31 Heroes

Coach Nick was kind enough to lead the 8:30 session so that Jeff and I could work out together. Thanks, Coach Nick!

31 Minute AMRAP of:
Partner 1:
8 Thrusters, 155# 
6 Rope Climbs, 15 ft.
11 Box Jumps, 30″

Partner 2:
400m Run with sandbag, 45#

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run 400m with a sandbag (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the sandbag and begin their 400m, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.
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Yup, those are 155# thrusters and I didn’t scale! At least not the first time I completed the workout. Read on.
  • Jeff and I worked very well together, as is to be expected. We communicate very effectively and often only nonverbally. We are supportive of each other and there are never mean words exchanged.
  • Jeff began with thrusters and, in retrospect, this was a wise decision as he did most of the reps. I didn’t have to complete a thruster when I returned from 1st run and only had to complete 5 thrusters overall. Nonetheless, those 5 thrusters were awfully difficult. I had 2 failed attempts in that I wasn’t able to lock out arms on push press. I thought that beginning with full squat clean was the best option but then discovered that I did better when I began with power clean. Lesson learned.
  • I completed most of the rope climbs, as he had often finished 1 or 2. I completed at least 20 rope climbs. It got crowded at the ropes but folks were very cooperative.
  • I completed all of the box jumps. Yup, 55 box jumps.
  • Lucky was constantly by my side! He followed me to the ropes, then to the box, and then to the barbell. I made sure to keep a watchful eye on him so that he wouldn’t get hurt.
  • I’m a purist. If I’m to run 400m carrying a sandbag, well, that’s what I do. I don’t try to time it so that my partner can or doesn’t have to complete certain activities. Thus, I did indeed run 400m each and every round.
  • James took an early lead for the first 400m run. I passed him at 100m but could hear Mac breathing down my neck. I’m generally not competitive but today I was. There was no f@cking way that I was going to let either of them beat me to the box. Ha!
  • I finished the 11th box jump with 7 seconds remaining on the clock. I could’ve attempted another thruster. I chose not to. Again, ha!

Score = 125 reps, i.e., 5 rounds

My very good friend Jay evidently struggled with “Karen” yesterday. He puked. Not a good thing. He had signed up for this morning’s 8:30 workout but eventually appeared at 9:45. There were an odd number of attendees and, although he had originally planned on teaming with Lauren and Ashlee, I informed him that I’d be his partner. I’m certain that this didn’t make him all that happy. I scaled thrusters to 115# (the weight I did last year) but completed rope climbs and box jumps as prescribed.

  • Uhm, running with that damn sandbag was much more difficult this time. My legs felt like lead.
  • I was very chatty when I ran. I suppose it was an attempt to alleviate some of the pain.
  • During the 2nd or 3rd run I was catching up with Kelli. Still in my chatty mood I said, “By the end of the day I will have run a 5K carrying a sandbag.” She replied, rather sarcastically I might add, “Nice.” I said, “Did you just say ‘nice’? I’m going to punch you in the throat!” “No you won’t because you’ll drop your sandbag!” she exclaimed. I sprinted to catch up with her and she took off. I did catch her but when I did so she abruptly stopped, knowing that I wouldn’t turn around. She’s smart like that. She called it “Top Gunning” me.
  • I once again did most of the rope climbs and most of the box jumps. I also did quite a few thrusters, even completing all 8 reps one of the rounds.
  • Uhm, yeah, so there were times when I wanted to go outside a drag Jay’s ass into the box. I kept thinking, “Where the f@ck is he?”
  • I nonetheless ran each and every run. I keep thinking, “Jay is in there suffering. Run faster!”
  • Lucky ran with me one of the rounds. Yup, he stayed right by my side. I love that dog! He went home today and I already miss him terribly.

Score = 112 reps, i.e., 4 rounds + 12 reps

I first completed this Hero WOD September 3, 2001. I also missed a box jump and got MRSA. That’s some serious shit. I completed 95# thrusters that year and just last year completed at 115#. I’m quite pleased with finally attempting and completing this workout as prescribed.

Today is day 11 of the purification/cleanse. I was able to eat meat and I discovered that I didn’t miss it in the least. I could easily revert to vegetarianism.

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