Stick to your plan, Stan(ley Tucci).

Sunday, November 8

Metcon (Time)
Complete 50 reps of the following:
– Back squats
– Cleans
– Sumo deadlifts
– Power jerks
Complete 400 double unders

– Use one barbell at 65% of bodyweight
– You may complete reps in any order and may break up work however you’d like

I coached at 9:30 and worked out at 11 (as CrossFit Kids was being held). This was a physically and psychologically challenging workout, and I liked it!

My strategy consisted of always completing 5 reps of an activity; thus, doing so for 10 rounds. I always completed in the following order: cleans, power jerks, back squats, and sumo deadlifts. I interspersed double udders throughout the workout, completing 50 reps at a time (until the end of the workout when I completed 100 reps). I began with 50 double unders and completed after reps of 20, 30, 40, 45, & 50. Double unders left me gassed! I was, however, able to complete as many as 50 unbroken double unders at a time.

What surprised me the most was how easy power jerks were compared to back squats — and sumo deadlifts! Huh?

Time = 25:02

Steve Dodge’s daughter wore a shirt that read “Awesomeness Run In The Family.” I asked, “Whose family?” Ha!

The candid picture is of my very good friend Jay and me. I’m much better looking.


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