Two Hundred

Saturday, April 22 |Muddy Mess, Part 1

Damn Garmin Forerunner 25. I have tried everything to upload courses; alas, to no avail. And Garmin Help is anything but helpful.

I ran some of the trails at the Biltmore, and according to the 25, I ran about 4.5 miles. I’m certain that I ran more. By the way, what a wonderfully muddy mess!

Have I mentioned that I have no sense of direction? I have no sense of direction. Instead I rely upon visual or auditory cues, e.g., the interstate and the sound of the interstate. I don’t, however, pay attention to the location and/or path of the sun. I should really do that.

The hills, the hills, all of the hills, hills, hills, hills! Fortunately I love running both up and down all the hills, hills, hills, hills.

Monday, April 23 |Muddy Mess, Part 2

I rested Sunday, although Luke and I always go for 3 or 4 walks each and every day. I also purchased at TomTom Spark 3. ‘Twas supposed to rain all day Monday, but Luke and I headed to Bent Creek anyhow. As we were starting our run a biker commented, “Looks like we may get a break in the rain.” “Yes,” I replied, “but we’re going to get muddy anyway you look at it. And that’ll be fun!”

According to the TomTom, Luke and I ran almost 6 miles! It was relatively cool, although of course somewhat muggy. And very, very muddy! I don’t think I’ve smiled so much during a 6-mile run in my entire life, as Luke was quite comical. He’d trail behind me, I’d glance backwards and make eye contact, he’d run and catch up to and then often pass me, slow down, and trail behind me again. Ha! We encountered many dogs, and he was friendly to all. He’s such a marvelously wonderful dog. We both sincerely enjoyed running through the puddles. According to the TomTom, I averaged a slow 9:28 mpm. Given how treacherous the conditions were, I’m okay with this. Ragnar is this weekend, so I’m being somewhat cautious. I also burned more than 600 calories. That’s all?

Luke was out for the rest of the day.


Tuesday, April 24 |Muddy Mess, Part 3

Luke and I went for a 5-mile walk at the Biltmore. We stayed mostly on the the paved path, part of which was immersed in water. The French Broad River is raging!

As I knew he’d be tired and would nap, I immediately head to the NC Arboretum/Bent Creek for a bike ride. Yup, I was itching to ride. And what a fun 10-mile ride it was! I rode 5 miles out and back.

And the strangest thing happened, and it truly played with my mind. I knew I was on the correct trail, yet on the return I approached a dead tree that had fallen and blocked the path. I thought, “That wasn’t there 30 minutes ago. Am I on the wrong path? Have I gotten turned around once again?” I was convinced I was indeed on the correct path. ‘Twas then that I thought, “I wasn’t there when the tree fell, so I wonder if it made a sound.” Ah, the solitude of solo biking allows for existential moments such as this.

I didn’t fall off the bike a single time, although the back wheel did spin out of control a few times and I had to step off of the bike.

The ride lasted 1:07. It’s been fun to review my heart rate, as whilst riding downhill heart rate will get as low as 100 and whilst riding hard uphill heart rate will approach 160.


I do enjoy mountain biking, but I enjoy running more. Much, much more.

A 5-mile walk and a 10-mile bike ride. Yet I still wanted to work out. As both yesterday’s and today’s programmed WODs were too focused on legs, I decided to attend Open Gym and, well, do my own thing. Luke joined me! He got much attention. He nonetheless always kept me in his sight. Again, he’s such a good boy.

10 RFT
– 5 burpee plate presses (45#)
– 5 twisting burpee box jumps (27″)
– 5 burpee toes to bar
– 5 burpee pull-ups

I began well before the start of the 5:30 session and attempted to stay out of the way.

I took it easy, focusing on working at a nice, steady pace unit the last round.

Time: 37:49
Time of last round: 2:19

Proof that I didn’t push things unit the very last round. I kept a watchful eye on Luke, I moved equipment, I waited for people to get out of my freaking way, and I even coached a young man attempting bar muscle ups.

I ♥ burpees, even 200 burpees.

I was a sweaty mess nonetheless, and that’s exactly what I wanted. That, and an egg salad sandwich. And a beer.



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