“Griff,” Fartlek, “Murph,” and “Drunk Murph”

SAT MAY 28, 2016 | “GRIFF”

As Jeff was out of town and I couldn’t secure someone to lead one of the Saturday sessions (Thanks for offering, Deborah!), I didn’t complete Saturday’s programmed WOD.

I was feeling the need to run, and I’m glad that I did! I worked out at the American Tobacco Trail doing so after 4pm. I had initially planned on going for an easy 5-mile run. Ha! Easy.

I warmed up, began running, and immediately thought, “I love running.” Whilst I didn’t run all out, I did run at a nice pace and glanced at my clock after first 400m — 1:47. Certainly not fast, but certainly not slow. Whilst finishing next 400m, i.e., 800m, I thought, “Why not do ‘Griff?'” The decision to do so was that immediate. I turned around and began running backwards.

Griff (Time)
Run 800m
Run 400m backwards
Run 800m
Run 400m backwards

Uhm, if I had thought this through I would’ve chosen a different section of the ATT, as the first 1,200m was downhill. Yup, the last half of the run was uphill, and I even ran backwards across White Oak Church Rd.

Time = 12:21

That’s more than a minute slower than PR. And I’m fine with that!

Did I mention that I love running?

2.5-mile Fartlek

I couldn’t tell you that last time that I completed a true fartlek. Yes, I’ve completed with endurance athletes, but never at the true pace and/or distance that I would — and should — run. To keep myself honest I would choose start and finish targets whilst sprinting. I also ensured that I took a breath every other step whilst sprinting. I wonder what thoughts passersby had as I, well, quickly passed them by…

‘Twas a very good run.

I rested Sunday.


Murph (Time)

For Time:
1-Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1-Mile Run
If you have a 20# vest or body armor, wear it.

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

To learn more about Murph click here

My shoulder feels much better! I didn’t, however, want to risk injury so I took it easy today with both pull-ups and pushups.

As is tradition, I wore my very small and very white Nike running shorts. I wanted to make sure that I inspired Jaclyn.

I measured a 1-mile route yesterday. The STDB next door had lots of shit on the shared  sidewalk, so I quickly made a decision to change the course. Uhm, and it’s very likely that the 1-mile course is longer than a mile. Details provided tomorrow (when I’m completely sober and able to do math).

‘Tis a very humid day. Very humid. I did indeed wear what felt like a 40-pound but was a mere 20-pound weight vest.

Lucky and then Luke joined me for most of the run. This may have slowed me down as I kept a watchful eye on them.

What makes me think the mile was longer than 1600m? Because even at a good clip and whilst wearing a 20# weight vest it took me 8:30 to run. That’s a very slow mile for me. Jeff and May captured some (as always) candid pictures. I was merely adjusting my shorts and wasn’t intentionally showing of my muscular legs.


I completed 2 sets of 10 unbroken pull-ups, numerous sets of 5 or more unbroken reps, and was completing doubles by about 80 reps. I completed the 1ooth rep as a single. I can’t recall the time it took me to complete the 100 reps and I didn’t record the time as I had planned.

Pushups were exceedingly challenging today. I began by completing sets of 5 unbroken reps and at no time completed more than that amount. When I finally reached 180 reps I began doing doubles and even completed the last two reps as singles.

Three hundred weighted air squats. The struggle was real. I began by completing two sets of 10 unbroken reps. Once again, 10 is the highest number of unbroken reps that I completed. As I wasn’t going for a PR, I felt no need to push it even with air squats.

I did, however, reposition myself in front of Jaclyn for a few rounds, you know, to inspire her. You’re welcome, Jaclyn.

The clock read 50 minutes when I finally began the last mile run. How do I know that the mile course was longer than a mile? Because it took me 10:15 to run! I could walk a mile that fast. Ha! “Murph” is a hero WOD so those completing should experience duress. I most certainly did.

Time = 1:00:15

I had mentioned to anyone who would listen that I once again planned on doing “Drunk Murph.” No one took the bait, i.e., no one offered to join me. Along with Jeff (my designated driver), Thom, Evelyn, Lauren, Ashlee, Stephen Cline, Wayne, and Dianne were “there” for me. I loaded up the pups and took a quick trip to the gas station across the street and purchased a 12-pack of 12 oz. Michelob Ultra beer.

