“Twelve Days of CrossFit” (and 12 extra pounds)

SAT DECEMBER 19, 2015 | GO, TGU!

Turkish Get Up 
With a running clock, take up to 20 minutes to work up to heaviest rep each arm. Use KBs, DBs, and/or barbell.

I used a barbell and completed reps at 53, 63, and 73#, a 3# PR. Yay!

Metcon (Time)
– 50 thrusters (45)
– 40 toes to bar
– 30/leg walking lunges
– run 800m

Wow, this was tough! I completed the first round of thrusters without putting down the barbell, although I did “rest” with barbell locked out overhead. Toes to bar started off well and then, well, went downhill. I completed the last 1o or so as single reps. Dammit. I completed 60 walking  lunges without stopping and/or resting and then ran 800m. Running was truly the only enjoyable part of the workout.

I completed the next round of thrusters in reps of 30, 10, & 10. Toes to bar again started off well but very quickly turned into a shitstorm. I began with 11 unbroken toes to bar and then completed the remaining 29 reps as singles. Gah! I once again completed 60 lunges without stopping and or resting and ran another 800m.

Time = 21:10


Metcon (Time)
Rx +
– 1 muscle up
– 2 barbell TGUs
– 3 HSPUs
– 4 C2B pull-ups
– 5 shoulder to overhead (100)

– 6 knees to elbows
– 7 box jumps (30)
– 8 back squats

– 9 bent over rows

– 10 power cleans

– 11 SDHPs
12 x 12 (144) double unders

I attended the 6 am session led by birthday-boy-Nick, and it was fun! Uhm, I was a little discombobulated this morning, as I’ve been obsessed with “Making a Murderer” on Netflix. Wow. Just, wow.

There were many in attendance, so I tried to not be too territorial. I set up my area near the front of the box, with box set up in front of pull-up rig and 100# barbell set up between rig and ropes. The only large enough area for me to complete barbell TGUs was in 7305; this meant I often had to navigate around Heather and Jaclyn to get to and from barbell. And this was for the best, as I needed the reprieve from the grueling work.

I’ll begin with the good: I had no failed reps of any muscle ups and completed HSPUs, C2B pull-ups, S2O, K2E, box jumps, back squats, and bent over rows in unbroken reps.

I completed first 2 rounds of power cleans in reps of 6 & 5 and final round in reps of 5, 3, & 2. Power cleans were difficult today! I completed first round of SDHPs in unbroken reps and final round in reps of 6 & 4. Double unders went well and I completed as many as 60 unbroken reps.

The first TGU felt heavy and I thought, “Why does this feel too heavy today? Is it because I did heavy TGUs Saturday?” The next 3 rounds of TGUs felt heavy and I began to question my strength. I thought, “Am I going to need to scale back to 44 pounds and/or use a kettle bell?” I tried 3 attempts with my right arm for the fifth round. And failed. I tried 2 attempts on my left arm. And failed. I rested a moment and then completed a rep with both arms. Whew!

Upon approaching the barbell for the sixth round of TGUs I glanced down and realized that I had used a 45# instead of a 33# barbell; thus, I had been using 65# for TGUs. Gah! Coach Nick was kind enough to grab a 33# barbell for me and I quickly switched plates. The 53# TGU felt exceedingly light! It’s no wonder!

I continued to work at a steady pace and finished in a time of 45:30.

564709_10109894161118694_6616441649686830107_n (1)

Whilst coaching May during the 9:30 session whilst she was completing TGUs she commented, “This is getting harder.” I said, “It’s like Viagra.” Ha!

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