Heflin, part deux


I worked out at 9:30, and it was a very full house! I’ve never seen an episode of Full House. And I never intend to do so.
12342747_10206997781236628_9200793212346436351_nMetcon (Weight)
Complete 10 rounds of the following:
power clean & press + power clean & push press + power clean & jerk (power or split)

Work up to your heaviest set
RNDS 1 – 3: 1 min
RNDS 4 – 7: 1:30 min
RNDS 7 – 10: 2 min

I focused on form and completed rounds at 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 115, 120, 125, & 130. I started too light and ended too light, as the 130 press felt well, too light.

Metcon (Time)
30-20-10 pull-ups
10-20-30 deadlifts (185)
30-30-30 box jumps (30)

Complete 30 pull-ups, 10 deadlifts, and 30 box jumps. Next, complete 20 pull-ups, 20 deadlifts, and 20 box jumps. Finally, complete 10 pull-ups, 30 deadlifts, and 30 box jumps.

I completed all rounds of pull-ups in unbroken reps, which was my one and only goal. I challenged myself in that I only dropped the last rep of any set of deadlifts and I completed sets in no less than 5 reps. I completed the first round of 10 in unbroken reps, the round of 20 in reps of 5, and the round of 30 in reps of 10, 5, 5, 5, & 5. I completed no less than 10 unbroken box jumps. Box jumps were difficult after deadlifting. Can you say posterior chain?

I completed in 13:59; that’s 60 pull-ups and deadlifts and 90 box jumps.


I coached the 6, 7, & 8: 30 session. Whilst determining weight for DBs I asked Kevin S. his weight. “Two thirty,” he replied. “Do you need to make a dentist appointment?” I asked? I had to explain to him what I meant. Ha!

Larry is building wall ball shelves. As he was taking measurements I took look for a 3-mile walk — which quickly became a run — on the American Tobacco Trail. I returned to the box to discover that Larry had left to pick up supplies. I really, really, really wanted to complete the partner workout with Kelli but, alas, Stephen had already called dibs. It looked like I might have to wait until later to complete the partner WOD. It was then that I noticed Heflin, who was busy taking a business call. Yay!

Metcon (10 Rounds for time)
EMOM for 10 minutes
– 1 wall crawl
– 2 power snatches (95)
– 3 Russian KB swings (53)
I scaled up to 60# KB swings. Let me begin by saying that 95# power snatches are now quite easy for me to complete, and I completed all rounds quickly and unbroken, i.e., hands remaining on the bar and bar to mid-thigh and then floor between reps. I became more efficient as the rounds processed, completing the first 2 rounds in 17 seconds, rounds 3 & 4 in 16 seconds, rounds 5 though 8 in 15 seconds, and the final 2 rounds in 14 seconds. That’s fast! As soon as my chest touched floor after completing wall crawl (chest and nose touched wall) I’d sprint to barbell and complete power snatches. The KB was placed behind me and I’d quickly complete 3 KB swings whilst facing the clock. I very much enjoyed this workout!
Total time = 2:34
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Partner WOD
21-min AMRAP
– alternating arm DB shoulder to overhead
– alternating arm DB hang power clean
– DB renegade rows
– DB mountain climbers

– DB weight 25/20% of bodyweight
– Partners take turns rowing 25 calories and completing activities. For example, partner A rows 25 calories while partner B completes as many alternating arm DB shoulder to overhead reps as possible. Partner B then rows as Partner A completes as many alternating arm DB shoulder to overhead reps as possible. Each arm or leg counts as 1 rep.

Yup, Helfin was my partner. He began with a row as I completed 35# (the weight used for all activities) DB push presses. We ended up completing 1 calorie shy of 6 rounds, with Helfin rowing 150 and me rowing 149 calories. Calories, however, didn’t count toward final score. Here are our scores, with my score lifted first:
S2O: 52/29
HPC: 38/26
Rows: 42/16
Mountain climbers: 126/74
S2O: 44/18
HPC: 41/35

I completed 393 and Heflin completed 196 for a total of 539 reps.

And I wasn’t a dick.

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