My Least Favorite Lift

I’m on Day 13 on the cleanse, and I’ll have to say that I’m truly seeing the benefits. Food tastes so much better! I don’t feel the need for any salad dressing other than simply a little vinegar and oil. No salt, no pepper, no problem. I have, however, lost too much weight. I weighed myself this morning after having eaten breakfast and I still only weighed a mere 139 pounds. Yes, that’s only 4 pounds lighter than my normal 143, but I’m still concerned.

I’ll have to put on 4 pounds on beer next Wednesday.

I worked out during Open Gym yesterday, completing the programmed WOD. And it was a beast.

Deadlifts (225)
Alternating leg burpees

I jotted down times after each round, although the times were to the minute or minute and a half and, well, aren’t accurate.

21 – 4
18 – 5
15 – 4
12 – 3
9 – 2:30
6 – 1:30
3 – :46

Yup, it took me 20:46 to complete. I completed rounds of 21, 9, 6, & 3 deadlifts in unbroken reps and broke rounds of 18, 15, & 12 into 2 sets. Alternating leg burpees were tough, as the added pushups wreaked havoc on my shoulders. I did indeed rest between sets of reps.

I coached the 11 am session and witnessed folks suffer, so I didn’t feel so bad. ha!

I worked out at 6am this morning, as that was the only session that I didn’t coach. Yup, I coached 7 sessions today.

Bench Press (Establish 3RM)
I set a goal to complete 3 reps at 165, 5# more than previous 3RM, and I achieved that goal. I completed 2 reps at 170# but failed 3rd rep. Dammit. I hate the bench press. I think I’d rather do thrusters. There, I said it. By the way, I bench pressed 118% of bodyweight 3 times.
Max Number Unbroken Pull-ups (AMRAP – Reps)
Did I mention that my shoulders were smoked from yesterday’s alternating leg burpees? I set a goal to complete 30 reps, did that, I made sure to drop from the bar. Could I have completed more? Yes. Would it have been in my best interest to do so? No.
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
7-min AMRAP
7 box jump overs (24/20)
14 Abmat sit-ups
14 Abmat back exensions
This was a fun workout, and “fun” isn’t even in quotes! I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. Even though I used Body Glide I got a raspberry on my coccyx. Dammit. I completed 6 rounds + 16 reps. Yay!


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