Unlike last year, I completed this for time.

Drunk Murph
Drink beer (12 oz.)
Run 800m
50 pull-ups
Drink beer
100 pushups
Drink beer
150 air squats
Drink beer
Run 800m
Drink beer

I made sure to turn empty can upside-down and place on my head after consuming each beer. The clock wasn’t displayed, so Evelyn was kind enough to estimate my time. It usually took me about 90 seconds to drink a beer. Not bad, but I’ll have to do better than that if I wan’t to truly compete in a sanctioned beer mile.

A half mile run whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest felt like a walk in the park. The second beer went down easily.

Pull-ups whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest were easy to complete, and I did so in five sets of 10 unbroken reps. The third beer went down easily, although I was starting to feel slightly inebriated.

Pushups whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest felt wonderful, and I began with a set of 25 unbroken reps. The fourth beer still went down easily. I was also enjoying myself, talking with my posse whilst I drank. And dancing.

Air squats whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest felt very easy, and I began with 30 unbroken reps. I began to feel dizzy, but only when I stopped to briefly rest. I finished the 150th rep and yelled, “One more beer!” Someone (Wayne?) replied, “You have to finish with a beer.” I thought, “Is that right? It’s just one more beer. Do it.”

I drank my fifth beer and ran my last half mile. My posse cheered for me as I entered the box. I said, “Don’t applaud yet. I have one more beer to drink.” I glanced at the clock and it read 36 minutes. I proclaimed, “I’m going to come in under 37 minutes!” And that’s what I did.

Time = 36:51

I was quite inebriated when all was said and done, but not so drunk that we couldn’t meet Thom and Evelyn for lunch at West Park Tavern. As it was a cheat meal anyhow, I had “The Homewrecker.” That’s a foot-long beef hot dog loaded with all kinds of shit. ‘Twas delicious.

That’s three (probably more) miles of running, 150 pull-ups, 300 pushups, and 450 air squats. And 72 oz. of beer.

Napping was difficult, you know, because I had to pee every 20 or so minutes. I was also surrounded by animals whilst I napped. Jeff captured this pic. (That’s a pillow between my legs, but thanks for asking.)


I Set Aside My Ego

No hangover this morning. Good! Was wide awake at 3:30 in the morning. Prednisone. Dammit.

I coached the 6, 7, & 8:30 sessions and joined the 9:30 athletes for an awesome session.

Cleaning is fun.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

With a continuously running clock complete 5 cleans every minute.
From 0 – 5 use 75# (Rounds 1 – 5)
Rest min 5 – 6
From 6 – 11 use 95# (Rounds 6 – 10)
Rest min 11 – 12
From 12 – 17 use 115# (Rounds 11 – 15)
Rest min 17 – 18
From 18 – 23 use 135# (Rounds 16 – 20)
Rest min 22 – 24
From 24 – 29 use 155# (Rounds 21 – 25)

Continue adding 20# every 5 minutes for as long as you are able.

My goal was to make it through round 20, i.e., through the 135# cleans, and then see if I could possibly get in a round at 155#. I’ve lost a few more pounds and am once again flirting with 140.

Seventy-five pounds felt light, and I completed all rounds of 5 in unbroken reps and in about 15 seconds. Ninety-five pounds also feel light, and I kept up the pace. It was nice that Wayne was facing me, as I knew he was attempting to keep up with me and this motivated me to not slow down.

Whilst 115# was beginning to feel heavy, I nonetheless completed all rounds in unbroken reps and in about 20 seconds. One hundred thirty-five pounds (uhm, just 5 pounds less than what I weigh) did indeed begin to feel heavy. I completed first round in unbroken reps of 4 and a single, the second and third round in reps unbroken reps of 3 and 2, and the last rounds in unbroken reps of 2 and 2 and then a single.

I enjoyed the much needed rest between all rounds, but particularly the rest before cleaning 155#. I  knew that I’d have to do the reps at 155# as singles, and that’s what I did. Shit got heavy. Shit got real heavy. I completed all 5 reps of the first round. I only had 10 seconds to rest before the next round began. I completed a single. Felt heavy but manageable. I completed another single and could barely stand up. I attempted the third rep and fell on my ass. I rest 10 seconds and attempted again and just could not pull myself under the bar. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to complete 3 reps in 30 seconds, so I called it a day.

