Twenty-Eight Muscle Ups

I haven’t blogged in three days. Bad, Paul, bad!

Monday, July 27

A 3-Day Tour

Press (Establish 3RM)

With a running clock, take no more than 20 minutes to establish 3RM.

Amateur move on my part, and if anyone should know better it’s me! I thought that my 3RM was 123 so I celebrated when I completed 3 reps at 125#. Uhm, when I went to the kiosk to enter my score into Wodify I realized that my 3RM was indeed 125# Dammit, dammit, dammit. That’s one “dammit” for each press. I placed 2, 1# plates on the ends of the barbell and, thankfully, was able to complete all 3 reps. The struggle was real, folks. The struggle was real. Whilst merely a 2# PR that’s nonetheless 89% of bodyweight pressed over my head three times.

11694050_10153004895907196_2978907526247556766_nMetcon (Time)

75 power clean & jerks @ 65% of press 3RM
EMOTM complete 10m (5m up and back) shuttle sprint.
Begin with shuttle sprint.

Sixty-five percent of 127 is about 82#, so that’s what I cleaned & jerked. Whilst I wasn’t surprised, it’s of interest to note that the 10m shuttle sprints were f@cking miserable. My legs felt like lead. Coach Nick was very encouraging and complimented me on my consistent pacing.

Time = 8:43

As usual, Luke was always nearby.

Tuesday, July 28

Three Minutes

Max Height Box Jump (Distance)

I used some of the 55# plates that are 3.5 inches thick. I do, however, suck at math and mistakenly matched previous PR of 41″ and thought I had jumped 41.5″. i then successfully jumped 41.5″ and then 42″ —a PR I’ve been chasing for many years! And it felt effortless. Kelly-May was kind enough to record. I was quite pleased with myself. Yup, quite pleased.

30 Bodyweight Back Squats (Time)

As fast as possible!
If you are unable to complete bodyweight back squats, complete 30 reps at heaviest weight possible, and be sure to record weight in notes.

As I completed BS @ 150# last week I increased weight to 155# this week and matched time of 1:07. I was pleased.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3… stiff-legged deadlift (95/73)
Complete 5 jumping air squats between each round

I knew that was going to be tough. And it was. I forgot to jump after the last rep of the very first set of jumping air squats. Ha! I did re-do the rep. I completed through round 8 of stiff-legged deadlifts in unbroken reps and then broke sets into reps of no less than 3 reps. I ensured that stiff-legged deadlifts were indeed, well, moderately stiff-legged, i.e., soft knees but certainly not conventional deadlifts. I set a goal to complete 14 rounds and completed that many plus five reps.

Because I’m awesome and shit.

Score = 180 reps

Wednesday, July 29

Pugsley Addams

OPT A: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

22090_10153009120912196_4015065360790530497_nEMOTM for 30 minutes
3 chest to bar pull-ups
4 toes to bar
Document and record TOTAL TIME
You may complete scaled, e.g., Abmat HSPUs, assisted or pull-ups, etc.
For Rx+, begin with 1 bar or ring muscle up.

Yes, I completed a ring muscle up at the beginning of rounds. The most challenging aspect of this workout was, well, Luke, as he took over the gym mat and made HSPUs particularly difficult to complete. I often had to reposition my hands before completing first rep. Yup, he slowed me down. Nope, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I completed all rounds of C2B pull-ups in unbroken reps, and unbroken reps of T2B through round 20 or so. I was then able to, at the very least, complete a T2B rep after last C2B pull-up. I failed 1 HSPUs, 2 C2B pull-ups, and 3 T2B. And 3 MUs. Read on.

I told myself that I’d rest a round if I failed muscle up, and that happened rounds 19, 24, & 28. My fastest round was 29 seconds and my slowest, the very last round, was 44 seconds.

I completed 27 rounds in a time of 14:45

Jenn M. was stationed beside me and provided some much needed and even more appreciated encouragement. Nick, as usual, also offered encouragement when I most needed it and that’d be whilst completing muscle ups.

So why is the name of this blog called “Twenty-eight” and not “Twenty-seven” muscle ups? Because Nick mistakenly set up the timer to count down in 30, one-mintute intervals; thus, we all completed a round  before the workout officially began.

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