Oh, no! Solo!

Wednesday, September

Metcon (Time)
Run 800m
11 KB swings (53)
11 toes to bar
11 alternating arm pushups (55)
11 deadlifts (225)
Complete 2 burpees at the top of every even-numbered minutes IF in the box

I worked out at 7 am and the session was led by Coach Jen. A challenging workout. And fun! My goal was to complete activities in unbroken reps when possible, i.e., if sets weren’t interrupted to complete 2 burpees.

If I recall correctly I ran 400m, completed 11 KB swings, and completed 3 or 4 toes to bar in 4 minutes. Yup, I stopped and completed 2 wonderful, glorious burpees. I almost matched that the 2nd round in that I completed 1 toes to bar before having to stop and complete 2 burpees at minute 10. Try as I might the last round I was only able to completed 10 KB swings at minute 14. Dammit.

I only got to complete 6 wonderful, glorious burpees overall. Dammit.

Time = 17:50

Skill Building
Strict Muscle-Ups 

My goal is to complete 1 additional rep each week. Having completed 3 unbroken reps last week I set a goal to complete 4 unbroken reps this week. Duhn. False grip? No way!

Strict muscle-ups are tough!

Friday, October 2

EMOTM for 10 minutes
1 power snatch + 1 OHS + 1 drop snatch

Work up to your heaviest set

I once again worked out at 7 am and the session was once again led by Coach Jen. Today was all about skills. I began at 75# and worked up to 115#. Yay!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Partner WOD Relay
20-min AMRAP
– 5m sprint carrying plate + 5 plate burpees + 15m sprint
– 5m shuttle sprint + 10 medicine ball cleans + 15m sprint (5m intervals) carrying medicine ball
– 5m sprint carrying KB + 15 Russian KB swings + 15m sprint

As there was an odd number of athletes at the session I completed solo. Wow. Just, wow. I briefly contemplated completing 1 instead of both sets of each activities. That’d been much easier. So I didn’t. I set a goal to, you guessed it, complete all sets in unbroken reps. So I did.

Shuttle sprints were miserable. Absolutely miserable.

I used a 55# plate, 30# wall ball, and 70# KB. Wow. Just, wow. The other 3 teams crushed me! Speaking of which, I truly like when members pair or teams with athletes that they typically don’t partner or team with. For example, today’s pairs were Denise & Maggie, Paul P. & Mike, and Mark and David. Folks really seemed to enjoy themselves!

Score = 3 rounds + 32 reps, i.e., 2 sets of burpees and 1 set of cleans

FullSizeRender-64 FullSizeRender-65

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