Opening It Up


I coached the 9:30 session, observed CrossFit Kids (Coach Nick is an excellent instructor), went shopping at lululemon, shared a delightful lunch with the in-laws, went shopping at Bull City Running (best speciality running shoe store in the Triangle), and then went for a delightful trail run at Lake Harris Park. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, as I ran just yesterday, but today’s run was marvelous. Yes, I said “marvelous.”

I wore new NB shorts and NB shoes. A shirt, socks, watch, and glasses, too, if you were curious.

I ran counterclockwise for a change of pace, and it seemed to change my pace. (See what I did there?) I ran the course in just over 40 minutes a few days ago and ran it today in 37:30. Again, the Garmin Forerunner was off, but it still clocked mile 4 at 8:10. This is likely because I focused on running fast and hard whenever the trail was straight, i.e., no sharp turns or switchbacks.

I’ve fallen in love with running. Again.


As it’s Halloween (my least favorite holiday) I dressed as a unicorn.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-min AMRAP
100 double unders
100-ft. walking lunge

I’ve programmed a week of main site WODs. I thought this was going to be a hell of a lot easier than it turned out to be. I worked out at 6 am with my nemesis/muse/favorite, Jaclyn, as Coach Nick skillfully led the session.

I worked out near the front of the box whilst Jaclyn worked out near the garage door. She kept her eyes on me during the first round and then when it was obvious that I was crushing her like a tiny little bug, well, her eyes were downcast. Ha!

I began with a long string of double unders. I thought, “If you make it to 100 keep going and go for a PR!” It was at the very moment that I thought that that I missed the 93rd rep. Dammit. Still, 93 unbroken double unders is something to write home about. Double unders continued to go well, and I began each round with a string of at least 50 and even completed 75 unbroken reps the 6th round. Yay!

I cleared a lane under the pull-up rig for lunges. Luke often walked by my side and a few times even insisted that I play pull toy. Uhm, this made lunges a little more difficult but I nonetheless completed all rounds without stopping, i.e., I’d lunge 50′, quickly turn around, and then lunge another 50′. I kept reminding myself to swing my leg like a pendulum, and this worked very well.

Whilst the first round took me 2 minutes I wasn’t able to keep up the pace.

Score = 8 rounds + 100 reps

That’s 900 double unders and 800′ of walking lunges.


TUE NOVEMBER 01, 2016 | 10 RFT

Metcon (Time)

10 RFT
7  sumo deadlift high pulls (95)
7 front squats

Day two of main site WODs! As I had to drop off Luke for his pre-surgery appointment I wasn’t able to work out at 9:30. Whilst I generally prefer working out with a group, I nonetheless worked out before coaching the 4 pm session.

I didn’t warm up as thoroughly as I should have, as I was pressed for time. I did warm up all of the lifts with the barbell and then at 75#.

I knew that I’ve to be strategic, so I determined that I’d complete all activities in unbroken reps. I would, however, rest as needed between activities.

This was tough. I thought the SDHP would be the easiest of the activities but the FS turned out to be. Given my shoulder issues, I knew that the push jerks were going to be a challenge, but was surprised and delighted that I was able to string together without dropping the bar. Until the very last round, that is. Mind over matter? Nope, body over mind. I had completed 4 reps when my body said “drop the bar.”

I did, however, complete all rounds of SDHP and FS and the first 6 rounds of PJ in unbroken reps. I kept a watchful eye on the clock and recording time it read when I completed a round. Keep in mind that I often rested before beginning the next round.

1 | :56 (0:56)
2 | 2:27 (1:31)
3 | 4:06 (1:39)
4 | 5:52 (1:46)
5 | 7:39 ( 1:47)
6 | 9:24 (1:45)
7 | 11:09 (1:45)
8 | 12:57 (1:48)
9 | 14:48 (1:51)
10 | 16:38 (1:50)

I’m pleased with my consistency.

Luke’s knee surgery is tomorrow, and I’m a nervous wreck. Don’t even consider hugging me as I’ll likely break down. Okay? Okay.


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