That’s 21 rounds and 107 reps. 

As I was unable to complete the second of the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge workouts on Wednesday I knew I’d have to do so today. I was very concerned that I’d exacerbate my torn labrum. I knew that I wasn’t going to complete 95# power snatches  (Level 3) but thought that I could handle 75# power snatches (Level 2).

I was wrong. I attempted just one rep and felt pain in my right shoulder. I set aside my ego and determined that I’d complete Level 1.

Wall ball shots (14/9)
G2O (45#)

Fourteen pound ball ball shots were, well, very easy to complete. I completed clean grip power snatches. You read that right. I didn’t want to further my injury and using a wide grip would’ve likely led to this. I also didn’t want to bother cleaning the bar to my shoulders as, well, it was just 45#. I worked continuously and completed in 4:21. That’s 54 wall ball shots (and G2o). That’s a total of 161 squats today.

And I’m not the least bit sore.

Courtney captured some pics of yesterday’s Beer Mile!


Drunk Blogging

As previously noted, I seem to have injured my right (as opposed to per usual left) shoulder. I didn’t work out Wednesday and, whilst walking Luke Wednesday morning, sent a text to my good friend Robyn and asked her if I should see a doctor at Triangle Orthopedics. She immediately hooked me up with Doctor Voodoo-McDreamy! Good news: no arthritis, bursitis, or rotator cuff injuries. Somewhat bad news: slightly torn labrum. I’m on steroids.

Steroids make me angry. And hangry. I’m trying somewhat successfully to keep my temper in check.

My very good friend, Jay, did an assessment and informed me that, in his words, I have “jacked lats.” I’ll take that as a compliment. It also means that I need to focus on stretching my awesomely muscular and spectacular lats.

Two side effects of prednisone that I experience are insomnia and hiccoughs (NOT hiccups). I was awake until 1:30 last night and wide awake once again at 4:30 this morning. I managed to nap a mere hour throughout the day. I hiccoughed for about three cumulative hours. Gah!

I rested today, Thursday, as well. Kind of.


The Beer Mile was held at Bonds Brothers in downtown Cary. A large contingency of Surmounties ran the race, including Stephen, Kevin, Michelle, Lauren, Ashlee, Kelli, Courtney, and Carin. What a fun time!

Meghan, Kevin’s beloved, was kind enough to give Stephen and me (and Kevin, of course) a ride to Bonds Brothers. I was both excited and anxious about this race, as I honestly haven’t chugged very many beers in my lifetime. I set a goal time of less than 14 minutes, thinking that it’d take me 6 or 7 minutes (as I might run slower whilst inebriated) to run 1 mile and a couple of minutes to drink each 12 oz glass of beer.

Two waves were held, and I kinda sorta possibly persuaded Kevin and Stephen to join me in the first round, supposedly composed of folks who would run the race in less than 10 minutes. I certainly wasn’t sure that I’d be able to do so!

The 7 pm start, well, started at 7:10 pm. I was growing impatient. Granted I looked awesome in my “Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn” tee shirt, lululemon shorts, and Nike Free shoes.

We were instructed to walk just past the Start/Finish and approach a table filled with plastic glasses of beer. The clock counted down from 30. Thirty! Gah! I attempted to chug the first beer in one gulp but it took me two gulps to do so. And many folks ran into me as I was finishing! Both Kevin and Stephen had finished beer, discarded cup, and began first 400m run before I was able to do so. I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I did, however, pass them both before the start of the second beer. I also kept belching and had to resist the urge to puke.

Whilst I did beat Stephen to the second beer, he chugged his beer much more quickly than did I. Uhm, I didn’t even attempt to chug. I’d take a drink, then another drink, then another drink, etc, until I finished the 12 oz. Stephen once again was well head of me for the second 400m run. I once again caught and passed him and he once again drank his third beer faster than did I. I should probably join a band, you know, to learn how to chug beer.

I caught and passed Stephen once again and — you guessed it — Stephen finished his last before before I did. As I was passing him I proclaimed, “You drink so f@cking fast!” He replied, “And you fun so f@cking fast!” I quickly passed him and ran to the finish. He wasn’t very far behind!

