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WED APRIL 12, 2017 | S2O

I set the alarm for 6 am. The alarm sounded. “Alexa, cancel alarm. Alexa, set alarm for 6:30 am.” The alarm sounded at 6:30. “Alexa, snooze.” Nine minutes later: “Alexa, snooze.” Nine minutes later: “Alexa, snooze.” Nine minutes later: “Alexa, turn off alarm.”

And I slept until 7:40. I could’ve still easily attended the session at 9, but, well, I didn’t want to. Why, you ask? More freaking shoulder to overhead! I’m truly concerned that I’m going to get injured, so I have to constantly remind myself to scale the shit out of most everything.

I took Luke for a 2-hour walk at The Biltmore where we continue to discover new paths to explore! I also listened to Radiolab podcasts “Lose Lose” and “The Girl Who Didn’t Exist.” I recommend that you do the same. Oh, yesterday I listened to the first 2 Nancy podcasts. If you’re LGBT (or LGBT-friendly) I suggest that you subscribe.

After the walk I visited Hole Donuts and quickly consumed 2 moist (I love that word) and delicious donuts.

Anyhow, I kinda sorta forced myself to attend the well-attended noon session. There were 10 males and 4 females present, and the space very quickly got tight. (There were at least 6 people who showed up after the session had begun, 1 of them arriving at 12:10.)

Coach Amber led the session. The warmup consisted of 3 rounds of 2 minutes of rowing, 5 pull-ups, 5 ring dips, and 2 wall walks. Yup, felt like a mini metcon. I kept thinking, “Good thing we’re not rowing or doing muscle ups later. Wait, what?”

Strength/Skill Development
A: Shoulder Press (10min to find 1RM)

B: Push Press (10min to find 1RM)

Coach Amber reviewed movement standards. Yay! I set up my rack and barbell and began to warm up. The clock began and I completed a few reps @ a mere 75#. As I was getting more plates I noticed a group of 4 men at one station, with one of the men struggling with a rep @ 95#. Uhm, we were just 2 minutes into the 10 minutes of pressing. I said, “I’m working by myself. As it looks like we’ll be doing similar weights, would you like to join me?” He said, “Yes, I’m Cory.” He then informed me that he had only been CrossFitting for 6 weeks, and he was sick 2 of those week. In addition, he had not yet completed presses or push presses.

Yup, I provided much (and much needed) coaching. I made sure to ask both his and Coach Amber’s permission. (As an aside, I heard much shitty “coaching” by other athletes. If you want to provide coaching, make sure it’s specific to the movement. For example, “Ensure that the bar is resting on your shoulders. Take a deep breath, lock your knees, squeeze your butt, and aggressively push the bar upward. As soon as the bar passes the top of your head, push your head through slightly. Lock at your elbows at the top of the lift and ensure that your feet are in line with your knees, hips, and shoulders.”) Cory was very appreciative of the coaching provided. Uhm, and I enjoyed coaching. I’ll just leave that right there.

I surprised myself by completing rep @ 120#, just 15# shy of PR. And, I almost pressed 125#. I surprised myself once again by push pressing 145# (yup, that’s a few pounds more than my body weight), just 15# shy of PR. And, I almost push pressed 150#

Big Wind Day (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

50 Cal Row
40 Deadlift 155/105#
30 T2B
20 STO 155/105#
10 Ring Muscle Ups

There was no freaking way that I was going to press, push press, power jerk, and/or split jerk 155# today. Uhm, it took almost 3 and a half minutes to power clean & jerk 30 reps @ 95# just 2 days ago. I settled on the women’s prescribed weight, 105#.

Mado was on the rower to my immediate left, and as the rowing began she said, “You’re rowing a calorie per stroke.” Yup, although I did end up rowing 55 strokes. I then completed 40 unbroken deadlifts. I know, 105# is light for deadlifts, but go ahead and complete 40 fast and unbroken reps at that weight and see if that shit doesn’t get heavy. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Shit got heavy, didn’t it?!

I completed 10 unbroken T2B and was completing singles by the last 7. My shoulders were on fire.

And then shoulder to overhead. I power cleaned & jerked the 1st rep and then completed an additional 10 reps for a total of 11. I completed the remaining reps in 3 sets.

And then muscle ups. Did I mention that my arms and shoulders were already achingly tired? I had 3 minutes to complete 10 muscle ups but was only able to complete 5 singles. Gah!

I nonetheless enjoyed myself, and I’m bound and determined to have fun when I work out.

Read “About” me. I’ll wait.

Yup, I don’t just blog about running, CrossFit, and dog walking.

Three NC Republicans filed a bill declaring all same-sex marriages “null and void.”

In the immortal words of Shakespeare, “The lady doth protest too much.” In other words, I’d like to see their browser history, as it’s likely to include searches for what might be deemed “immoral” activities. Assholes. Yes, I know it’s just a stunt to solidify their already homophobic base, but still: assholes. There are times when I’m embarrassed to live in NC.

It’s all a distraction, folks. Pay attention!

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