Off to SF

I worked out with the lovely 6 am crew, sans Holly. Coach Nick, recently certified in CrossFit Kids (Yay!), led the session.

Uhm, I do the programming. Uhm, I was looking forward to back squats and high box jumps. Uhm, that’s tomorrow’s WOD.

Metcon (Weight)
Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 minutes)
3 presses

Begin @ 50 – 60 % of press 1RM. You must complete all 3 reps each round.

I began at 75# and, unlike last and the week before, added 5# each and every round. My goal was to complete last round at 120# and that’s exactly what I did. I felt strong this morning.

Metcon (Time)
SDHP (115)
Bent over row
Hold 30-second side plank after SDHPs and bent over rows, alternating sides

For example, complete 12 SDHPs and hold left-side plank and then complete 12 bent over rows and hold right-side plank.

Yup, 115# felt as heavy as I suspected that it would. So that I could keep track of my right- and left-sides, I positioned the barbell parallel to the blue wall. I completed SDHPs facing the grey and bent over rows facing the blue wall, respectively. I’m smart like that and shit. Thus, I completed right-arm planks after SDHPs and (you guessed it) left-arm planks after bent over rows.

I was facing many of the gentlemen, including Steve D. and Stephen C., and noticed that we were almost neck and neck during round of 12 SHDPs. Almost. Steve and Stephen finished a rep ahead of me. I can easily hold a 30-second plank and I work at a steady pace, so I was confident that I finish ahead of both of them. And I did.

I did rest briefly during one right-arm plank as I felt a slight twinge in my back. The pain quickly subsided and has not returned.

Time = 10:32



I worked out during Open Gym and Stephen C. and Jim S. joined me. I didn’t coach! That’s how I roll during Open Gym.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOTM for 10 minutes
Work :15; rest :45
Power snatches

The prescribed weight for yours truly was 75#. Power snatches felt great today! I focused on speed and explosiveness as well as, of course, executing proper form. I completed 6 reps the first 2 rounds and 7 reps the remaining 8 rounds for a total score of 68 reps.

I love this rep scheme, as the heart is truly pounding by the end of the 15 seconds and 45 seconds is just (often barely) enough time to recover.

Rankel (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
6 Deadlifts, 225#
7 Burpee Pull-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings, 70#
200m Run
In honor of U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel, 23, of Speedway, Indiana, was killed on June 7, 2010
To learn more about Rankel click here

What a challenging workout! Yup, hero WODs always are. Swinging a kettle bell above your head that’s just about half of your bodyweight is never easy. I set a goal to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, knowing full well that 6 unbroken deadlifts and 7 unbroken burpee pull-ups wouldn’t be challenging but that 10 unbroken KB swings would be. I did indeed complete all rounds in unbroken reps.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how difficult if would be to run a mere 200m at the end of each round. There were times when I, well, just wanted to walk.

During the third round of burpee pull-ups the thought crossed my mind that I may have only completed 6 reps the previous round. Yup, I completed 8 reps the third round just to be sure. No cheating!

I yelled, “F@ck” at the end of the first round. I yelled, “F@ckity-f@ck” at the end of the second found. I yelled, “F@ckity-f@ck-f@ck” at the end of the third round. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

I completed 6 rounds + 10 reps.

That’s 42 deadlifts, 46 burpee pull-ups, 60 KB swings, and 1200m run.

10408590_10152977037367196_232300115870275422_n 11704908_10152976853312196_9197503142282928019_n

Scummy 100

I’m forgetful. I thought that Coach Nick would be leading the 8:30 session and that I’d be able to complete today’s partner WOD with Jeff. Uhm, Nick had repeatedly reminded me that he’d be getting his CF Kids Certification this weekend and that I’d be leading the session. Ha! Jeff offered to coach at 8:30. I was in need of a partner and quickly asked Lisa to, you know, be mine and all. She agreed and we non-hugged. It was epic.

Metcon (Time)

Scummy One Hundred
Partner Workout
Complete 100 reps of the following:
Box jumps (24/20)
Jumping pull-ups
KB swings (35/26)
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push presses (45/33)
Back extensions
Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Double unders

OPT A: Partners must take turns and complete 10 reps/turn

What a tremendous amount of fun we had! I feel sorry for anyone who partners with me, as they are afforded very little time to rest. I felt less sorry for Lisa as she was able to keep up with me most of the time. Except during burpees.

