Sequential Placement


Metcon (Time)
Partner WOD
– 15 medicine ball clean and throws (20#)
– 15 medicine ball Abmat sit-ups and throws
– 15 calorie row

– 15 hang power cleans (95)
– 15 box jump overs (24″)

– For all activities but rowing, partners take turns, i.e., 1 rep/turn; partners take turns rowing for calories


I coached the 8:30 and 11 am workouts. Steve Dodge attend the 8:30 session and as we gathered for the warmup he asked, “Are you coaching this session?” When I informed him that I was he replied, “Good.” Ha! He was happy that he wouldn’t have to partner with me. Anthony wasn’t so lucky.

I worked out at 9:45 and partnered with Anthony, as I hoped I’d be able to do. Anthony did a very good job of keeping up with me.

It should be noted that most teams finished with the row, but as there were 6 rowers and 9 teams (yes, 18 athletes attended the session!) some of the teams shared rowers.

Uhm, Anthony opened a scab on his knee and, well, bled all over himself. During my second row I told Anthony to clean his wound. I should’ve known that it wouldn’t be enough time, as it takes me less than a minute to row 15 calories. I rowed the next round and this allowed Anthony to put on bandages that Jeff provided. That also meant that I didn’t get any rest for 2 rounds. And that’s okay.

What we did well:

  • Communicated nonverbally, i.e., we got into a rhythm and didn’t need to do much more than count reps.
  • Didn’t count a rep of sit-ups because the medicine ball touched the box. We didn’t cheat.
  • Rolled the bar to the other person after completing HPC.
  • Crisscrossed for box jump overs, i.e., Anthony jumped backwards and forwards over shorter side and I jumped over longer side of the box.
  • Had fun! I truly enjoy working out with Anthony. He’s such a talented athlete and an all-around great person!

We posted the fastest time of the day: 21:31

Why is this blog titled “Sequential Placement”? My father referred to my brother, Anthony, and me as “Anthony and Paul” whilst my mother referred to the two of us as “Paul and Anthony.” Favoritism? Unquestionably, yes.

During today’s workout Jeff said, “Good job, Anthony and Paul.” And I paused.



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