Nike shoelaces

FRI JULY 15, 2016 | 5X5

Metcon (Time)

50 double unders
10 KB swings (53/35)
25 air squats

Coach Josh led the session, and I’m very pleased that he’s joined the CFS coaching team! I didn’t complete strength as I’m still babying my left shoulder. I also made sure to carefully complete KB swings.

This was a gasser! My goal was to complete within 10 minutes. I completed 3 of the rounds of 50 dus and 25 air squats as well as all rounds of 10 KB swings in unbroken reps. My legs were burning, so I did break up last 2 rounds of air squats. I missed the 47th rep when completing 4th round of dus. Dammit. I was doing well with last round of dus when my shoe came untied. I refused to stop and tie the laces, but in retrospect I should have. The shoelace kept getting caught in the rope!

Time = 8:49

SAT JULY 16, 2016 | GO, TEAM!

Metcon (Time)
In Teams of 3 or 4
Row 3K
50 burpees
50 pull-ups
50 pushups
75 deadlifts (185/138)
75 box jumps
100 Abmat sit-ups
100 Abmat back extensions
3k run (15, 200m runs)

– Only one team member may complete work at any given time.
– Teams may complete the work in any manner; however, any team member may complete no more than 400m row, 10 burpees, pull-ups, deadlifts, or box jumps, and/or 400m run per turn.

What a fun day at CFS! There were 27 athletes at the 8:30 session. You read that correctly. Everything nonetheless ran smoothly. Yay! I’m quite good at crowd control.

I completed the workout with Janet and Mike at 9:45. As we were a team of 3, that meant more work for all of us.

I rowed third, thus I rowed 3 times. I kept the pace at 1:40/500m the 1st round and between 1:41 and 1:43/500m the next 2 rounds. I hate rowing, I truly do. My legs are so short!

I began by completing 5 burpees and completed 5 the next round. We then took turns completing singles.

I was first on the pull-up rig and completed 10 unbroken reps. We divided the work pretty evenly, and I always completed at least 5 reps my turn. I did, however, complete fewer pushups as that’s the activity that causes the most pain in shoulders.

Janet, Mike, and I pretty evenly divided the deadlifts, I completed more box jumps (as I can quickly complete 10 reps with a rebound), and Janet and I completed more sit-ups and back extensions.

I began with a 400m run (to the flagpole and back twice), Janet ran twice (if I recall correctly) and Mike and I usually took turns running 200s. I completed the last 200m run and I truly sprinted, ensuring that I took a breath every other step.

Time = 36:02

That was the fastest posted time of the day! I named our team “Team of Three Let Them Be.”

As there were 5 in attendance at the 11 session, I joined Jessica and Wendy. And what a fun time we had!

I once again was the third to row, and I rowed 1:42/500m pace the 1st round and about 1:44/500m the remaining rounds. Did I already mention that I hate rowing? I do.

Jessica and Wendy did a great job with pull-ups, pushups, and deadlifts! I did complete more box jumps, sit-ups, and back extensions. Our team, “Girls Rule, Boys Drool” began the 3K run first.

We were racing Wayne, David, and Chris, and I thought for sure that they would beat us. Uhm, I can be somewhat competitive. I began with a 400m run. I took turns with Jessica and Wendy, i.e., I ran every other run. Team “Boys Drool” was catching up with us. I was running the last 400m, the first 200m with David and the last with Wayne, and I was certain that it was a race to the finish.

And I wasn’t going to let Wayne win.

I passed him the last 10m only to discover that “Boys Drool” had another 200m to run. Ha!

Time = 41:30


I coached the 9:30 session and the WOD was “Hope for Kenya.” Instead of scaling I completed my own workout at 10:30.

And it was tough.

22-min AMRAP
6 GHD sit-ups
3 plate (25#) burpees + plate box jumps (26″)
2 plate (35#) burpees + plate box jumps (26.5″)
1 plate (45#) burpee + plate box jump (30″)
30-second forarm plank hold

Just placing the 3 plates was a challenge! I worked steadily and completed all rounds in unbroken reps.

The first round took me exactly 2 minutes. I determined then that I need not keep track of rounds with poker chips. The next round took me 2:01. I decided that I needed to pick up the pace and that’s what I did.

Score = 11 rounds + 6 reps

That’s 72 GHD sit-ups, 66 burpees and box jumps, and 5:30 plank hold. I’ve got to remember to rest forearms on a yoga mat next time. Ouch.

There was once again a very big group at CrossFit Kids! Coach Nick does a great job leading the sessions.


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