Experimental, Pisgah, & Arboretum

I. Love. West Asheville! I’ve lived here just a week and it already feels very much like home.

Sunday, February 12 | Bent Creek Experimental Forest

I purchased a membership to the NC Arboretum. Gmaps didn’t quite get me there… When in Rome, follow where everyone else is going. This led me to a trailhead, and the parking lot was packed! I decided to run out and back 30 minutes. Uhm, I can’t find the charger for my Forerunner. Dammit. I paid close attention to the trails, and for the most part I managed to find my way. At the very least I knew the location of and direction to the trailhead.

The trails are awesome, with quite a few steep inclines and a few technical trails. I had a freaking blast! How many miles did I run? I’d estimate between 7 and 8.

Monday, February 13 | CrossFit Pisgah

I arrived early for the 8 am session, and I’m glad that I did, as this allowed me time to meet a few of the friendly people and to warm up. TJ (if I recall his name correctly) led the session. I spent much time talking with member (and I think also coach) Doug.

Speaking of the warmup, it consisted of 2 rounds of 10 calorie row, 10 push presses (45#), 10 bent over rows, 10 front squats, and 10 ring rows. I won’t say that I hate this type of warmup; I’ll merely say that I dislike this type of warmup. I dislike this type of warmup exceedingly.

It’s evidently deload week, and strength consisted of a mere 2 reps of power snatches at 60, 65, & 70% of 1RM. I completed 5 reps @ 65, 75, & 85#. Power snatches felt good, although I was very cautious (as I should be).

1000m row
50 thrusters (45#)
30 pull-ups

Uhm, I hate rowing almost as much as I hate thrusters. I told myself to not go all out and, well, I didn’t go all out. Winning.

I rowed 1000m in under 4 minutes, completed thrusters in reps of as many as 20 and as few as 10, and completed pull-ups in reps of 10, 10, 4, 2, 2, 1, & 1.

Time = 8:28

That’s not a PR. And I’m proud of that! I was the first in the group to finish, not that anyone was paying attention. Ha!

I also visited Jus’ Running, the local running store. Everyone was very friendly, and when they noticed Luke sitting in the driver’s seat of the Renegade they invited him inside. He had his gait analyzed on the treadmill. He practicing POSE running. Apple, tree.


February 14 | NC Arboretum

I set the alarm for 6 to attend an early CrossFit session at another of the local boxes. I was wide awake at 5:30 but, well, didn’t feel like CrossFitting. So I didn’t. The hills were calling me!

As Jeff and I have visited in the past, I went on memory instead of Gmaps and easily found the entrance. I began on Steep Hill trail. That’s not a misnomer. I then took a side trail that followed the Blue Ridge Parkway and, if memory serves, is included in Shut In race that I ran years ago. I ran uphill for 26 minutes and 30 seconds. Yup, it took that long to reach the peak of the hill. I turned around at the 30-minute mark. It took me 19 minutes to run back to the start/finish. That’s 11 minutes faster! Yes, I’m a very proficient downhill runner, but the time it took to run uphill versus downhill should clearly indicate the steepness of the course.

I smiled almost the entire time, often looking to my left and right. And what did I see? Hills to my left and hills to my right! Have I mentioned how much I love Asheville?

It also looks like three consulting engagements are lining up nicely. Details to follow.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I miss my valentine. Luke, Meg, and Zac have been especially affection. It’s like they know.


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