Rowing AND Double Unders


Dianne, Iris, and Einar joined me for a trail run at Lake Harris Park. Uhm, as I wanted to get in mileage I arrived early and ran the loop twice, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. I’d much rather run the course counterclockwise.

As I knew I was going to be running another 4.9 mi, I didn’t run all that hard the first time around.

Time = 40:20 
Pace = 8:13 mpm

I changed shirts, described course and provided guidelines, e.g., don’t look down at feet, stay constantly focused, etc., and we were off.

Einar took the lead, I followed him, and Dianne and Iris we not too far behind. I did stop on occasion to ensure that everyone remained on the course. Once we got to the single trails, however, I ran on my own. Dianne said, “You and Einar can now run together.” “I’m going to drop him like a bag of dirt,” I replied. Ha! I did. (Great job, Einar!)

Whilst I did run a minute slower than the last time I ran the course in this direction, I did run the first mile at a much slower pace. That meant that I ran the remaining miles at a much faster pace!

Time = 38:36
Pace = 7:50 mpm

I arrived at the start/finish to wait for my friends. I also posted a few pictures and jokingly said that I was going to order a pizza and eat a few slices.


I wore New Balance trail shoes. Whilst removing socks I noticed that the little piggy on the left foot that had eaten roast beef had bled! No damage to toenail. I hadn’t noticed any pain. Again, I have an exceedingly high tolerance for pain.


Metcon (Time)

3 rope climbs
Run 400 metersUse a 15-ft. rope, and each round perform one of the 3 climbs without assistance from your legs.

I was able to complete rope climbs! Even legless rope climbs! Surgery is a week from Friday, so I’ll enjoy it whilst I can.

This was a very tough workout, and even the running felt laborious (due to running just 15 hours earlier). I rested when needed. I’m smart like that.

It was cold! I lost all sensation in my hands during the first 400m run and my hands didn’t warm until later in the day. Attempting to climb a rope whilst not being able to feel your hands is a surreal experience.


Time = 17:49


Deadlift (10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10)
Enter weight of heaviest rep
Metcon (Weight)

Enter total weight lifted

My legs are still tired.

10 @ 275
5 @ 305
3 @ 315
1 @ 325
1 @ 330
1 @ 325
1 @ 320
3 @ 275
5 @ 265
10 @ 225

I started heavy and then listened to my body; thus, my heaviest single was my very first single. Could I have gone heavier? Perhaps. Would I failed a lift? Perhaps. Better safe than sorry.


Metcon (Time)

Walking overhead lunges* (45)
Burpee box jumps** (27)

* L + R = 1 rep
** place plate on box

More lunges! Yay! Who comes up with this shit?!

Did I mention that my legs are tired?  Both the lunges and the box jumps were laborious. I did, however, complete all rounds in unbroken reps, although I really wanted to rest during last round of 10 lunges.

Time = 7:49


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 40 minutes of:
Row 500 meters
100 double unders

For consistency, each meter = 1 rep

I rested Wednesday. I am truly distraught by the outcome of the presidential election. I fear for what may happen to all of our unalienable rights. Could it be that my marriage is invalidated? It saddens me that the strongest voice was by those who encourage racism and sexism. Going on…

As I coached at 6, I invited folks to join me at 7. Only Darren took me up on the offer. It was nice to have company, although I wasn’t much aware of him as I was rowing or jumping.

I truly enjoy endurance workouts, and this workout took stamina. (That word will forever remind me of our should-be-president Hilary.)

My strategy was to focus on strokes per minute whilst rowing, to count the number of strokes it took me to row 500m the first round and then try to match that number the remaining rounds, and to complete double unders until I missed a rep, but not rest until I hit marks of 25, 50, 75, and 100. In other words, if I had completed 48 reps and failed 49th, I repositioned jump rope and immediately begin completing reps past 50 and until failure. I usually completed 100 reps in 3 rounds, often completing more than 50 at the start.

The first round of double unders, however, was a big hot mess. I hadn’t warmed up efficiently. Is this a lesson that I’ll ever learn? Remaining rounds went much better, and I was able to complete as many as 75 unbroken reps but never less than 20. Yay!

Round | Time | Strokes/Minute | Pulls
1 | 2:07 | 21 | 39
2 | 2:07 | 2o | 39
3 | 2:06 | 19 | 38
4 | 2:05 | 19 | 38
5 | 2:03 | 19 | 38
6 | 2:04 | 19 | 37
7 | 2:07 | 19 | 37
8 | 2:05 | 19 | 37
9 | 2:05 | 19 | 37
10 | 1:43 | 23 | (Final 411 m)

I looked at monitor for feedback, focusing on roundness of power output curve as well as strokes/minute. I also focused on pulling only when hips were open. This worked, and I am quite pleased with the consistency of rowing.

Score = 9 rounds + 411 reps

That’s 900 double unders and almost a 5K row.

Marni had arrived at the box to lead Foundations and she was kind enough to take a few pictures. Luke, as always, was close by.


I met Darren and Heather at (you guessed it) Harris Lake Park for a 4.9-mile trail run. What a beautiful day for a run! Uhm, my legs were still a bit tired from this morning’s rowing and jumping, but I nonetheless managed a time of 39:16 (8 mpm pace).

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