The clock read 8:13 when I ran over the Finish line although official time is 8:17. That’s 31 out of 276 or top 11%. I’m pleased with that performance, particularly since I did no training whatsoever in preparation. And I’m talking about drinking whilst training.

Uhm, yeah, so I was drunk when all was said and done. I mean really f@cking drunk. So drunk that I dropped the meal that I purchased. (The man working at the food truck was kind enough to only charge me half price for second purchase.)

I felt both miserable and ecstatic after all was said and done, and I’d definitely run a race like this again. Running and racing with Kevin and Stephen made it that much more of an incredible experience!

Evelyn graciously volunteered to pick me up and take me home. Luke insisted that I take him for a run/walk upon my return. I was admittedly still drunk.

And I’m kind sorta possibly still drunk now. I’m gonna nonetheless publish! I’d venture to say the my drunk blogging is grammatically more correct than 90% of posts published by others whilst that blow whilst sober. Yes?





One Minute


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10, 2-min rounds; rest 2 minutes bewteen rounds
– 5 parallette pass throughs
– 25 double unders
– 1 bar muscle up

Begin each round where you left off the last round, e.g., if you had completed 18 double unders before mandatory rest called, begin next round with count of 19.

Rx+ = 50 double unders AND ring muscle ups.

As Jeff is in town for the weekend, he coached the 9:30 session. This was a challenging workout!

I completed Rx+ and also completed most rounds in unbroken double unders as well as all rounds in unbroken pass throughs.

Score = 15+25

That’s 750 double unders, 80 pass throughs, and 15 muscle ups. Whew!


My right shoulder hurt a little, so I didn’t complete programmed workout on Sunday.

11 reps of the following:
– Tire jump throughs (2 jumps per rep)
– Russian KB swings (53)
– GHD sit-ups
– 10m lacrosse ball shuttle sprints  

All activities in unbroken reps in a time of 17:45.

For shuttle sprints, I placed a lacrosse ball on top of traffic cone and would run with ball every other sprint. Uhm, it ended up being 12, 10m shuttle sprints, as I ended up at the cone farthest from the tire.

I chose to rest on Monday. My body needed it.


Front Rack Lunge 

Take up to 20 minutes to work up to heaviest set of 3/leg

As Darren was the only attendee at the 7 am session, I joined him for the workout. ‘Twas a delight.

I completed sets @ 95, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 160, & 165. Front rack forward lunges are tough, but it’s a great way to build a beautiful booty. You’re welcome.

Metcon (Time)

Front squats @ 55% of 1RM (130#)

Uhm, this was exceeding difficult, perhaps because I’m still recovering from illness, perhaps because 75 reps of anything is difficult, or perhaps because the combination of activities was challenging. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I completed all rounds of pull-ups in unbroken reps. I also completed rounds of (going up and down) 3, 6, and 9 FS as well as 12 (going up) FS in unbroken reps. I completed round of 12 going down in reps of 7 & 5 and round of 15 in reps of 10 & 5. Shit got heavy.

Whilst I did complete very last round of 3 FS in unbroken reps, something very peculiar and out of the ordinary happened.

I finished last 3 pull-ups, glanced at the clock and determined that I could finish in 10 minutes if I could complete last 3 FS in 15 seconds. No problemo.


I fell on my ass, albeit a very plump and nicely shaped ass, the very first rep. I thought, “Dammit, you didn’t get under the bar. Just power clean the next rep.” I attempted and failed a power clean. I thought, “Dammit, this is a waste of time. What the f@ck is going on? Do a full squat clean.” I attempted and my right knee went down. I thought, “How f@cking long is this going to take me?” I finally completed a successful full squat clean and 2 FS.

Time = 10:51


It took me almost a minute to successfully complete 3 front squats. That. Is. Not. Good.


Don’t burn any bridges, folks. When I was released from my former job in November of 2012 I made sure to not speak badly of my former employer, including the parent company, or any of its employees. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the new CEO and former trainee who asked if I’d be interested in providing training contractually. I am scheduled to present 2-day Situational Leadership training at three locations: Boston, San Francisco, and New York. I’ve also been asked by a former trainee and now Practice Area Lead to present a 2-hour workshop regarding Communication Climate.

