Hotshots 19

What an exhausting day. And a long day as well…

I took the red eye flight from San Francisco to Washington Dulles. There were fewer rude people on this flight, so I was able to sleep, although never soundly. And the seats are just too damned uncomfortable. There was a 90-minute layover in Washington and I was able to charge phone and grab a bite to eat. We boarded the plane for Raleigh at 7:55 for an 8:30 departure. And we finally departed after 10. Gah! There are few things worse than sitting on a plane at the gate.

I finally arrived home close to noon, I played with Luke and then Jeff and I went to lunch. I then took a very hard nap. Jeff had to awaken me at 4:15 so that I could be at the box by 5. I wanted to complete Hotshots 19, and I wanted to have time to get to the American Tobacco Trail for Endurance.

Hotshots 19 (Time)

6 Rounds for time of:
30 Squats
19 Power Cleans, 135# 
7 Strict Pull-ups
400m Run

The Hero WOD is in memory of 19 Firefighters who died while fighting a blaze in Arizona. Alessandra joined me for 2 rounds.

I was most concerned about the power cleans, having completed 45 hang power cleans at 125# just yesterday. So that I could scale if needed, I put a 25 and 2, 10# plates on the ends of the bar. I didn’t need to scale.

I completed the rounds of air squats in unbroken reps, pull-ups in reps of 2, 2, 2, & 1 (to ensure that pull-ups were strict and that my chin was above the bar). Running, while tiring, certainly wasn’t difficult.

The power cleans were difficult, but I approached them smartly and only had one failed attempt. I usually completed in reps of 5, 5, 5, & 4, although during the last round I was just trying to get through them. I found myself quite winded after completing the 19th rep, and this made pull-ups that much more taxing. I also tore the skin off of inside of my right thumb. Courtney was kind enough to get me some tape and tear it into long strips. Thanks, Courtney!

While I had looked at times and I knew that Jeff posted the fastest, I honestly couldn’t recall what his exact time was. He arrived at the box as I was finishing and offered to enter my score into Wodify. He then informed me that I had indeed beaten his time.

Time = 40:53

Uhm, yeah, so I question a few of the scores that some athletes posted. I wonder if are they intentionally cheating reps or do they honestly think that they were supposed to only complete 10 and not 19 power cleans? I’d like to think it’s the latter. I’m almost certain it’s the former. It’s gotten to the point where others are becoming disgusted with this behavior. We might need to have another week where athletes count each other’s reps. Yup, it’s once again gotten to that point.

I rested briefly and then Luke and I joined the Endurance athletes for an epic workout. We ran more than 50 minutes and probably more than 5 miles. It was a very fun workout — and original programming.

Courtney captured this pic. Looks, as always, is by my side.
Courtney captured this pic. Looks, as always, is by my side.

Coach Ryan’s Birthday

What an exhausting day, and it’s only 8 am PT. I critiqued presentations all day. The folks at Promidian Consulting are rockstars!

I worked out at Marvelous CrossFit in Burlingame, CA. ‘Twas a “fun” workout.

34-minute AMRAP
7 muscle ups
15 hang squat cleans (155)
81 burpees

It appears that it’s Coach Ryan’s birthday today. He’s 34 years old, and was born July 15, 1981. Uhm, I was a junior in high school. Ha!

First, everyone was very friendly and approachable, and numerous people introduced themselves. Coach Matt, who led the session, also warmly introduced me to the class. That’s the way it should be.

We warmed up with, well, burpees. I didn’t mind in the least. Coach Matt then reviewed the proper positions for the hang squat clean. We were then allowed time to warm up. I had originally planned on cleaning 115 but settled on 125. That was plenty challenging enough!

Prior to the start of the session someone mentioned that no one had completed 3 total rounds. Uhm, challenge accepted.

I completed rounds of muscle ups in as many as 5 unbroken reps and as few as singles. I didn’t miss an attempt.

I completed hang squat cleans one at time. One. At. A. Time. Ha! I did miss the 3rd attempt of the 2nd round in that I didn’t pull myself under the bar quickly enough. Dammit.

I am very self conscious of the sounds I make when working out at another box, particularly my swearing. I once again asked person before saying “f@ck.” Once again permission was granted.

