Fight Gone Really Bad


I coached the 6, 7, & 8:30 sessions and had every intention of working out at 11:45. I would’ve done so had I not woken up from my nap at that time. I instead worked out in the sweltering heat of the afternoon, attending the 4pm session led by Coach Marni.

Snatch (Snatch pull + snatch)

I tried a snatch @ 75# and, well, my right shoulder didn’t feel quite right. I know when to hold them and I certainly know when to fold them, I know when to walk away and I know when to run.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
Work 4 minutes; rest 1 minute between rounds
A. Rope climbs
B. Russian KB swings (53)
C. Lateral parallette jump overs

Rx+ = legless rope climbs, 60 KB swings, double parallette jump overs

Yup, Rx+. Uhm, my legs were a wee bit sore from, you know, 203 back squats just the day before.

I set a goal to complete 5 legless rope climbs and I completed 6. My forearms were swolt. (Yes, I know “swolt” isn’t a word.)  What I dislike most about the 60# KB swings is the wear and tear on my hands. I completed all sets, save the very last, in reps of 10, pausing to pumice and chalk between sets, and completed 2 sets a minute for a total of 81 reps.

Did I mention that my legs felt like jelly? I managed to complete a few sets of unbroken reps of double parallette lateral hops but by the halfway mark was completing a rep (2 hops), briefly resting, and then completing another rep, completing a total of 91 reps when the 4 minutes had passed. That’s 182 hops.

Lucky visited the session and he and Luke were never far away.



Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)

Three rounds of:  
Wall ball shots, 20# & 10′
Sumo deadlift high pulls,  75#
Box jumps, 20″
Push press, 75#
Row for calories  
1-minute rest

I’ve been binge watching “Hell On Wheels.” I’d like to say that much has changed for the better in regard to race relations since the end of the Civil War. I’d like to say that.

I had the opportunity to coach at 8:30 but instead waited until 11 to do so. The day started of hot and humid and got even more hot and humid as the afternoon approached. I can’t recall sweating so profusely. During the warmup.

I’ve completed this workout a number of times. Given that, I wanted to challenge myself today so I determined that I’d wear a 10# weight vest. As the time approached 11 of the clock I thought, “It’d really be a challenge if you wore a 20 pound weight vest.” So that’s what I did, ensuring that I completed a few reps of wall ball shots and box jumps to determine if this was even possible.

I don’t recall the number of reps for any activity any round, as it was enough to keep a running count each round.

Rowing whilst wearing a weight vest wasn’t much different than rowing without a weight vest. Push presses whilst wearing a weight vest were a little more challenging if for no other reason than I felt heavy, like 163 pounds. Sumo deadlift high pulls were much more challenging as the path of the bar was anything but straight. I kept thinking that this is what it might be like for well endowed women.

Wall ball shots whilst wearing a weight vest was miserable. I missed a total of 4 reps, 3 of those reps the last round! Box jumps whilst wearing a weight vest were excruciatingly painful. I did jump onto but stepped off of the box, something I’m certainly not used to doing. As I stepped off of the box I also wasn’t able to rebound.

I started off strong and ended quite week. I truly thought that I was going to have to stop and feared I was suffering from heat exhaustion! I ran cold water over my head and on the back of my neck between rounds.

Reps = 84, 78, & 58; 220 total


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