I’m very much looking forward to once again standing in front of an audience and presenting, and I’ve truly been enjoying preparing for the training. I’m a whiz and PowerPoint.

Summer Blast


As CrossFit Punta Cana is closed on Sundays, Jeff & I ventured into the “gym” at the resort.

I hate exercise machines. Give me a barbell and plates.

2-4-6…16-18-20 Not For Time
Barbell facing buprees
Bent over rows

That’s 110 burpees and bent over rows. I got in a somewhat good workout, so I practiced headstands and called it a dia. Jeff and I then went for a helicopter ride, and it was amazing!


I rested Monday, as we spent most of the day traveling home. Immediately upon sitting beside me the man in the aisle seat said into his phone, “I’ll be home in a couple of hours. I’m going to work for a few hours and then go home. I’ve been fighting a cold and the cold is winning.” He then proceeded to cough, sneeze, and hack for the duration of the flight. And give me his cold.

TUE MAY 17, 2016 | ROW, ROW, ROW

I coached the 6, 7, & 8:30 sessions and then went home to nap. I worked out at 3, prior to coaching evening sessions.

1000m Row (Time)
Max Effort 1000m Row
Bent Over Row (5 X 5)
Complete 5 sets of 5 reps, working up to heaviest weight
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3-min AMRAP
Max rep jumping air squats

I completed bent over rows first and rowed last. I managed to complete a set of 5 reps @ 235#, a PR!

I hate, hate, hate rowing. My tiny little legs will only allow me to row so fast. I rowed 500m in 3:41.5. Yes, if I didn’t have this damned cold I could’ve perhaps rowed faster.

I set a goal to complete a jumping air squat every 2 seconds and surpassed my goal: 134 reps.


I had no choice but to rest on Wednesday. I coached in the morning and evening and slept most of the afternoon.

The box is once again participating in Lurong Living Challenge. That means that I’m once again eating strictly Paleo. I’m also drinking strictly Paleo. No beer. Uhm, I consumed enough beer during vacation to last next five weeks, I suppose.

I ate and drank excessively during vacation, yet gained only three pounds. I weigh in at a whopping 146#.

Summer Blast (AMRAP – Reps)
4-Minute Rounds
– 20 Box Jump Overs (24″)
– 15 Anchored Toes to Bar
– 10 Clean & Jerks (95/115/135/155#)

Complete as many reps as possible within the time allowed. If the athlete completes the round before the 4 minutes is up, the athlete earns another 4-minute time extension and immediately starts round 2. The athlete then has until the clock hits 8 minutes to complete round 2, and if round 2 is completed before the 8-minute mark, the athlete will earn another 4 minutes. If the athlete finishes round 3 before the 12-minute mark, they will earn a final 4-minute time extension. If the athlete reaches the clean & jerks in the 4th round the athlete will perform AMRAP clean & jerks until the workout is over at 16 minutes.

Level III consisted of box jump overs at 24″ (easy), toes to bar (easy), and C&Js at 115, 135, 155, & 185# for Master+. Uhm, not so easy. As I’m still not feeling very well, I decided to complete Level II. In retrospect I could’ve completed Level III and made it to round of 155# C&Js. Read on.

I easily completed rounds of C&Js @ 95 & 115#, and even the C&Js @ 135# weren’t that much of a struggle. I had 5 minutes remaining to complete as many C&Js @ 155 yet only completed four. Yup, just four. I missed the first rep in that I didn’t pull myself under the bar. I power cleaned and push pressed the second rep. Dammit. I failed the third attempt in that I couldn’t lock out my arms. I decided I complete remaining reps as clusters, and that’s what I did. I failed at an additional two attempts.

The anchored toes to bar were the easiest part of the workout. The box jump overs were surprisingly challenging, although given that I have a cold this should’ve have been that surprising. I made sure to always turn toward the grey wall so as to alternate turning right and left, yet I still got very dizzy and lightheaded.

¿Como se dice ‘f@ck’ en Español?

Jeff and I are visiting the Domincan Republic, staying at the Majestic resort in Punta Cana. The only thing that was on my wish list was visiting the local CrossFit whilst here.

What a disappointment.

I sent an email message earlier in the week requesting information. I still haven’t recieved a response.

The box consists of a storage trailer for the very limited equipment, with the workout area being outside under a roof. I’d say that a half a dozen could comfortably work out at the same time. As it appears that they don’t have very many members, the space is probably fine.