Burpees. I love burpees. I completed the 1st round in unbroken reps. Yup, 81 unbroken burpees. I completed the 2nd rounds in as many as 41 and as few as 10 reps. I completed the last round in as many as 11 and as few as 7 reps.

I was delighted that I had completed 3 rounds with 30 seconds remaining. I jumped on the rings and did 2 last single muscle ups.

I was a sweating, blathering mess. Just the way I like it!

Great box, great people, and I hope to visit again the next time I’m in town.


Running On Fumes

I arrived in San Francisco (after a particularly grueling flight) last night at 11:30 pm PT. Yup, 2:30 am ET. I took me a while to unwind and fall asleep. I was, however, wide awake at 5 am PT, an hour before I had set my alarm. I had a leisurely, albeit light, breakfast, consisting of a cup of steel cut oatmeal as well as a small portion of eggs and bacon.

I trained from 9 to 3:30. Throughout the day I consumed a half a chicken burrito, a small portion of salad, a couple of pieces of fruit, and a small bag of almonds.

Not enough food. Not. Enough. Food.

I used Uber for the very first time today. I like!

I worked out at CrossFit Burlingame. I was warmly greeted by Coach Ramos and then later introduced to Coach Rebecca. Both are very nice! Yup, I bought a tee shirt.

An intern, whose name I can’t recall, led the 5 pm session with Rebecca closely observing his performance.

3 rounds
10 hollow rocks
10 sit-ups
10 pushups

Uhm, a mini metcon. Not my kind of warmup. I noticed some pushups performed with less than full ROM. I kept my mouth shut.

5X3 @ 70 – 75%
5X3 behind the neck push press with snatch grip

Rebecca asked the intern to demonstrate, as folks began to OHS without first having seen proper demonstration of form and execution. I warmed up with the bar and then 65 & 85#. I then completed 5 sets @ 100#, just less than current 1RM of 135#. The last rep of each set felt heavy. Rebecca provided positive feedback. I completed the push presses at the same weight.

There were three women working to my right and one was, well, a know it all. I laughed out loud when, as discussing her weightlifting shoes, she said that Reebok owned CrossFit. Ha! I had to interrupt and let her know that Reebok was the corporate sponsor of the CrossFit Games. I also adjusted the racks for a newbie who was going up on his toes when racking the bar. But I didn’t coach. I didn’t coach.

I’m okay with doing 15 moderately heaving OHS. I’m not okay with more OHS in the metcon.

800m run cash in
3 rounds
30 wall ball shots
20 toes to bar
10 OHS

I took off on the run as, well, I’m a fast runner. What else can I say? Everything else, however, was a struggle. I felt tired and weak. And very, very hungry.

I completed first round of wall ball shots in reps of 20 &10. Good start! I began the next round by only completing 5 reps. Uhm… I didn’t complete any less than 5 reps and did complete as many as 10 unbroken both this and the final round.

Toes to bar went much better, and I completed as many as 15 unbroken reps. I did, however, complete the very last 4 reps as singles. I was tired. And very hungry. Very, very hungry.

The prescribed weight was 95 and I scaled to 85. I was very happy that I did so. I completed first and seconds rounds in reps of 6 & 4, cleaning and jerking the bar and then preparing for OHS. I failed the third rep of the last round. Dammit. I completed in 2 rounds of 4 reps.

Time = 18:10

I was spent. i took and Uber ride back to the hotel, ordered room service, showered, and then consumed delicious salad, tacos, and pudding. And I drank a delicious Blue Moon beer.


Off to SF

I worked out with the lovely 6 am crew, sans Holly. Coach Nick, recently certified in CrossFit Kids (Yay!), led the session.

Uhm, I do the programming. Uhm, I was looking forward to back squats and high box jumps. Uhm, that’s tomorrow’s WOD.

Metcon (Weight)
Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 minutes)
3 presses

Begin @ 50 – 60 % of press 1RM. You must complete all 3 reps each round.

I began at 75# and, unlike last and the week before, added 5# each and every round. My goal was to complete last round at 120# and that’s exactly what I did. I felt strong this morning.