I completed all activities in unbroken reps of 10 except a round of box jumps and 2 rounds of double unders. I didn’t fully extend my hips on 10th rep of the last set of box jumps and, as it was a wee bit crowded in the box, my jump rope got caught on a GHD machine. Dammit and dammit.

I was very happy that I was able to complete all 5 sets of knees to elbows unbroken. And my knees touched my elbows. Yup, I continue to be disappointed when folks select Rx when entering scores when I know for a fact that knees didn’t touch elbows.

For one brief moment I thought that Stephen and Angelina might finisher before Lisa and me. That didn’t happen. Whew.

We finished in 32:30.

There were 19 athletes at the 8:30 session! Kelli completed solo and then was kind enough to complete with Kimber during the 9:45 session. (I owe you a beer, Kelli.)

11698534_10152974983967196_2856090326931184_n 11701146_10152974983882196_1359404819431879036_n

This is just but one of my favorite things. And one of my least favorite things. Like, ever.

I coached Endurance yesterday evening. As the athletes were gathering I mentioned to Jaclyn that I’d really like to do the workout. She replied, “Just do it with us.” I said, “I’m not that kind of coach. I need to be watching and coaching all of you, and not merely working out.”

I think Jaclyn wanted to have someone to race. Ha!

As Jeff was busy with the Barbell Club until 8 and Endurance ended at 7:30, I completed the workout solo. Mike and Anthony were kind enough to help return some the equipment and Mike even stayed to the end to cheer for me. Yay!

800m sandbag carry (45)
600m wall ball carry (20)
400m plate carry (45)
200m farmer’s carry (44)

100m shuttles sprints, e.g., 100m up and back 4 times for 800m sandbag carry.
Rest exactly 1 minute after completing activity and then run same distance, e.g., run 800m after sandbag carry.
Rest 1 minute before completing next activity.
Activities may be completed in any order.

I really need a coach, as I got a little discombobulated. Read on.

I decided to complete farmer’s, wall ball, plate, and sandbag carries in that order, as I knew farmer’s carry would be difficult with sweaty hands and that sandbag carry, even though the distance was the farthest, would be the easiest.

I might have been wrong about that last assumption.

I easily completed KB farmer’s carry, rested 1 minute, and ran 200 meters. A rested another minute I then completed 600m wall ball carry. I rested a minute and may or may not have sprinted 600 meters. I honestly can’t recall! I do know that I completed plate carry, rested one minute, and then began sandbag carry, i.e., I didn’t sprint 600 meters. I dropped the sandbag 50 meters into run and sprinted remaining 350 meters. I rested a minute and, as I couldn’t recall if I had sprinted 600 meters (honestly!) I did just that. I then rested a minute, sprinted 800 meters carrying sandbag on my shoulders. I rested a minute and sprinted 800m. I finished strong!

I didn’t set down any of the equipment whilst running nor did I rest whilst running. The hardest part was carrying the plate. I did so carrying it overhead, behind my neck, on my shoulders, and under my arms. The farmer’s carry and med ball carry were the easiest, but the sandbag carry was surprisingly difficult. The snaps on the the bag kept digging into my shoulders! I now have scabs on the top of both shoulders.

My time was 25:37. That may include an extra minute of rest and an additional 600 meter run. Oh, well, I still crushed Jaclyn, and that’s all that really matters.

I worked out with the lunchtime crew today. Let me once again say that I loathe thrusters. That doesn’t mean that I don’t program them.

Begin @ 65% of 1RM & increase weight by 10# (if deadlift 200# or greater) or 5 to 7.5# (if deadlift <200#)

I began with 245 and completed last rep @ 375, my current 1RM. The lift felt light! I wasn’t able to get 385 off of the ground, but I’m quite confident that, when the day once again comes to test deadlift 1RM, that I’ll be able to lift at least 380. That’s heavy, yo. As it was I deadlifted 262% of my body weight.

Metcon (Time)
45 reps
Burpee + jump over + thruster (95)

I love burpees. I hate thrusters. My strategy was to work at a steady pace and that’s just what I did.

Marni capture a pic of yours truly in action and after she did so I thought, “Was that rep 17 or 18? Dammit, that means it was rep 18.” And then it happened again, as during the last 5 reps I tried to talk myself into counting down from 5 but then talked myself out of it. And I lost count. “Was that rep 42 or 43? Dammit, that means it’s rep 42.” I very likely completed 47 reps instead of 45.