We arrived for the 9 am session on Friday the 13th. We were somewhat greeted by the coach, we checked into Wodify and paid drop-in and tee shirt fees, and then waited for the session to begin. Two women were completing the programmed WOD. The coach pointed to the whiteboard and told us we could begin. “Where’s the 200 meter course?” I asked. He got on his bike and led the way. Meanwhile, the two women were left alone. And they most definitely need direction.

One other man attended our session and it quickly became obvious that he wanted to compete with us.

Worm-up (that’s how it’s spelled on whiteboard)

200m run

10 dumbbell thrusters (25)

10 side arm med ball pushups

10 groines

Well, okay then. The running was fine. As the other visitor had taken the only pair of 25# dumbbells, I used a pair of 20#. Why so many thrusters when one will be doing 55 heavy thrusters later? I don’t have an answer to that question.

MY chest and thighs touched the floor for every push-up.

Groines are a jump from a plank to a squat. A two-legged mountain climber.

I was sufficiently warmed up and was sweating profusely.


5×10 push-up & renegade row

Yes, a pre-WOD.

More push-ups, you know, because one will be completing 55 burpees momentarily. I completed 2 sets @ 25 & 30 and the last set @ 35#. I maintained a plank and once again MY chest and thighs touched the floor.

I was really warmed up now. The coach got out a barbell and set it in front of the biggest fan. Both Jeff and I thought he was setting up a bar for one of us, but quickly discovered that he was setting up his own bar. Yup, he did the metcon with us.

Keep in mind that absolutely no coaching had taken place anyhow. I was getting a little angry.


10-9-8…3-2-1 burpees & thrusters (135)

You guessed it: no review of movement standards.

I wasn’t going to do 135# thrusters so I settled on 115#.

This was miserable, as I quickly felt like I was going to suffer from a heatstroke. Even burpees were laborious. The coach was the first to finish but merely sat down as Jeff & I finished. The other visitor was doing 95# thrusters but stopped working after the 1st round. Jeff dropped from 115 to 95 and finished 2nd. I finished last with a very slow time of 15:56. On a positive note, I completed the 1st rep of any set of thrusters as a full squat clean.

Midway through the metcon I asked, “¿Como se dice ‘f@ck’ en Español?” One of the women who had worked out in the previous session said, “It’s a universal word.”

Post-WOD (for time)

50 double unders

50 Abmat situps

15 chest to bar pull-ups

5 handstand pushups

Jeff & I decided we weren’t even going to wait for the clock to start before we began  what was in essence another metcon.

I completed 35 & 15 unbroken double unders, 50 unbroken sit-ups, 10 & 5 unbroken chest to bar pull-ups, and 5 unbroken handstand push-ups.

The other visitor watched me like a hawk, although he didn’t complete post-WOD workout. I could’ve completed 15 unbroken pull-ups if my very sweaty hands hadn’t lost grip of the bar.

The coach said “adios” and we were on our way. What a truly disappointing experience!

As he never introduced himself I left not knowing the coach’s name.

Jeff & I discussed and decided to attend the Saturday, June 14 session, hoping a different coach would lead the session. No such luck.

The same coach arrived just a few minutes before what was supposed to have been the start of the 9 am session. Two women eventually arrived for the session. It took the coach 15 minutes to launch Wodify, process our payments, record the metcon on the whiteboard, start the music, and then sit in his office doing I know not what. Just like the day before, there were no introductions, review of the workout, review of movement standards, or coaching. Nada.

Jeff & I did what we needed to do.


500m row

Then 2  rounds

10 drop snatch (45)

10 dumbbell cleans (30)

10 dumbbell snatches

I retrieved the rowers. I didn’t expect the coach to do so, as he was already seated on a bench.


Overhead squats


Jeff & I shared a rack. I ignored everything else that was going on and completed last set @ 125#. My right shoulder hurts a little so I took it easy.


50 double unders

20 2″ deficit handstand push-ups

20 cleans (95)

20 KB snatches (53)

20 hang snatches (95)

Full squat cleans and snatches? Who knows? As it was already 9:45 and our taxi would be picking us up at 10, I set up the timer on my iPhone. The women hadn’t even yet begun last set of overhead squats and we didn’t want to wait.

