17.05 |Haywood | OHS


Luke after spending time at the dog park. We both love Asheville!

February 25, 2017 | CrossFit Games Open 17.1

I know I frequently say this, but I truly had no intention of working out let alone completing a scaled version of 17.1. It was Jeff’s first visit to CrossFit Asheville and, whilst I saw quite a few folks suffer through the workout, it looked like too much fun to, well, not attempt.

I warmed up to a 35# dumbbell and then it happened: my human’s intuition said, “Set your ego aside and scale the shit out of this.” And that’s what I did. As the prescribed weight for the DBs for male masters 55+ was 20#, that’s the weight I settled upon.

I’m smart like that.

CrossFit Games Open 17.05 (see what I did there?)
10 DB power snatches (alternating arm)
15 burpee box jump overs (20″)
20 DB power snatches
15 burpee box jump overs (20″)
30 DB power snatches
15 burpee box jump overs (20″)
40 DB power snatches
15 burpee box jump overs (20″)
50 DB power snatches
15 burpee box jump overs (20″)

The weight of the DB was light so I set a goal to complete all rounds of PS and burpee box jump overs unbroken. As it’s my weakest arm, I always began with the right. Having just judged Jeff, I kind of knew what to expect and determined my strategy: steady pace for PS and a twisting jump off the box to set up next burpee box jump over. So that I wouldn’t be distracted by others (some of them shirtless), I turned my back to everyone whilst completing PS.

Most importantly, I did not muscle snatch, as I witnessed so many people do. Uhm, just because the Games competitors do so doesn’t make it right. (I’ve heard far too many people complaining of lower back pain, and I say this: you only have yourself to blame.)

Just before the clock counted down Jeff said, “You’re going to do this in about 14 minutes.” I laughed.

I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, and the DB snatches actually felt light. That was a very good sign that I’m well on my way to recovery!

I did keep a steady pace throughout, sticking with my strategy. I did, however, complete the very last five reps as quickly as I could. Just because.

Time = 14:22

Jeff knows me pretty well. After over 23 years of marriage he should.

Sunday, February 26, 2017 | Up Haywood

Having not yet settled on running routes, I decided to just, you know, go for a run. I set a goal to run average of 8 mpm pace, as I knew that no matter where I ran that it would include single trails and hills. Lots of hills.

I ran down 5th Ave., took right on Michigan, left on State, left at entrance of Carrier Park and then ran past the dog park to the single trail by the river. I got on the paved greenway and ran past New Belgium Brewing, even running a little on the road until I hit the 3-mile mark. I turned around, running past New Belgium Brewing once again, but this time took a right on and up Haywood.

Uphill. For a long time. I took a left on Michigan and than a right on 5th Ave., stopping at the 5-mile mark just as I crested the hill before our driveway. I averaged 7:58 mpm. My slowest mile was running up Haywood. Imagine that! Running felt great. Doesn’t it almost always? Yay, running! And burpees.

Monday, February 27, 2016 | BS & OHS

I mistakenly thought there was a 7 session this morning, and planned on attending. There was a session at 5 and 6, but not at 7. Oh, well, Luke always enjoys an early morning walk! I had plenty of time to pack my gym bag and walk to the box.

Strength/Skill Development
Back Squat (5 x 5)

1st set at 80%, building if capable

Given that this is the first time I’ve back squatted in 14 weeks, I wasn’t going to lift 80% of 5RM, regardless.

Mark led the session and Marissa was also there. Both offered praise and coaching.

I completed 5 sets @ 155#. Lifts did feel good, so I’ll consider it a success.

Metcon (Time)
700 m Run

30 – 20 – 10
OHS (95/65)

700 m Run

OHS: 35 – 40% of 1rm

Overhead squats. Gah! I warmed up with barbell, then completed a few reps at 75#. I thought, “If you’re not going to complete as prescribed, choose a weight that will allow you to complete the work without risk of injury.” I settled on 65#.

I’m smart like that. (It’s worth repeating. Endlessly repeating.)

Whilst I wasn’t the first person out the door at the call of “Go,” I took the lead within about 10m. Someone said, “Look at him go!” “It’s the one thing I’m good at,” I replied. I ran around the block (hills!) in about 3:40. Not blazingly fast, but also not a flat course.

I completed 30 OHS without dropping the bar, although I did occasionally rest with the bar locked out overhead. My ability to string a large number of pull-ups together seems to have disappeared, as the most I was able to complete unbroken was a mere 15 at the start. Patience, Paul. I completed the round of 20 OHS in sets of 10, and the last round unbroken. I worked though the pull-ups, the entire time looking forward to the run.

Time = 15:32

A few asides:

  • For the most part, I like the music at CFA. I didn’t like, however, when they skipped Adele’s song. That’s just wrong on so many levels.
  • I’m already feeling quite at home at CFA. I’m not sure that everyone gets my sense of humor. Time will tell.
  • I don’t miss coaching. Yet. I have ensured that I have participated as an athlete only, and haven’t offered a single coaching remark.
  • Marissa mentioned that dogs are welcome at the box. I’m going to take Luke to the Open announcement this Thursday night.
  • The house is looking beautiful! The only thing missing is the couches.
  • Two more corporate training opportunities are in the pipeline. I may be a very business man in the very near future.
  • Uhm, it appears that I’m more of a morning person than most people.
  • Sayeth Jeff, “I can’t wait to they see what a great coach you are.”


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