CrossFit Games Open 16.1

A few months ago I attempted to watch Daredevil on Netflix, but only made it through four episodes. Admittedly I didn’t give my full attention to the show. I kept thinking, “Incredulous. How can a blind person singlehandedly take down 12 armed criminals?” I gave the series another try — and enjoyed it tremendously. The writers explored and explained how Daredevil came to possess such extraordinary skills, and I fell hook, line, and sinker. (← Reference to the sport of fishing.) In retrospect I enjoyed Daredevil even more than I enjoyed Jessica Jones.

I rested Thursday as I had worked out on Wednesday. I rested yesterday, Friday, as, well, I was feeling worn out and tired. And a little depressed. There, I said it.

I woke up this morning with a knot in my back, very tired and sore shoulders, and a general sense of malaise.

I had planned on working out with the 8:30 athletes but didn’t. The 9:45 session was packed, so I didn’t work out with them. There were just three in attendance at the 11 session and I could’ve joined them. But I didn’t.

I went home, made big ass salads, took a very brief nap, and returned to the box to meet with Jeff, Nick, and James to discuss upcoming Battle of the Ages competition. I’ll be deadlifting and doing a lot of burpees. And walking on my hands. Yes, that.

More than anything I just wanted to get 16.1 over with. I’ve heard many friends talk about how challenging the workout was and I also saw many members struggle. Whilst I wasn’t looking forward to the workout itself, I was looking forward to getting the monkey off my back. I decided to do the workout this afternoon. Jeff, of course, judged and counted my reps.


CrossFit Games Open 16.1 (AMRAP – Reps)

20-minute AMRAP
25′ OH walking lunge 95#
8 bar facing burpees
25′ OH walking lunge 95#
8 C2B pull-ups

Uhm, holding 95# over my head is a struggle. Uhm, lunging with 95# held over my head is agonizing. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to make it 25′ without dropping the bar.

I surprised myself today, and that doesn’t happen very often. I only dropped the bar during the 25′ walking lunges four of the 11 times. I also made a few bad blunders. One time I had almost lunged to line (5′ intervals) but wasn’t paying attention and dropped the bar. Dammit. I had to move the bar backwards almost 5′. Another time I got greedy and tried to lunge past the final line of lunges, lost my balance, dropped the bar, and had to move the bar backwards 5′. Another time I didn’t set my shoulders before starting first lunge, lost my balance, and dropped the bar. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I completed burpees very slowly today. Why? Because burpees were truly the only time that I got to catch my breath and prepare for upcoming lunges. I completed all rounds of chest to bar pull-ups in unbroken reps and pull-ups were by far the easiest activity to complete.

And lunges were by far the most difficult activity to complete.

Score = 144 reps

Yup, that’s shy of six rounds. I made sure to enter and validate scores so that I wouldn’t be tempted to attempt this workout again. Read on.

A few things to note:

  • Lunges after pull-ups were easier than lunges after burpees.
  • Holding the bar overhead with hands close, i.e., deadlift/clean grip, worked best for me. I struggled with overhead lunges the one time that I tried a wider grip.
  • I had no perception of the passing of time nor did I know what round I was completing. Oxygen depravation, perhaps?
  • I have no recollection of the music that was playing whilst I completed the workout.
  • Coaches James and Nick were present during the start of the workout yet it was if I was the only person in the box. I was oblivious to all external stimuli.
  • I had to remind Jeff to let me know what rep I was on, to let me know if reps were good, and to let me know what round I was completing.
  • I could’ve and should’ve completed burpees at a faster pace.

Yes, 16.1 was tough, but not nearly as tough as I thought it was going to be. I underestimated my abilities.

And I think I’d like to try it again. I said that.


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