I completed 50  unbroken double unders, handstand push-ups is reps of 12, 3, 3, & 2, and full squat cleans in sets of 10. I scaled weight of KB snatches to 44# and whilst completing asked Jeff if did 20 total or 20 per arm. He replied, “It didn’t say so on the whiteboard” and I mistakenly thought he meant 20 per arm. Dammit. I should’ve figured it out when he began hang snatches. Dammit. My hands were exceedingly sweaty and slippery and, for the first time ever, I couldn’t keep my grasp on the barbell – even with hook grip! After repeatedly chalking my hands I finished the last rep and the metcon in a time of 17:44.

I saw no rhyme or reason for the programming. Too much overhead shit! Warmup with snatches and overhead squats and then do more and more snatches. Why?

The coach shook our hands and said “Adios.”

This box sucks.

And I still don’t know the coach’s nombre.






Maupin and More


Metcon (Weight)
30 reps NOT FOR TIME
Press + push press + power jerk @ 55% of press 1RM

Fifty-five percent was a mere 90# but shit got heavy by around the 20th rep. I set goal to complete 10 unbroken reps but, as the 9th press was somewhat of a struggle, I paused after that rep.

I didn’t jump a single rep, and you need not do so as well. Extend ankles, knees, and hips.

Metcon (Time)
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Double unders
Abmat sit-ups
Deadlifts (135)

Fast and furious! I set up workspace by front of the box and, as is most often the case, Luke was all up in my business. I had to shoo him away on more than one occasion. He’s a very good boy, so I don’t mind in the least.

I completed all rounds of all activities in unbroken reps. I’m just that good.

Time = 6:54


Rest Exactly 5 minutes between rounds.
A: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
7-min AMRAP
– 50 double unders
– 10 back squats (135)
B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
7-min AMRAP
50 lateral bar hops
10 front squats squats (115)
C  : Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
7-min AMRAP
50 burpees
10 overhead squats (95)

I attended the 9:30 session. I set up my workspace near garage door in 7303, and Mac and Carin were the only athletes to join me.

This was tough but a hell of a lot of fun!

As watching others jump rope or hop throws off my rhythm, I turned my back to everyone, i.e., I faced the open garage door whenever possible.

I completed 50 unbroken double unders for all but 4th round (45 & 5) and didn’t set down the bar during back squats. Yup, I did occasionally shake out my legs.

With fewer than 30 seconds remaining this happened: I cleaned the bar to my shoulders and completed a front squat. I thought, “Shit, that feels heavy. Wait, I did a front instead of a back squat.” I dropped the bar and immediately thought, “Shit, why didn’t I just jerk it overhead? I’m going to have to clean the bar again.” And that’s what I did. I didn’t count front squat as a rep.

I completed 50 unbroken lateral bar hops the 1st round and 35& 15 unbroken reps the remaining rounds. Onc again didn’t set down bar during front squats. I was working very quickly and transitioning smoothly.

I was admittedly winded at the start of burpees and didn’t even set a goal to complete unbroken. I was nonetheless the first in the session to begin overhead squats. I rested the bar on my shoulders between the 6th & 7th reps.

Uhm, and Luke was laying down at my feet for each and every rep of burpees.

A: 4 + 33

B: 5 + 12 

C: 1 + 38

That’s 250 double unders, 43 back squats, 312 lateral bar hops, 50 front squats, 88 burpees, & 10 overhead squats.

WED MAY 12, 2016 | MAUPIN

Maupin (Time)
4 Rounds for time of:
800m Run
49 push-ups
49 sit-ups
49 air squats
In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Keith “Matt” Maupin, 24, of Batavia, Ohio, disappeared on April 9, 2004

I attended the 6 am session so that I could work out before traveling to the Dominican Republic.

It was a beautiful morning so Lisa, Kevin, and I set up our workstations outside of the box.

Even though I told him to stay, Luke joined me for 400 of the first 800m run. He then was by my side, usually on the yoga mat, for the remainder of the workout.

I set a goal to complete sit-ups and air squats in unbroken reps, and I achieved this goal. I completed as many as 35 unbroken push-ups (1st round, obviously) and even managed to compete 25 unbroken reps the last round.

Running is always a pleasure.

Time = 31:31