Nothing but Cleans | 9X3


I joined the 9:45 session this morning, as Jeff was kind enough to lead strength and conditioning. What a fun workout! Who programs this shit? He’s a genius.
Hang Clean 
Take up to 20 minutes to work up to heaviest single

I started at 65 and worked my way up to 165#. I failed 3 attempts at 170#. Dammit. Given that my clean 1RM is 180#, I’m nonetheless pleased.

Metcon (Time)
2-4-6-8-10-12-14 hang power clean (@65% of HC 1RM)
Sprint 200m after each round

I scaled up to an even 110#. My goal was to complete all rounds of HPC in unbroken reps, knowing that the rounds of 12 and 14 might be challenging.

Stephen Cline was working out nearby. Uhm, he decided to race me the first 200m. Uhm, I didn’t join in his reindeer games. Remember folks, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

I always double tie my shoes, and today was no exception. During the 200m run after the round of 8 reps I felt my right shoe loosen. The double tie and come loose so I had to pause briefly to re-tie.

I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. Yup, I did that. I so very much wanted to drop the bar during the last 2 rounds, but I resisted the temptation.

Time = 10:22


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
9-min AMRAP
3 handstand pushups
3 power snatches (95/73)
3 PS
3 PS
3 PS

Rest 5 minutes

9-min AMRAP
3 C2B pull-ups
3 power snatches (95/63)
6 C2B pull-ups
3 PS
9 C2B pull-ups
3 PS
12 C2B pull-ups
3 PS…

Rest 5 minutes

9-min AMRAP
3 burpees
3 muscle-ups
6 burpees
3 muscle-ups
9 burpees
3 muscle-ups
12 burpees
3 muscle-ups…

I coached the 9:30 session and worked out as Barbell Club was finishing. This was a tough, challenging, and fun workout.

My strategy was to go out easy and to increase intensity through 3 AMRAPs. Whilst 5 minutes was plenty of time to rest, I also knew that this was going to smoke my shoulders. And it did.

I was concerned that I would be unable to complete 95# power snatches. I was pleased that snatches felt, dare I say, easy. Yup, easy. That was a welcome relief. I nonetheless dropped each rep from the top if for no other reason than to conserve energy.

I began first AMRAP by completing 3 and then 6 strict HSPUs. I know not why. I completed kipping HSPUs the remainder of the AMRAP and completed no less than 2 at a time (and that wasn’t until last round of 5 reps and that wasn’t until the last 6 reps). I completed through round of 15 HSPUs and 3 power snatches and was  then able to complete another 2 HSPUs for a score of 62 reps; 47 HSPUs and 15 power snatches.

I knew that I’d be able to complete more C2B pull-ups than HSPUs and I completed through round of 12 in unbroken reps. I completed round of 15 in reps of 13 and 2 and round of 18 in reps of 8, 3, 3, 2, & 2, and completed very last 3 pull-ups in unbroken reps. Power snatches continued to go well. (A visitor with child did arrive so I had to stop and talk for a few moments; thus, I probably could’ve gotten more reps this round. And that’s okay.) I completed through round of 18 pull-ups and power snatches and then a final 3 pull-ups for a score of 84; 66 C2B pull-ups and 18 power snatches.

My arms and shoulders were, well, quite tired. I missed the first rep of the third round of muscle-ups but was nonetheless able to complete all other rounds in unbroken reps. Burpees were challenging. There, I said it. I love burpees but was feeling very tired by this time. I completed all rounds unbroken, including round of 18, but completed round of 15 in reps of 8 & 7. I completed through round 18 of burpees and muscle-ups and another 10 burpees for a score of 91; 73 burpees and 18 muscle-ups.

Total score = 237; 47 HSPUs, 33 power snatches, 73 burpees and 18 muscle-ups

I quickly went home, changed, and returned to the box (with Luke still in tow) to attend Dr. Heather’s awesome power yoga class. What a core burner it was! I also learned a new way to do forearm handstands. Dr. Heather was kind enough to take a picture.


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