And you know what, folks? That’s okay. I. Don’t Cheat.

I finished in 11:12. Ninety-five pounds is 2/3 of my body weight.



11705303_10152968083007196_6456906828920252929_nTuesday, July 7

I worked out at 9:30, as I coached every session but the session at that time. What an exhausting day! Coach Doza led the session, and I really enjoy his coaching and coaching style. He’s a great addition to the CrossFit Surmount Coaching Team.

30 Bodyweight Back Squats (Time)

My goal was to complete in 60 seconds or less. I set up my iPhone and timer in front of the rack, warmed up with just 5 reps @ 95#, and began.

I knew that I’d have to complete in unbroken reps without racking the bar or pausing to shake out my legs. I did neither. I completed 30 back squats @ 143# in exactly 55 seconds! Yay! That’s a PR!

Box Jumps (10 @ 75, 7 @ 85, 5 @ 95% of max height)

As in the past, I focused on fast and unbroken reps. I completed @ 30, 34, & 38″. I was surprised and delighted that the 5 reps at 38″, just 2″ shy of all time high box jump of 40″, felt so easy. I’m looking forward to establishing new max height box jump.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

9 rounds
Work 1 minute; rest 1 minute
Rotate through following 3 activities:
Front lunges (bar in front rack position)
Back lunges (bar behind neck)
OH lunges (front or back)
Rx = 50% of bodyweight

I put 73# on the barbell, and that was plenty heavy enough. This was a mere nine minutes of work. Not only that but this was nine minutes of work spread out of 17 minutes.

And this was one of the most difficult workouts that I’ve ever programmed. Seriously.

I cleaned the bar, obviously, for front rack position forward lunges, cleaned and jerked the bar for back rack and reverse lunges, and snatched the bar for overhead and, for me, forward lunges.

I completed 23, 26, and 15 lunges the first three rounds and set my goal to match those reps. I did not do so. Read on.

I completed 24 (1 more), 25, (1 less), and 14 (also 1 less) lunges the next three rounds. Okay, just 1 rep shy of goal.

I completed 23 and 26 lunges the rounds 7 and 8. I was once again achieving my goal. I then completed 6 reps with the bar overhead. I did complete a 7th rep — and then fell on my ass just after having stood up. Good thing I have a CrossFitter’s and not a runner’s ass or that would’ve hurt. I snatched the bar overhead, lunged forward, and then realized that I was unable to stand up.

I. Was unable. To stand Up.

I dropped the bar from overhead, glanced at the clock, and counted down the remaining 20 seconds. I can’t recall the last time I wasn’t able to complete a metcon. I also can’t recall my heart beating as quickly during a metcon. ‘Twas much fun!

Total reps = 182

Wednesday, July 8

I worked out with the 6 am crew and Coach Nick led the session.

IMG_8449Metcon (Time)

Windshield wipers (r/l = 1 rep)
Power cleans (75)

This was a challenging as I’d imagine it would be. And twice as much fun! That’s 105 reps of both activities.

I completed windshield wipers as prescribed, i.e., handing from barbell and bring legs (for me) from right to left to right for each rep. I completed round of 30 in reps of 20 & 10, rounds of 25 in reps of 15 & 10, round of 20 in reps of 10 & 10, round of 15 in reps of 10 & 5, and rounds of 10 and 5 in unbroken reps.

Power cleans at a mere 75# began to feel heavy by the round of 20. I completed as many as 20 (first round) and as few as 4 unbroken reps. Why 4? Because I avoided completing power cleans in rounds of 5 reps; thus, I was often left with 4 reps to complete round. I honestly thought for one brief moment that I wouldn’t be able to complete the final round of 5 reps in unbroken reps but I did.

Time = 12:21

That went much faster than expected, as I honestly thought it’d take at least 15 minutes. It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned how abulous I am. I’ll do so now. I’m abulous. You’re welcome

Push, Pull, Push

It was nice to be back at CrossFit Surmount! Coach Nick led the 6 am session and, as always, ’twas fun!

Metcon (Weight)

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 minutes)
Push press + 2 presses
Begin @ 50 – 60 % of press 1RM. You must complete all 3 reps each round.

My goal was to complete last round @ 120#, the same weight as last week’s power jerk + push press + press. I achieved my goal, beginning at 85 and usually increased 5# a round.

