I am happy to report that, whilst certainly not completely healed, my left shoulder and arm are feeling better. I wasn’t dreading the bench press, although I knew that a 1RM was not to be had.
Bench Press 

Take up to 25 minutes to establish 1RM

Beginning at a mere 65# and adding 5# at a time, I worked up to 120# — and was delighted that I was able to do so! I wasn’t able to even bench press 85 pounds just 2 weeks ago. I was also able to keep both my buttocks and left shoulder on the bench. Small steps.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Rounds for Reps
Work 30 seconds; rest 30 seconds
3 pull-ups
3 deadlifts (185)

Continue round where you left off last round, i.e., complete 3 pull-ups and 3 deadlifts in that order throughout workout.

This was a tremendous amount of fun! I worked very steadily throughout, even picking up my pace (reps per round) as the workout progressed. For example, I completed 15 reps the first 2 rounds and then increased by 1 and as many as 3 reps subsequent round. I was, of course, able to complete more pull-ups then deadlifts. I completed all rounds of deadlifts in unbroken reps and all but the last round of pull-ups in unbroken reps. My hands had gotten very slippery and I slid off the bar ofter the second rep.

I completed 26 rounds + 4 reps for a total of 160 reps; that’s 81 pull-ups and 79 deadlifts in an accumulated time of 5 minutes. Don’t try this at home.

WED AUGUST 03, 2016 | 10 ROUNDS

Metcon (Time)
10 Rounds Of:
11 barbell facing burpees
9 windshield wipers/toes to bar/Abmat sit-ups
7 power cleans (115/95/65 and 83/63/45)
Rest 30 seconds between rounds

Rx+ = windshield wipers and 115/83 PCs
Rx = toes to bar and 95/63 PCs
Scaled = Abmat sit-ups and 65/45 PCs

My friend Beth had posted a similar WOD (no windshield wipers) and challenged her friends to complete.

Rx+ for me, bitches!

This was tough, and by the end of the 5th round I was ready for the workout to be over. That’s very unlike me. ‘Twas also hot and humid in the box and, as there were many in attendance, I wasn’t anywhere near a powerful fan.

I’m currently puppysitting both Stevie and Lucky and was concerned that they’d get in the way of others. I should’ve known that the three of them would be as close to me as they could possibly be. Yup, not all of my barbell facing burpees were perfectly aligned as at different times during the workout I had to complete a burpee with Luke, Lucky, and Stevie in my way. They at least took turns!

My goal was 25 minutes and unbroken windshield wipers. I surprised myself in both a bad and a good way. Read on.

I started off strong, finishing the first round in 1:27, the second round in 1:30, and the third round in 1:32. Uhm, the fourth round took me 1:42 to complete, and it was the burpees that were slowing me down! Thirty seconds of rest between rounds was barely enough time to regroup, get a drink of water, and on occasion pour some water on my head. I completed rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 in 1:48, 2:00, 2:00, 2:10, & 2:27 (my slowest round), respectively. I redeemed myself somewhat by completing the last round in 1:58.

Yup, the burpees slowed me down, and that was the bad part. The good part was that I usually transitioned quickly to windshield wipers and completed all 10 rounds in unbroken reps.

I faltered at the start of the power cleans in that I did the first set one rep at a time, dropping the bar from the top. Why? Because I doubted my strength and technique.

I completed rounds 2 through 8 in fast unbroken reps. Yay! I was getting tired by round 9 and broke the set into reps of 2, 3, 1, & 1. Uhm, the last 2 reps were singles because I failed the final rep. Dammit.

I truly surprised myself by completing the final round of power cleans in unbroken reps.

Time = 23:04

Yup, I achieved my time goal.

Alex (female) also worked out at 9:30 and afterwards said, “I tired to catch you but I couldn’t!” “I wasn’t even aware that we there,” I replied. “Yeah, right,” said Alex.

I truly wasn’t aware of anyone. I was, however, keenly aware of the dogs.

Wendy said, “It’s hot today” “Yes,” I replied, “I haven’t been this hot and sweaty since my honeymoon. In Alaska.”

The dogs provided post-WOD kisses.


Kaidyn & Kelly!


No snatch for me. Dammit. But I did purchase new shirts!


Metcon (Time)
With a Partner
Team completes 50 reps of the following activities:
Box jumps (24/20)
Jumping pull-ups
KB swings (35/26)
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push presses (45/33)
Back extensions
Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Double unders

PRIOR to start of metcon, partners must decide if they are going to take turns completing 5, 10, or 25 reps/turn. You MAY NOT complete more or fewer reps than decided upon once the metcon begins.

Coach Deborah lead the session. I was paired with Coach Marni’s daughter, Kaidyn, and it was an absolute delight to work out with her! Before the start of the metcon I said, “Most people think that I’d be a dick to work out with for a partner WOD, but I’m truly not. You go at your pace. I’ll encourage you, particularly during transitions.”