Metcon (Time)
SDHP (115)
Bent over row
Hold 30-second side plank after SDHPs and bent over rows, alternating sides

For example, complete 12 SDHPs and hold left-side plank and then complete 12 bent over rows and hold right-side plank.

Yup, 115# felt as heavy as I suspected that it would. So that I could keep track of my right- and left-sides, I positioned the barbell parallel to the blue wall. I completed SDHPs facing the grey and bent over rows facing the blue wall, respectively. I’m smart like that and shit. Thus, I completed right-arm planks after SDHPs and (you guessed it) left-arm planks after bent over rows.

I was facing many of the gentlemen, including Steve D. and Stephen C., and noticed that we were almost neck and neck during round of 12 SHDPs. Almost. Steve and Stephen finished a rep ahead of me. I can easily hold a 30-second plank and I work at a steady pace, so I was confident that I finish ahead of both of them. And I did.

I did rest briefly during one right-arm plank as I felt a slight twinge in my back. The pain quickly subsided and has not returned.

Time = 10:32



I worked out during Open Gym and Stephen C. and Jim S. joined me. I didn’t coach! That’s how I roll during Open Gym.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOTM for 10 minutes
Work :15; rest :45
Power snatches

The prescribed weight for yours truly was 75#. Power snatches felt great today! I focused on speed and explosiveness as well as, of course, executing proper form. I completed 6 reps the first 2 rounds and 7 reps the remaining 8 rounds for a total score of 68 reps.

I love this rep scheme, as the heart is truly pounding by the end of the 15 seconds and 45 seconds is just (often barely) enough time to recover.

Rankel (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
6 Deadlifts, 225#
7 Burpee Pull-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings, 70#
200m Run
In honor of U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel, 23, of Speedway, Indiana, was killed on June 7, 2010
To learn more about Rankel click here

What a challenging workout! Yup, hero WODs always are. Swinging a kettle bell above your head that’s just about half of your bodyweight is never easy. I set a goal to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, knowing full well that 6 unbroken deadlifts and 7 unbroken burpee pull-ups wouldn’t be challenging but that 10 unbroken KB swings would be. I did indeed complete all rounds in unbroken reps.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how difficult if would be to run a mere 200m at the end of each round. There were times when I, well, just wanted to walk.

During the third round of burpee pull-ups the thought crossed my mind that I may have only completed 6 reps the previous round. Yup, I completed 8 reps the third round just to be sure. No cheating!

I yelled, “F@ck” at the end of the first round. I yelled, “F@ckity-f@ck” at the end of the second found. I yelled, “F@ckity-f@ck-f@ck” at the end of the third round. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

I completed 6 rounds + 10 reps.

That’s 42 deadlifts, 46 burpee pull-ups, 60 KB swings, and 1200m run.

10408590_10152977037367196_232300115870275422_n 11704908_10152976853312196_9197503142282928019_n

Scummy 100

I’m forgetful. I thought that Coach Nick would be leading the 8:30 session and that I’d be able to complete today’s partner WOD with Jeff. Uhm, Nick had repeatedly reminded me that he’d be getting his CF Kids Certification this weekend and that I’d be leading the session. Ha! Jeff offered to coach at 8:30. I was in need of a partner and quickly asked Lisa to, you know, be mine and all. She agreed and we non-hugged. It was epic.

Metcon (Time)

Scummy One Hundred
Partner Workout
Complete 100 reps of the following:
Box jumps (24/20)
Jumping pull-ups
KB swings (35/26)
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push presses (45/33)
Back extensions
Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Double unders

OPT A: Partners must take turns and complete 10 reps/turn

What a tremendous amount of fun we had! I feel sorry for anyone who partners with me, as they are afforded very little time to rest. I felt less sorry for Lisa as she was able to keep up with me most of the time. Except during burpees.

I completed all activities in unbroken reps of 10 except a round of box jumps and 2 rounds of double unders. I didn’t fully extend my hips on 10th rep of the last set of box jumps and, as it was a wee bit crowded in the box, my jump rope got caught on a GHD machine. Dammit and dammit.

I was very happy that I was able to complete all 5 sets of knees to elbows unbroken. And my knees touched my elbows. Yup, I continue to be disappointed when folks select Rx when entering scores when I know for a fact that knees didn’t touch elbows.

