Afterschool Special

It appears that I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging. Uhm, given that I’m not working out as much this should be expected.

I’ll try not to bitch or whine. Promise. I promise that I’ll try.

THU MARCH 23, 2017

I planned on working out at 6:30, then 7:30, then 8:30, and then noon. And I just couldn’t make myself go. I did, however, keep myself busy by taking Luke for a very long walk, cleaning, and organizing. But not working out. I was finally able to talk myself into attending the very last session of the day, the 5:30 session.

There were four very young men and one woman (Amy) also present. And one of the young men was just plain rude, as he belched loudly and repeatedly and not once did he excuse himself. It annoyed the f@ck out of me. It was also quite embarrassing, as a husband and wife were in attendance to observe the session.

In addition, it was noted on more than one occasion that I was much older than all of those in attendance. No, I didn’t feel old. Not sure why it was even worth mentioning.

Strength/Skill Development

Jefferson Deadlift (5 x 5)

I worked up to a set of 5 @ 300#, my goal, and completed 3 reps @ 315#. I am much stronger when my left, dominant leg is forward and my left, dominant hand is in overhand grip.

For Time:
Deadlift 225#
10 to 1
Handstand Pushup
1 to 10

One other male attempted the workout as prescribed. Yup, that’d be the belcher. He also stripped down to his shorts. Oh, I forgot to mention that he didn’t wear shoes or socks. Disgusting.

Ten deadlifts and one handstand pushup, nine deadlifts and two handstand pushups, etc., ending with 1 deadlift and 10 handstand pushups. I haven’t completed that many handstand pushups in months, and I was a little concerned as the metcon began. I completed the round through six in strict reps, and then began kipping, ensuring that I didn’t put too much pressure on my neck.

Time = 14:29

I shan’t ever attend a 5:30 session again.

Want to know if I finished faster than the belcher? Yes. Much faster. But I’m old.


FRI MARCH 24, 2017

Double Unders Skill Practice
-30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 4 minutes

As the final event of the CFG Open includes double unders, the workout was changed to allow for practice. Not instruction or a tutorial, just practice. Not what to do, but some of what not to do. I’ll leave it at that.

Strength/Skill Development

Romanian Deadlift (4 x 6)

Uhm, deadlifts two days in a row. Why, I ask? I was paired with a very chatty visitor. I completed final set @ 195#, if memory serves me.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15min
-10 Turkish Get-Ups 53/35#
-15 V-Ups
-400m Run 

I warmed up to 53# KB but just wasn’t feeling it once the metcon began. I did a few reps with 44# KB and then decided to f@ck it and just use 35# KB. I was able to then complete reps very quickly. I completed all V-Ups in unbroken reps and, well, I ran fast, completing 2 rounds + 24 reps.

As Jeff was in town, we took Luke for a very long walk Saturday.

SUN MARCH 26, 2017

It was a nice, warm morning, so I headed to the Arboretum to explore some new roads. Yup, I stayed on the gravel roads and didn’t run any single trails. I love the Arboretum, and the views are just stunning. I ran up and back four for a total of eight miles, running the last, downhill mile in 5:49—and that included a dead stop to open, go through, and close a gate. It was an awesome run, and I’m feeling more and more prepared for Ragnar.

MON MARCH 27, 2017

Strength/Skill Development
Paused Front Squat (Build to heavy triple. )

(3 second eccentric/3 second pause in bottom/”x” stand from
pause /1 second at top)

I set a goal to complete the reps AS PRESCRIBED at bodyweight. I was able to do a little better than that, completing a set at 155#.

Uhm, I witnessed many athletes not completing as prescribed, and particularly not holding bottom of the squat for a count of one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand. Uhm, I even witnessed a male holding the bottom of the squat for all six reps for perhaps a second. But, hey, at least the weight was heavy, right?

Metcon (Time)

For Time:
9 – 7 – 5
-Squat Cleans (165/115)
-Ring Muscle Ups

I overhead the coach telling an athlete that the programmed weights are based upon what the elite athletes at the box are able to do, and “everyone else can scale.” Well, okay then. I warmed up FULL squat clean and settled on 125#. In retrospect I probably should’ve lifted at least 135#.

On a much more positive note, I was able to complete a muscle up on my very first attempt, and I haven’t done muscle ups in about a half a year! I even did a few strict reps.

I dropped each of the FULL squat cleans from the top but worked at a consistent rate. I noticed a male athlete completing the first round as power cleans. I minded my own business and didn’t say a word.

I began with six unbroken muscle ups! I was then usually able to string two or three reps together. I did, however, complete the last set as 2, 1, 1, & 1. Ha!

Time = 11:22

TUE MARCH 28, 2017

Uhm, overhead squats were programmed, 60 of them to be exact. Uhm, I had enough squatting with Monday’s front squats and full squat cleans. I decided to go for a run instead.

For an added challenge, I wore a 20# weight vest. I ran from the house to Carrier Park, did a loop and ran to the dog park and back for a total of 4 miles. My goal was to run at 8 mpm pace and I averaged a 7:59 mpm pace.

I almost forgot to mention that I weighed myself just before starting the run. Keep in mind that I had been awake for hours and had eaten both breakfast and lunch. I weigh 140#.

I don’t want to weigh much more than that, as that run was a struggle. For reals.

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