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6-min AMRAP
1 pull-up
1 pushup
1 pull-up
2 pushups
1 pull-up
3 pushups
1 pull-up
4 pushups

Rest Exactly 3 minutes


6-min AMRAP

1 pushup
1 pull-up
2 pull-ups
1 pushup
3 pull-ups
1 pushup
4 pull-ups

A different kind of ladder! I knew it was going to be challenging and I made it even more challenging by completing clapping pushups for both rounds. I knew it was unreasonable to set a goal to complete all rounds unbroken. I instead set a goal to complete same number of rounds & reps for both ladders.

As the Speal bars were claimed I set up my station beside Gina V., kittysitter extraordinaire! Half of a Speal bar became available halfway through the second round so I changed stations. I ♥ the Speal bar.

I completed 12 rounds + 8 reps first and 12 + 9 reps second round, respectively.  That’s 99 clapping pushups and 100 pull-ups for a total of 199 reps.

We’re puppysitting Stevie for a few days. She’s an absolute delight! I didn’t sleep well, however, as she was awake and playing from 2 to 3 am. She finally fell asleep in my arms with her snout in my face. And then she began snoring. Ha!


Inside Out!

Jeff and I discussed what CrossFit we wanted to visit on this 4th of July, as he has torn hands and didn’t want a workout that involved pull-ups. Reignited and Port City were both closed, and pull-ups were programmed at Wilmington and Leland. I contacted Inside Out via email early this morning but hadn’t received a response. We decided to chance it, as the box is just 10 minutes from the condo.

We were warmly greeted by Coaches Nick and Andrea and the drop in fee was waived. Everyone we met was very friendly and most everyone approached us and introduced themselves. And that’s how it should be, folks.

The space is nice and the equipment well organized. I noticed an assault bike and a couple of rowers as well as a jerk box, barbells, plates, wall balls, etc.

I didn’t, however, like the warm up: 2 rounds of 200m run, 10 pass throughs, 8 inch worms, 6 ring rows, and 4 back extensions. Those who know me know that I like a structured, meaningful, and coach-led warm up.

Inside Out uses Wodify but the workout wasn’t posted. I asked Nick and he said that they like to make up the workout for Saturday once they see who attends. Well, okay then. The workout was written on a whiteboard.

We were then informed that it was going to be a team workout, and Coach Nick asked Jeff and me if we’d like to work tighter. Hells to the yeses! We were teamed with Angie and M-something or other. Gah! I’m so bad with names. Movement standards were briefly discussed.

4 rounds for time:
25 power cleans (115/75)
30 box jumps (24/20)
35 burpees
40 air squats
One partner runs 200m carrying sandbag (20/15) 

I began with run. Uhm, that was easy. All in all I’d estimate that I completed about 20 power cleans, 60 box jumps, 75 burpees, and 90 air squats. I know that I ran 4 times. We were the first team to finish in a time of 16:59. Afterwards Angie and M-something let us know that they were tired from the workout they completed yesterday, and they were hoping that the deck would be stacked in their favor. They were delighted to be teamed with Jeff and me.

We were then informed that there was going to be a cash out and that the class would be divided into two teams of 8. Jeff was on team 1 with Angie and M-something and I was on Team 2. Dammit. With only 3 people working at a time, we pushed Coach Nick’s BA Truck around the building, roughly 450m. Jeff’s team did so in 4:14. I pushed 75% of the time, including the long uphill stretch, and we finished in 4:04.

Yup, I was the only person to be on both of the winning teams.

A fun workout, a great team, and a good box. A very nice way to spend our morning.

I'm camera shy
I’m camera shy
Post-WOD selfie with Angie, M-something, me, and Jeff
Post-WOD selfie with Angie, M-something, me, and Jeff
Coach Nick
Coach Nick

Two Failed Attempts. Two!

I’m composing this blog whilst relaxing at our condo in Wilmington. Our first vacation of the year, albeit a mere two-day vacay.

I coached the 6 and and 7 am sessions and worked out at 8:30. Jeff was kind enough to lead the session.

Choose 5 of the benchmark workouts. You may complete in any order. You may only begin an activity at the start of a 9-minute interval and will have no longer than 8 minutes to complete; thus, the clock will run continuously for 45 minutes and rounds will begin at minutes 0, 9, 18, 27, & 36. You MUST rest a minimum of 1 minute between activities.