Kaidyn and I decided to do 5 reps at a time, and my goal was to complete all sets of 5 in unbroken reps. Not a lofty goal, I know. I began, and we easily completed box jumps, pull-ups, and KB swings. Kaidyn slowed down a little with knees to elbows, but she nonetheless worked steadily. Push press and back extensions went well. Kaidyn was getting tired during wall ball shots and burpees, and at one time Coach Deborah said “Rest when needed. Catch your breath.” I smiled and said, “Don’t tell her that, Deborah! Ha!”

We finished with double unders, although Kaidyn completed single unders.

Time = 15:28

Yup, slower than my Filthy Fifty time, but a helluva lot more fun! Jeff and I traveled to Wilmington that evening and joined his friends for drinks and dinner. The restaurant only served beer in cans. How lowbrow!

SAT JULY 30, 2016 | KELLY!

I got up very early and took Luke for a 4+ mile hourlong walk. And it was hot. As Jeff and I were visiting Wilmington to attend his 3o-year high school reunion, Coach Nick W. graciously allowed us to attend the Saturday session at CrossFit Inside Out.

Uhm, I was dismayed that folks talked as Coach Brandon was attempting to lead us through a warmup and explain the workout. It was LOUD, and I was tempted to yell at people and tell them to show the coach some respect.

Our friend (and member of CFIO), Kelly, attended the session with us, and, as there were so many people in attendance, the partner WOD became a 3-person team WOD. Yay!

Part A
Run 2600m
Two members must run at the same time

Yup, I ran the entire time, often running ahead of Jeff and Kelly so as to get a short break before running again.

After the start and my taking the lead I do recall hearing someone say, “Well, I called it. I knew he’d run fast.”

During one of the 4oom runs (200m out and back) one of the men decided to race me. I heard them approaching and allowed them to catch up to me at the turnaround. And then I dropped them like a bag of dirt. Ha!

Time = 11:28

We were the second team to finish (behind and all male team) and thus completed Part B as programmed.

Part B
Row 90 calories
70 KB swings (50/35)
50 OHS (95/65)
3o HSPUs
10 bear complex 

I shan’t comment on any observations but instead shall alone discuss the performance of our team. Okay, I’ll say this: if you sub front squats for overhead squats than the workout is not completed as prescribed. And your team shouldn’t take first place. Done.

I began and rowed 15 calories, as did Kelly and Jeff. If memory serves me, we each rowed two more times, and I finished my turn with a 10-calorie row. Jeff was first on the swings and completed 15 reps, as did I. I completed an additional 1o when it was once again my turn.

I had told Jeff and Kelly that they would be responsible for OHS, and, whilst I did attempt one rep, the two of them completed all 50 reps. Thanks, you two!

I began with HSPUs and was happily able to complete. Yay! It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to do so. We took turns completing five reps.

We took turns completing one rep of bear complex at a time. I began by completing power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, and behind the neck press. Uhm, as everyone else was completing a thruster and a back squat with a behind the neck push press, that’s what we began doing as well.

Time = 13:18

I enjoyed working out with Kelly and Jeff, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast afterwards.


MON AUG 1, 2016 | 4/5 SHAWN

Hero WOD “Shawn”
For time:
Run 5 4 miles 

Run in 5-minute intervals, stopping after each to perform 50 squats and 50 push-ups before beginning the next 5-minute run interval. 

I needed to complete an endurance workout, and I needed to be outside. I coached 7 and 8:30 sessions, took Luke & Stevie for a long walk, coached the 11:45 session, and then immediately headed for the American Tobacco Trail.

I made both nutrition and hydration mistakes today. I started the workout at 1, having eaten only a small Paelo kit and a bowl or raisin bran with cashew milk. Not enough food! Whilst I had prepared a water bottle to carry with me I mistakenly left in the Jeep. Dammit.

I knew 1.5 miles into the run that I was going to become dehydrated. I considered turning around at the 1.5 mile mark and completing 3 instead of 5 miles but, alas, I did not. I had completed 3 rounds of 50 air squats and pushups prior to the 2.5 mile turnaround. I completed any additional 2 rounds, with the 5th round, unfortunately, taking place in direct sunlight.

After the 5th round I had until the clock read 37:01 before I had to stop and complete another round of air squats and pushups. I told myself that if I made it to the 4-mile mark by that time I could stop. This was a very wise decision. I was concerned that I wouldn’t make it to the mile marker. I truly sprinted to the finish, reaching the mile marker at 36:56 – with 5 seconds to spare! That’s a 4-mile run and 250 air squats and pushups.

On a positive note, I completed the first 4 rounds of air squats in unbroken reps. I knew that the wheels were coming off of the bus during the 5th round when I stopped after just 10 air squats. And I didn’t consciously stop, i.e., my body just, you know, stopped. I completed remaining reps in sets of 15, 15, & 10.

Pushups went better than expected, and I completed as many as 15 unbroken reps. The 5th round was the only time that I had to complete singles. Again, wheels and bus.

I knew that I was spent when, after reaching the 4-mile mark, I walked. I walked a quarter mile. I then ran a quarter mile, ran less than a quarter mile, and walked to the parking lot. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed my recovery drink more quickly.

I like taking selfies. I particularly like taking a selfie as others are suffering, in this case Greg.