to complete 5 reps at a time as the round progressed, so my strategy was to lift to near failure, rack the bar, sit up, shake out my arms, rest, and proceed.

Reps 94 & 95. Rest briefly. Reps 96 & 97. Rest briefly. Just three more reps! I got greedy and convinced myself that I could finish with three unbroken reps. Ninety-eight, 99. I attempted to press out the very last rep and was unable to do so. Ha! And dammit. I rested the bar on my chest, rolled it to my hips, sat up, stood up, and re-racked the bar. And last rep was then surprisingly easy.

Time (minus 12 minutes) = 43:24

For the first time in as long as I can remember I woke up sore. Jeff made fun of me for continuously complaining about my sore quads and glutes. ‘Twas the back squats! Yes, my upper body was sore but not nearly as sore as my legs. WTF? I took Luke for a 3-mile walk, picked up Jeff from the airport, and then met my BBF and Danielle for an early lunch and a walk in downtown Hendersonville. Oh, and we also enjoyed a beer. Luke went with us, and I continue to be amazed and pleased with just what a well behaved dog he is. Everyone, of course, wants to love on him.

Uhm, if you’re a parent of an unsupervised toddler I will not allow your child to approach Luke. This continues to happen far too frequently. I know that if something were to happen that I would be blamed, you know, because of my dog and not because of your poor parental supervision.



Sunday, June 4 | Jump and Shuttle

I took Luke for a 5-mile walk/hike/run at Pisgah, went for a leisurely bike ride with Jeff, and then headed to Carrier Park for a workout. I knew I needed to work out some of the soreness in my legs; thus, I needed to run.

10, 20, 30 … 80, 90, 100 double unders
1, 2, 3 … 8, 9, 10 shuttle sprints (10m up and back = 1 rep)

I set up my station on a part of the trail that ends in a loop, knowing that not very many people would be traversing there. I was also in the shade, which was an added bonus. There was nonetheless a male/female couple seated on a bench behind me and three females seated on a bench in front of me. They all watched the entire workout. Ha!

I paced and marked the 10m distance (34 steps). I also touched the ground at the top and bottom of each shuttle sprint.

I completed unbroken dus rounds 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, & 70. I had to stop to allow passersby to, well, pass by during round of 60. I made it to 75 unbroken reps for round 80. Shuttle sprints were an enjoyable and welcome relief, as is to be expected.

That’s 550 double unders and .68 miles of shuttle sprints. Go ahead and try it. You know you want to.

Time = 9:38

Finisher (not for time):
Sprint 150m
Spring 150m backwards
Sprint jumping rope (singe unders) 150m
Sprint backwards jumping rope 150m

I broke four times when jumping rope and sprinting backwards, and I’ll mark that as a success.

Do I miss attending CrossFit sessions? In all honestly, no, I do not. Have I been watching any of the CrossFit Games regional competitions? No, I have not.


Is Trump a bully, an asshole, and an embarrassment? Yes, he is. I’ve never felt such contempt for another human being.

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