10 Rope Climbs (Time)

100 Jumping Air Squats (Time)

30 Muscle-Ups (Time)

100 Knees to Elbows (Time)

100 Pull-ups (Time)

100 Pushups (Time)

100 Abmat GHD sit-ups (Time)

I carefully considered the order in which I would complete activities and am generally happy with what I decided: muscle-ups, jumping air squats, rope climbs, GHD sit-ups, and pushups.

I set a goal to complete 10 unbroken muscle-ups but failed the 10th rep. Dammit. I then completed in reps of 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, & 1. Uhm, I attempted to string together the last two reps but failed on the very last one. Dammit. I then failed again. Dammit, dammit. I was finally able to complete the very last rep and completed all 30 muscle-ups in a time of 6:30.

Jumping air squats were surprisingly difficult. I set out to complete unbroken but instead completed in reps of 25, 15, 10, 10, & 15 and in a time of 2:10. I should’ve been able to complete 50 a minute.

I was very pleased with rope climbs, although I didn’t complete a single rep in two pulls and always had to climb just a couple of inches higher to reach the rope. I rested a moment between all climbs and would occasionally chalk my hands. I completed 10 climbs in 3:12. Certainly not a PR! My legs, and not my shoulders as I expected, were getting tired. Uhm, you know, because of the jumping air squats.

I completed GHD sit-ups next, beginning with 20 unbroken reps, then 10, and then finishing with triples and doubles. GHD sit-ups were the most difficult activity to complete today. I completed 100 reps in a time of 6:30. Yup, the same amount of time that it took me to complete 30 muscle-ups.

I finished with pushups, beginning with 20 unbroken reps and finishing in doubles. My shoulders were quite smoked by this time, and it took me 3:24 to complete.

Total accumulated work time was 21:46.

As an aside, I find it amusing when folks don’t record a score because they are unhappy with the score that they achieved. Huh?


Christmas in July!

I worked out with the 6amers, and it was a full house! For the most part, everyone cooperated. For the most part. Coach Nick did an awesome job of leading the session.

“The 12 Days of CrossFit”

1 wall crawl
2 handstand pushups
3 chest to bar pull-ups

4 stiff-legged deadlifts (95)
5 back squats
6 ring dips
7 box jumps (24)

8 knees to elbows
9 Russian KB swings (52)
10 wall ball shots (20)

11 SDHPs
12(0) lateral bar hops

I program something a little different each time we do this workout. The most noticeable difference this time was not including a 1200m run.

For those of you unfamiliar with the workout, it’s much like the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Thus, you begin with 1 wall crawl and then complete 2 HSPUs and 1 wall crawl. For the final round you complete 120 lateral bar hops, 11 SDHPs, 10 wall ball shots, and finish with 1 wall crawl.

I set a goal to complete all rounds of all activities in unbroken reps. Guess what? I did just that! Luke stationed himself on a gym mat; thus, I used 2 gym mats.

Note to self: put on wrist wraps before attempting wall crawl and/or handstand pushup. Ouch.

Wall crawls were easy. I still have some road rash and was reminded of this during 3rd or 4th handstand pushup. Again, ouch. Chest to bar pull-ups were easy, as were stiff-legged deadlifts, ring dips, box jumps, and KB swings. I was surprised with how easy 8 knees to elbows were to complete today. Surprised and delighted! I was certain that if I were an activity that I would be unable to complete in unbroken reps that it would be knees to elbows. Back squats, whilst not difficult, weren’t easy either. Wall ball shots are never easy, and I dislike sumo deadlift high pulls almost as much as I dislike thrusters. Almost.

I had to remain exceedingly focused whilst completing 120 lateral bar hops as, again, my goal was to complete all activities in unbroken reps. I made it to 20 and re-started count at 1. When I had reached 80, i.e., 100, and had only 20 reps to go I focused my attention even more. I made sure that I maintained a manageable pace, as I didn’t want to be too winded before I began last round of all activities.

I may have smiled when I finished lateral bar hops. Maybe.

I completed workout in 24:18.

That’s 12 wall crawls, 22 HSPUs, 30 chest to bar pull-ups, 36 stiff legged deadlifts, 40 back squats, 42 ring dips, 42 box jumps, 40 toes to bar, 36 KB swings, 30 wall ball shots, 22 sumo deadlift high pulls, and 120 lateral bar hops.

Meg is a very bad kitty!
Meg is a very bad kitty!