Uhm, I need a rest day.

I coached the 6am session this morning and, well, the workout looked like too much fun for me not to complete. Dammit. Who programs this shit? Oh, right, that’s me.

As I’ll likely be resting tomorrow and possibly Saturday (depending upon what 16.4 has in store) and I’ll also likely not post about 16.4 until later, I’m posting today. You’re welcome.


Skill Building

Practice double unders and triple unders

As Coach Deborah is injured, I led training of double unders during 9:30 session; thus, I didn’t attempt max reps. Next time.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
2-min AMRAP
Sumo deadlifts (155)
Rest 2 min
4-min AMRAP
Weighted plank hold (35% of bodyweight)
Rest 2 min
6-min AMRAP
Burpee + 5 lateral bar hops
Rest 2 min
8-min AMRAP
35 double unders
5 burpee box jumps overs (24)

For weighted plank hold, 1 rep each 15 seconds STRICT plank held. No snaking, no down dog, no knees to floor.

Two minutes was just the right amount of time to rest between activities.

Sumo deadlifts at a mere 155# felt light! Until about a minute had gone by. I completed 30 reps the first minute (yup, a second up and a second down) but rested a few times during last minute and completed 53 total reps.

Whilst 35% of 140# is 50#, I nonetheless rounded up and held a plank with a 55# plate on my back. I mistakenly used a competition plate, and it did tend to slip and slide. I wisely rested only 5 seconds at a time, doing so 3 times, and held plank for accumulated time of 3:45 for a score of 15.

I worked consistently whilst completing burpee + 5 lateral bar hops, matching score for sumo deadlifts of 53. It may have been 54 reps. Oh, well. One rep = burpee + 5 lateral bar hops, by the way.

Burpee box jump overs after burpees, lateral bar hops, and double unders wasn’t a walk in the park. (I took Luke for a long walk in the park after the session, so I know.) I completed a few rounds in unbroken reps, but certainly didn’t set a goal to do so. I completed a few rounds of lateral box jump overs because, well, just because. I completed exactly 7 rounds for a total of 280 reps.

Grand total = 53 + 15 + 53 + 280 = 401


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