For one brief moment I thought that Stephen and Angelina might finisher before Lisa and me. That didn’t happen. Whew.

We finished in 32:30.

There were 19 athletes at the 8:30 session! Kelli completed solo and then was kind enough to complete with Kimber during the 9:45 session. (I owe you a beer, Kelli.)

11698534_10152974983967196_2856090326931184_n 11701146_10152974983882196_1359404819431879036_n

This is just but one of my favorite things. And one of my least favorite things. Like, ever.

I coached Endurance yesterday evening. As the athletes were gathering I mentioned to Jaclyn that I’d really like to do the workout. She replied, “Just do it with us.” I said, “I’m not that kind of coach. I need to be watching and coaching all of you, and not merely working out.”

I think Jaclyn wanted to have someone to race. Ha!

As Jeff was busy with the Barbell Club until 8 and Endurance ended at 7:30, I completed the workout solo. Mike and Anthony were kind enough to help return some the equipment and Mike even stayed to the end to cheer for me. Yay!

800m sandbag carry (45)
600m wall ball carry (20)
400m plate carry (45)
200m farmer’s carry (44)

100m shuttles sprints, e.g., 100m up and back 4 times for 800m sandbag carry.
Rest exactly 1 minute after completing activity and then run same distance, e.g., run 800m after sandbag carry.
Rest 1 minute before completing next activity.
Activities may be completed in any order.

I really need a coach, as I got a little discombobulated. Read on.

I decided to complete farmer’s, wall ball, plate, and sandbag carries in that order, as I knew farmer’s carry would be difficult with sweaty hands and that sandbag carry, even though the distance was the farthest, would be the easiest.

I might have been wrong about that last assumption.

I easily completed KB farmer’s carry, rested 1 minute, and ran 200 meters. A rested another minute I then completed 600m wall ball carry. I rested a minute and may or may not have sprinted 600 meters. I honestly can’t recall! I do know that I completed plate carry, rested one minute, and then began sandbag carry, i.e., I didn’t sprint 600 meters. I dropped the sandbag 50 meters into run and sprinted remaining 350 meters. I rested a minute and, as I couldn’t recall if I had sprinted 600 meters (honestly!) I did just that. I then rested a minute, sprinted 800 meters carrying sandbag on my shoulders. I rested a minute and sprinted 800m. I finished strong!

I didn’t set down any of the equipment whilst running nor did I rest whilst running. The hardest part was carrying the plate. I did so carrying it overhead, behind my neck, on my shoulders, and under my arms. The farmer’s carry and med ball carry were the easiest, but the sandbag carry was surprisingly difficult. The snaps on the the bag kept digging into my shoulders! I now have scabs on the top of both shoulders.

My time was 25:37. That may include an extra minute of rest and an additional 600 meter run. Oh, well, I still crushed Jaclyn, and that’s all that really matters.

I worked out with the lunchtime crew today. Let me once again say that I loathe thrusters. That doesn’t mean that I don’t program them.

Begin @ 65% of 1RM & increase weight by 10# (if deadlift 200# or greater) or 5 to 7.5# (if deadlift <200#)

I began with 245 and completed last rep @ 375, my current 1RM. The lift felt light! I wasn’t able to get 385 off of the ground, but I’m quite confident that, when the day once again comes to test deadlift 1RM, that I’ll be able to lift at least 380. That’s heavy, yo. As it was I deadlifted 262% of my body weight.

Metcon (Time)
45 reps
Burpee + jump over + thruster (95)

I love burpees. I hate thrusters. My strategy was to work at a steady pace and that’s just what I did.

Marni capture a pic of yours truly in action and after she did so I thought, “Was that rep 17 or 18? Dammit, that means it was rep 18.” And then it happened again, as during the last 5 reps I tried to talk myself into counting down from 5 but then talked myself out of it. And I lost count. “Was that rep 42 or 43? Dammit, that means it’s rep 42.” I very likely completed 47 reps instead of 45.

And you know what, folks? That’s okay. I. Don’t Cheat.

I finished in 11:12. Ninety-five pounds is 2/3 of my body weight.