Dentist Appointment


I attended the 6 am session led by Coach Nick. It was an awesome morning!
Behind The Neck Jerk 
– Take up to 20 minutes to establish 3RM
– Focus on form and SAFETY

I began at a light 75# and steadily worked up to 145#, increasing by 10 and then by 5 once I got to 140#. I attempted 150 and wasn’t able to push jerk it. I rested 2 minutes and was able to do so. Three times. Yay!

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

2:30 AMRAP
– 2 deadlifts @ 85% of 1RM
– 30 double undersRest 2:302:30 AMRAP
– Deadlifts @ 75% of 1RMRest 2:302:30 AMRAP
– Lateral bar hops

This was as challenging as I imagined that it would be. I deadlifted 320, a little more than 85% of 1RM, for first part. Uhm, and grimaced whilst doing so. I completed 3 rounds + 2 deadlifts for a total of 98 reps. The 2:30 (tooth hurty) rest was much needed. I decreased weight to 285, a little more than 75% of 1RM, and completed 30 reps. That was tough.I turned my back to, in order, Laurie, Heather, and Jaclyn, so that they could, you know, have something nice to look at whilst hopping laterally. Laurie paced me and we began with 100 unbroken reps. I rested briefly when I rested at all and managed to completed 227 reps. Dammit, just 3 shy of tooth hurty.

Total = 325 reps

As is our tradition, the coaches meet the first Monday of each month. I know, I know, it was the last day of the month. Coach James programmed and led the session.

A: Metcon (Weight)
8 Min EMOM
3 Pwr Clean
1 Thruster
Start at approx. 60% of thruster 1 RM
add weight.

I began with 100# and had worked my way up to 145 by the 7th round. I thought, “Why not go for it?” And I did, completing the last round at 155#, just 2# shy or 1RM.

Metcon (Time)
For Time
S20H (115)
Ring Rows*
*feet elevated to hand level.

Another tough workout if for no other reason than my shoulders were very, very tired. I briefly debated lowering weight but did not. As is often the case, I completed as many push presses as I did power jerks. I completed the round of 21 in reps of 15, 5, & 1. Yup, I failed the last rep and had to redo. I  completed the round of 15 in reps of 8, 6, & 1. Yup, I once again failed the last rep and had to redo. I completed the last round in reps of 5, 2, & 2. Gah! Ring rows were much easier to complete but I did end up completing the very last 2 reps as singles.

Time = 6:03

A full minute slower than Jeff.


I worked out with the lunchtime crew, and had the distinct honor of partnering with Greg, aka Timmy, for bench presses.
Bench Press (5 x 5 @ 75% of 1RM)
Complete 5 sets of 5 reps; complete max reps last set

One hundred fifty-five pounds is a little more than 75% of 1RM. I was pleased with performance, and completed 10 reps the last set. That’s a PR!

Metcon (Time)
750m row
– 5 strict toes to bar
– 50 air squats
– 60-second weighted plank hold (45)

As I knew that I’d do well with this workout, I attempted to level the playing field by wearing a 20# weight vest for the entire workout. Yup, I rowed whilst wearing a weight vest. Yup, weighted toes to bar and air squats and a 65# weighted plank hold.

I kept the pace at about 1:50/500m. All rounds of strict toes to bar went well and I completed in unbroken reps. I completed air squats in reps of 30 & 20 all 4 rounds and held plank for entire minute each round as well.

I was quite out of breath and took my time traversing to the kiosk. And then I couldn’t remember if my time was 14:20 or 15:20. I’m almost certain that it was 14:20, but as there’s doubt I recorded 15:20.


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