I chose to work out at 11 am this morning, thinking that the early morning sessions would be more crowded. I was wrong. I led the warm up and Jeff led the session.

Benchmark Workout “Angie”
For Time:
100 pull-ups
100 pushups
100 Abmat sit-ups
100 air squats

I’ve completed this a number of times and mistakenly thought that I had entered previous times into Wodify. I had not, thus I didn’t know my previous PR before I began nor could I accurately recall. I later discovered it was 14:51. Amateur mistake, folks. Dammit.

I had a very strong start and finish and a weak center. One might say I had a weak core.

I completed the first 70 pull-ups in rounds of 10, beginning with 3 butterfly and than transitioning into kipping pull-ups. I completed the remaining 30 pull-ups in reps of no more than 7 and no less than 2. The final 2.

I completed the first 40 pushups in reps of 10, the next 40 in reps of 5, and the remaining 20 in reps of no more than 7 and no less than 2. Yup, the final 2. I did repositioned my workspace as Janet had begun to use the Speal bar for pull-ups and I was afraid I was going to get kicked.

Abmat sit-ups were particularly challenging today, and I know not why. I completed 45 unbroken and should’ve been able to easily complete 100 unbroken. I completed the remaining reps in another 3 sets, and actually stood up and often repositioned Abmat (as I feared I was sweating all over visitor).

I completed 100 air squats in unbroken reps.

My time was 14:53, a mere 2 seconds slower than previous PR. Could I have finished 2 seconds faster had I known? Yes. Would I have bothered to reposition workspace? Unlikely. I’m somewhat disappointed but nonetheless happy with performance.

If I recall correctly I finished pull-ups in 5:05 and pushups when clock read 7:40. I didn’t look at clock after completing sit-ups, probably because I was so frustrated with how difficult it was to complete just 100 sit-ups.

Folks generally did a very good job today, and I saw most people focusing on executing movements with proper form. I did see chins not go above the bar as well as elbows not locking for pull-ups, snaking pushups, and squats not below parallel and/or not reaching full extension.

One athlete that doesn’t shave reps is Fernando. If his chin doesn’t go above the bar he looks at me as if to say “I didn’t count that rep.” And I know that he didn’t. I also know that I can count on all of the coaches to exemplify how important it is to focus on form, regardless of how quickly the other athletes are finishing the workout.

By the way, Luke was once again by my side during the entire time. He quickly took over my yoga mat once I had completed the workout.


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