5th Avenue

The move to Asheville has been a success, but I sure do miss Jeff. He was home all of 15 hours, and many of those were spent asleep. This has, however, left all of the unpacking to me. Gah! I’ve made a sizable dent, and all rooms but the spare bedroom are livable.

Luke and I have spent much time exploring the neighborhood, and I love it! West Asheville is certainly progressive and eclectic. It’s obvious that there are no homeowner associations. The only issue I have so far is that folks allow their dogs to remain outside and bark incessantly. And late into the night. I hope it’s something that I’ll acclimate to. Fortunately, our home is quite soundproof.

Meg and Zac are adjusting quite well. Home is where the heart is, and they are very well loved. Whilst there’s 1K less square feet in this home, there’s still plenty of room to roam and play.

The neighbors that I’ve met have all been very friendly, approachable, and welcoming, and I haven’t paused a moment to say “My husband.” I certainly paused frequently in Apex. I most certianly don’t miss our old neighborhood.

Oh, this blog is about CrossFit and exercise. Well, okay then. I’ve run quite a few days and as far as 6 miles at a time. All runs have begun from our driveway. As it’s Asheville, all runs have included hills. Steep hills. Carrier Park is just a half-mile away, and the dog park is about a mile away. Luke has enjoyed our forays!

I contacted three of the local CrossFits and heard back from two of them. I considered going today but, well, both had partner WODs programmed. I’m not a fan of partner WODs in general and even less so when I know I’ll be partnered with a stranger. Remember, I’m 50/50 introvert and extrovert. I programmed my own workout.

5 X 25m sprint downhill & 25m sprint uphill 
10 burpees
15 Russian KB swings (35#)
20 air squats

As I’m still recovering from ACDF surgery, I’m still taking it easy on my upper body. I set up a large piece of cardboard and placed and end of our gravel driveway for burpees.

This was fun and surprisingly difficult. The hill in front of our house is very steep, and running consumed most of the time. I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, working at a very consistent pace.

Time = 22:53

That’s more than 1200m run, 50 burpees, 75 KB swings, and 100 air squats.

I’m planning on going for a long trail run at the NC Arboretum tomorrow. Yay!


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